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Friday, May 19, 2006

Ways to Waste a Day

So I have 26 days to go before I'm going to be indisposed for a little.

I have about 12 days to go to meet yet another personal deadline that I set in preparation for the two week period, roughly, when I'm not going to be writing. And I'm only about 1/3 of the way there.

Is that motivating me at all to go get some work done?

Uhhhhh.... nope.

Here's suggestions on how to waste a perfectly good writing day.... or any day when you're putting off what you need to get done.

1) Check your email. Often. You never know, maybe the editor sent you the artwork for the book that is due out in less than a year. Or the editor has spoken to the agent and has decided to buy the two proposals you sent in. So you just never know.

2) Rearrange all the books on your book shelf. Not that they are going to be any easier to find, since you can't remember your organization system anyway.

3) Blog hop. Visiting your favorite blogs can easily kill two, three, four hours. Of course, it tends to make my back sore, sitting still so long, but hey...

4) Flip through the TV channels and ask nobody in particular why there is NOTHING on, when you have more than 300 channels. How is that possible, by the way?

5) Go to get laptop out...and decide you really need to do something online. Doesn't matter what, just something to avoid sitting down and working.

6) Flip through the list of names you compiled for cleaning services. Hey, getting my house cleaned IS important. And I have to get estimates, right?

7) Go outside and water the grass. Check the lilies to see if any more bloomed since three hours ago.

8) Take a nap. Now I'm not really tired, but I like naps.

9) Sit down to work on WIP, and realize that you are hungry. It's not like that piece of chocolate actually counted as breakfast, right?

10) Finally sit down to try working, one more time, and realize that after procrastinating half the day away, you really are tired. And you really do need that nap this time.

So there are a few days to waste an entire day. Now I need to go check my email... again...


Cryna said...

You have so nailed down the way to use up your time. I could associate with so many of your suggestions.

Hope that you get your things done, in the time span you have allotted.

Shiloh Walker said...

yeah, me too. :O)

Of course, I finally resolved an issue I was having with the book, so hopefully that will help.

But right now, I have to go use suggestion #10. I need a nap...

Michelle B said...

LOL Shi! I so hear you. That happened a lot with me when I was supposed to be studying. Now it's getting worse, because I have to clean my apartment (in anticipation of moving) and I soooo don't want to clean:S Procrastination is fun:D

PattiF said...

Hey, you practically described my day. I've been known to write and do multiple IM's at the same time.

I tell myself that I could get more work done if I didn't give excuses.

But Shi, you'll make your deadline.

Stacy~ said...

Chiming in to say I can totally relate - the internet is so addictive. And I've done many of those things on your list.

Good luck with the deadline; you'll make it Shi - it might not always be easy and problems will crop up, but you'll figure it out and get the story done. I think that procrastination can sometimes be a good thing - it keeps your mind fresh for new ideas to pop up. I guess it's sort of like how when people have amnesia, they can't remember when they try to, but if they let it happen naturally, it will come to them. So if you read email, take a nap, whatever, it's all working to make your writing better. Make sense? (Or am I just a procrastination enabler?)

snowflake said...

Hee hee, you're still a way from the crown for procastination.