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Monday, May 22, 2006

RT, Daytona, and the Scamps - Part 4

Now it's Saturday... no breakfast mixer this morning. Do we "sleep in"? No - not us! Instead, we're up bright and early for an al fresco meal on the pleasant terrace overlooking the ocean. Five Scamps plus Lori and Susan Stephens met with the Australian booksellers for a fun and interesting meal. Heck - I could just sit and listen to those "Down Under" gals talk with that cool accent. :)

The next part of the day was a lesson in endurance - a 4 1/2 hour booksigning!! An enormous room with 100+ authors. Controlled bedlam... Afterwards Lori and Dianne packed up and headed for the airport. Rosemary went into hibernation, and LuAnn, Karen, Susan, and I went in search of food, since we hadn't had lunch! Back to the hotel as quickly as possible to get a seat for the Mr. Romance cover model competition. Nothing like a little eye candy! It was a great show, and the winner gets to be on the cover of an upcoming Harlequin novel. Kate Duffy of Kensington Publishing and Abby Zidle of Harlequin HQN were two of the judges.

After the "pageant", it was off to another reception and then on to the Dorchester Publishing Racin' Rock and Roll party. Racing decorations, good dance music, and pizza and popcorn made for a fun and informal evening. I gave up about 10:45 to go back to the room and pack. It was no easy task to get all our "loot" organized. Lights out at midnight, up early Sunday morning, and off to the airport at nine. A great first RT experience and a fun and productive week. Now I'm off to unpack and get back in the routine. 'Til next year!


Jodi said...

All of this sounds like so much fun, but I'm wore out just reading about it!

Cryna said...

I second that comment Jodi, it wears you out just trying to keep up with all the activities that Janice posted.

So glad that you enjoyed your time there Janice, it sounds like a really great time.

Stacy~ said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all. Man, I hope I can go next year.

Looking forward to June when I can see most of you again. It'll be such a blast.

Michelle B said...

I was almost too tired after reading all this to comment! You all sure had one busy week. I think I'd need another whole week just to recover!

I'm glad you had fun at your first RT, Janice:)

LuAnn McLane said...

Janice was such a fun roomie...even though we were put in seperate rooms the first night with both of us waiting up for the but we hooked up the next day and had a laugh over the whole thing.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

OMG what an experience. Meeting you was definitely one of the "funnest" parts of RT, and getting to meet your friends, too, Janice. Thanks for coming to the CosmoChix shindig.

Looking forward to RWA. (sorta, I just need a little rest before then).

Glad you stopped by Romance: By the Blog, and hope you keep visiting. Remind me by email, and I'll blog about Vamps and Scamps soon.

I gotta get me invited to more of those cool RT partays next year.

Janice Maynard said...

Michelle - The Cosmo chix had one of the "best" parties! I still feel jet-lagged, and I didn't even change time zones!