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Saturday, May 06, 2006 is filled with 'em...

My mind is a little fragmented lately, so don't expect much in the way of cohesion from this blog. :) I've just been thinking a lot obout surprises lately. Life really is filled with 'em. And they come from the most unexpected sources. Hence the suprise element...I guess. LOL

Here's the thing...when I started writing AND ABLE, I had no idea I would meet a character who would spin off my next Brava series. But the minute Ethan Crane came on screen, I *knew* I was going to write his story.

Then there's the not so good surprises when some readers dislike something I particularly love about a book. Or when another author leaves a dangler in an epilogue that puts the HEA in question for me.

But then there are more good surprises, like hearing my teenage son down in the kitchen after bedtime only to discover he couldn't HE'S DOING THE DISHES. I guess that goes under GREAT surprises. LOL

Or when I find out my books have been released electronically only because they hit a best sellers list. I needed that surprise right at that minute. The phone call that told me Mom was in the hospital again wasn't such a welcome surprise, but it goes hand in hand with each day I wake up and know she's still in my lift. If we listened to her doctors, each of those days would be a surprise. ;-)

My best surprise would probably be the day I realized my husband loved me as much as I loved him. I didn't think it was possible, but every day since has been a gift.

So, what about you? Have you been surprised lately? In a good way? A not so good way, or something in between? Or maybe you've got a moment in your memory that will always live as one of your best surprises and you'd like to share that...I'd love to hear!



Karen Kelley said...

I'm surprised every time I get a contract LOL
Every time I get a letter from a fan I'm surprised and so far, they've all been really sweet. I got one a few days ago. That always gives me the warm fuzzies.

Stacy~ said...

I'm happily surprised everytime I get an arc, or a response from an author I sent an email to. It just seems so surreal sometimes, but I love it.

I'm also wonderfully surprised by all the amazing friends I have met on-line who have come to mean so much to me, and to find out they like me back LOL.

I get a thrill of happiness for those same friends who are realizing their dreams, whether it's to be a writer, a teacher, a photographer, a daycare provider, or a mom. Those surprises make me very happy.

I got a pleasant surprise on Friday when my test results for a physical screening I did at work came back giving me a clean bill of health. And seeing that my cholesterol level is much lower than I thought it would be - yay!

There's lots to be thankful for :)

Kelley said...

One of my greatest surprises was my husband. He and I were really good friends in high school. I had never thought of him in anyway other than friendship. My mom used to tell me, "One day you and Dominic will get toghther." I thought she was crazy. We were really close and he was always so sweet to me. He would tell me I was beautiful all the time. I thought it was harmless flirting. He knew all the boys I had crushes on and everything. Thats how close we were. Then one day he tells me that he is in love with me. At first I was like WOW, what the heck. But it stirred feelings I didnt know I had. I realized how good he always made me feel, and how he was always there for me. Who would have thought high school best friends would turn out to be soul mates. That was such a wonderful surprise.

Lucy Monroe said... too! I was almost incoherent with surprise when I got offered my first contract and everyone around me was like, "Oh, we all knew it would happen." *I* didn't know...and am still surprised when pubs show happy interest in my work. As for reader letters...I LOVE 'EM!!! They really bless me.

Stacey...oooh...yes...that too. I've made so many "heart" friends online and if you'd asked me years ago if I could, I would have said no. LOL

Kelley...I *love* your story! That just gave me my happy smile for today, thanks for sharing!

Hugs to all,

Cryna said...

Okay, I am usually quiet, well to a point.....but I will share with you one surprise I have had recently. My daughter surprised me with an email just before Christmas, to let me know she was okay, where she was and what she was up to. This was a total surprise as I have not heard from her for about 3 years.....this was her doing, have I been worried about her and my granddaughter, Oh Yeah!! Big Time!! We are now conversing on the phone, and things are going good. So that is my biggest surprise lately, but one I am grateful for.

I am also grateful for each and everyone of my friends that I have made online and to the Authors who are just the best.

Kelley said...

Thanks Lucy.

Lucy Monroe said...

Oh, CanadianFriend...I am so HAPPY for you. I have a brother and sister who have done the disappearing act more than once and yes, with their children. It's so hard and I'm *so* glad you and your daughter are in contact again.

Big hugs,

amy*skf said...

Every darn day a surprise. Whether it's my 20 year old daughter telling me she's pregnant--or the doctor telling me my 3 month old son has cancer. Or I'm pregnant at 40.

Now that son is 18--healthy, except when I threaten him for not taking better care of his teeth. And my granddaughter is my joy--and my daughter is the best mom. And my now 7 year old--well I can't imagine myself without him.

Surprises and how we deal with them tend to shape our lives. And ain't life grand.

Kelley said...

Amy, you hit the nail on the head. How we deal with lifes surprises does shape who we are.

DEBS said...

Lucy, I love this book. I am trying to figure out which one is my