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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Reader Interview with Lora Leigh

And the next interview we have is Lora Leigh. Lora writes seriously hot, erotic romance. Contemporary, paranormal, fantasy... I think she suffers that same short attention span thing I have a problem with.

Her current release is a paranormal, Megan's Mark. This is a Breed book~the Breeds are genetically altered men and women. You can read more about them at her website.

Now, on to the interview....FYI, if you just stumbled across the blog, the interview questions are from readers of the Scamps loop. We have more authors on the schedule for interview so if you want join in... send an email to

Or just visit the group on the web and sign up there.

1) From Pam K

I know you love to fish what is the biggest fish you've ever caught. That one is for my hubby. BTW He loves that I read your books. He says they have excellent fringe benefits for him rofl.

Lora~a 15 inch catfish that the hubby wouldn't let me keep to eat. I love catfish.

2) From Lisa

If you could as your readers one question what would it be?

Lora~What were you thinking five seconds after you had sex the first time. LOL

3) From Christy

I'm not sure how to ask this question but how excited were you to see your first breed book that wasn't ebook published or in an anthology?

Lora~I was amazed. Excited. And terrified at the same time. Amazed that I was finally in print by a major NY publisher. Excited to see all the book stores the book was in at once. And terrified that no one would buy it. LOL. The emotions I felt were confusing and uncertain in a lot of ways. Its a big step I think for any writer. That first book released from a major publisher. The anticipation and the fears are really intense.

4) From Lucy

I'm SO glad you are writing Dawn's story and Tanner's story, but will you be writing Hawke's story? And if :) I know I'm a baby, but I'm dying to find out what happens to him and his mate (Jessica) facing death.

Lora~Yes, Hawkes story is coming very soon I hope. I'm trying right now to get the time line in order between the original feline, the wolves and the NY Breeds. So definitely be expecting more coming soon.

*Note from Shi...FYI~I checked with Lora... the NY Breeds...these are the Breeds that are being written for Berkley Publishing.

5)From Jenny

If you can trade places with anyone for a day, who would you pick and why?

Lora~That's a hard one, because I don't think I want to trade places with anyone. LOL. I've kind of settled into who I am, and I'm enjoying the adventures that life brings me with my husband, my children and my writing. Trade lives with someone else, and I have to trade that part as well. I wouldn't trade that part of me for anything.


DEBS said...

This was a awesome Interview. Lora you rock!

Lucy Monroe said...

Thanks for your answers, Lora!

Stacy~ said...

Very cool! I wish I would have remembered to ask my question, but I enjoyed reading the ones that were posted. Love the August books and the Bound Heart books.