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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Thundering Boom!

It's thundering and lightning here! Not a good time to be working at the computer but it did make me wonder how everyone feels about storms. Does a boom of thunder unleash your inner vixen? LOL

I love storms as long as they don't get too hairy. Usually, I'll move to my laptop to write. I think there's a lot to be said for setting the mood, though. When I write, I usually have fragrant candles or incense going. Definitely music. I always write better if I meditate before I start writing--connect with my characters, so to speak. I concentrate on them when I meditate.

If you're a writer, do you just jump in and start writing? Do you read what you wrote the day before? Or do you just plow right in.

If you're a reader, do you read anywhere and everywhere? Or do you have a favorite place to curl up with a good book. What is the strangest/oddest place you've ever read a book? I'm not sure about the oddest place, but my favorite one is curled up on the sofa with soft lighting---no overheads, though, candles are okay.

So, tell me how you read or write---whatever you read or write.
Happy Reading,
Karen Kelley
09/06 Texas Bad Boys/Brava


Stacy~ said...

I love to curl up in a chair or prop up against the pillows on my bed. I read better when I'm not distracted by the t.v. or on a bus, train, etc. I am too easily curious about what's going on around me, so it's better if I read in solitude LOL. I admire the people who can read in the check-out line of the grocery store - I just can't do that.

Janice Maynard said...

I can read just about anywhere, regardless of distractions...

I write in complete silence, although I sometimes have the TV on mute... that way when I look up from the keyboard and stare into space, there is something to focus on!


LuAnn McLane said...

I can read *anywhere* and the rest of the world goes away... even in noisy crowded places like volleyball tournaments(young girls are the loudest creatures on the face of the earth). I hate that I get motion sickness so I can't read in the car!

With four kids, a work out of the home hubby, and two dogs, I trained myself to be able to write in the middle of complete chaos. I do, however, like to stay in my office in my comfy chair and all of my inspiration surrounding me...

Kelley said...

I can read anywhere. My hubby cant believe that I can read and watch TV at the same time, but I can.
As for writing. I usually do it in either a quite room, or I play some soft music. Ususally music that brings out some sort of feelings for me. Music that reminds me to someone, or something, or just touches me for some reason.

Cryna said...

I love to read curled up in my favorite chair or lying on my bed, without music or anything because I find that I get easily distracted. When I was younger I could read with distractions around, except in the car when I would get queasy. But I find now that I can get totally immersed into the book and the rest of the world can go by for long periods of time. And I am not sure about the others but I find on a really good book, when I know it is time to turn out the light, it is me saying to myself - only one more page, then just to the end of this chapter......etc.

Michelle B said...

Karen, I love storms as long as they don't get too crazy as well! I love thunder and lightning up to a point. I will always remember the time in Dallas that it rained so much I almost got stranded at work. Then I couldn't sleep that night because the thunder kept setting off the car alarms! Also, any time the word tornado pops up in conjunction with a storm and I'm anywhere close to it, I get spooked.

As for where I like to read, I like to be comfortable. I would have to say my favorite place would be in bed, though I can generally read anywhere :) I don't like to read in the car too much as I get motion sickness if we're turning a lot. Of course when I'm driving, there's no way I'm reading anything but the signs on the road lol.