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Friday, September 29, 2006

Just Blogging Around...

I'm suffering from a serious case of procastination today.

So I've been popping in and out of blogs. Looking at clipart. Looking at more blogs. Working on my website update. Popping in and out of groups. Looking at more blogs.

So I've decided to make at least some of my goofing off into work.

Blogs I Like.

Paperback Writer
Alison Kent
Romancing the Blog
Dear Author
Karen S
Running with Quills

So what are some of your favorite blogs?


Judy F said...

I visit Jill Shalvis's every day it cracks me up. Scamps of course. Lucy Monroe's, Laurie D, Stacys when I remember.

Oh And Donna Kaufmanns after dancing with the stars is on...

Running With Quills I check out sometimes too, oh and Alison Kents.
I am sure there are others I am forgetting

Cryna said...

I visit Jill Shalvis's, Scamps, Lucy Monroe's, Karen's, Plotmonkey's, Brava Authors and Story Broads every day.

I also do Stacy's, Laurie D's. I might not comment on them, but I do visit.

There are others I visit when I have the time. But they are all so addicting, I have had to cut back.

kim said...

aliosn, jill and so many.

Stacy~ said...

Vamps, Michelle Buonfiglio's romancebytheblog, access romance, jill shalvis, lucy monroe's, plotmonkeys, alison kent's, sanctuary's finest, Brava name a few.

Too funny, I just blogged something similar today LOL.

Stacy~ said...

Oh and thank you to those who visit mine. It's nice to know you guys show up even if you don't comment. You're sweethearts :)

Diana said...

Blogs I visit on a regular basis: Jill Shalvis, Alison Kent, Scamps and Vamps, Meg Cabot, Megan Crane, Julie Anne Long, and Plotmonkeys.

spy scribbler said...

I'm addicted to Miss Snark, and I love Bookends' blog because Jessica's enthusiasm and positive energy is just so refreshing.

Dear Author and Romancing the Blog are among my favorites.

MJ Rose's blog is varied and interesting. JA Konrath's blog is a regular stop.

I just discovered Snarkling Clean and it cracked me up. Diana Peterfreund's blog is fresh and lively, too! Starvingwritenow cracks me up, and I enjoy making my head hurt every week at Barry Eisler's blog.

And I agree with everyone: Jill Shalvis's blog is short and funny. A promise of a smile every day!

sybil said...

Hey that is me *g*. Thanks

I have tooooo many to list and they are saved in a file, on my blog, in posts and I am even silly enough to use links through other blogs to get to some blogs.

So to make it a lil easier I am trying to update my links on my blog and figure out the best way. I love to share new blog I find and try to post about them incase they interest others as well. Cuz I am just a nice girl like that.

Lori said...

I really just bounce around and there are not spots that I go to daily. I enjoy checking out sites that other people recommend. It seems that lately I really don't have time to do much of anything online. It looks like I have some really great sites to check out.
Thanks for the post.