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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Good Morning!
It's still morning in Texas. The rain the last few days has been super!! We definitely needed it. I just recently mailed off my current wip. I love starting a new book. That means I have a little window where I can go shopping. LOL

We're remodeling our junk room. When your kids are still at home, you have junk drawers, when they move out, you have junk rooms. Anyway, Karl put a laminate floor in--the kind that looks like old wood. Love it. I painted the walls and I'm doing an old world look over that. All you do is paint a light base color, then take small sections where you put on a darker color and pounce it off. It helps that we textured the walls a few years ago.

We bought new bedroom furniture. It'll be delivered on Saturday. I'm so excited.

Change is good. It's like rebirth and creates an energy inside of me. I think everyone should re-do a room at least every couple of years. Or just buy new dishes, or silverware.

So how do you feel about changing stuff up? What was the last thing you changed in your home/apartment and how did it make you feel?

Have fun with life!
Karen Kelley
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kim said...

yes we just moved, if it is only downstairs, but it was a big change for our whole family. it felt great. we have more room. that is a big change

Shiloh Walker said...

last thing i changed was this freakin blog and since i didn't MEAN to mess up the template, it made me feel irritated that i had to just change it to fix my goof up.

;o) but i doubt that's what you meant.

we painted the house shortly before the baby was born... i like those sort of changes.

Jennifer Y. said...

My parents have junk bro and sis's old rooms. Mine probably would be one too if I didn't still live with them...LOL. We have been trying to clean them out and switch me to one of the other rooms (they are bigger)....but it has been slow going because of health issues.

Barb V. said...

In the summer/fall of 2005, we were on an outside spree -- new roof, new siding, new entry doors, a new storm door and five replacement windows. I got exactly what I wanted and choked on the final bill -- but it *is* exactly what I want.

This past spring, we redid our den, which had become a junk room. I had boxes of books just stacked, and could not find anything. I got rid of a desk, bought lots of shelving, and got everything organized. I added a couple of comfy chairs, and now it's like a little library. I love sitting in there with all those books.

My next project will be my kitchen/dining room, but we will wait until the new puppy finishes with her "redecorating" before getting into that.

Jodi said...

We re-modeled my oldest daughter's room a year ago. We painted, put in Pergo flooring, a new door and closet doors, and put up crown molding. We've re-modeled both bathrooms (still have to do some wall tile work in one and put base boards in the other), changed all of the light fixtures & ceiling fans in the house, and changed all of the cabinet hardware. Over the past 3 years, we've gotten new appliances too. We are currently doing an addition to our house - a 4th bedroom (aka playroom), an office, a laundry room, putting a bay window in our living room and expanding our dining room. We are also replacing all of the windows and the doors in the house. Then, after that is done, we'll re-do the other 2 bedrooms.
So, yes, lots of change in our house with lots more to come!

Cryna said...

I haven't done any remodelling lately, but am looking into getting the windows replaced in the house. I want ones that open up easier, and since these are the ones that came when the house was built it is high time. I also have plans to get the back entrance door changed........Now just to get it all done......

DebbieE said...

We just got done painting my oldest daughter's room (17) and everything in it is almost brand new or new to her. She's thrilled and we are just happy it's clean. At least for now.

My master bathroom is gutted right not as it needs a second coat of paint and then that room will be done.

It's nice when it is all clean and neat. Makes you feel great.

Karen Kelley said...

HI Y'all!
Had to run to the city and order a king size mattress. I wasn't about to pay $1200 for a mattress. I just can't do it. Shoot, the one I got for $485 nearly put me in sticker shock. Yes, it's been a while since I bought a matress.

And we got our baseboards we forgot to get the other day and a ceiling fan. The room is really coming together.

Oh, and I have a memory foam pad to go on the matress.

Kim, you'll love the extra room but it will fill up fast. Watch the garage sales. LOL

Shi--you're funny! I was trying to paint a stream during my artistic period and finally gave up and wiped it off with a paper towel and wa-la, perfect. The site looks cool.

Jennifer Y, I think I watch too much mission organization.

Barb V--Ha! My den has been the dumping place! We'll start on it next, though. And I so agree, get the best or wait until you can save enough--except a mattress. LOL Quality vs quantity.

Jodi--My husband nearly has a nervous breakdown when I mention crown molding! I love bay windows and want one in the living room--someday.

canadianfriend--I have cheap-o windows. I'd love the double paned ones.

debbiee--I love a clean house and I'm hoping that once I declutter I'll be closer to having that. My daughter has taught me the trick of keeping a nice house and that's having less stuff. She's right. The rooms we've redone are much easier to keep clean.