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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A New Season

It's a new season in TV land. Which show are you most looking forward to seeing? For me it's The Ghost Whisperer. The last show was such a shock!! What will Andrea's fate be??? Maybe we'll know by this Friday.

And I love CSI. Can't wait for a new American Idol and The Biggest Loser. I already have the treadmill in front of the TV in the den. I am so ready to lose, lose, lose!!! LOL

What show would you want them to bring back? An updated version, that is? I'd love for them to have another soap like Dark Shadows. Hmmm, I wonder why they haven't done that already? I have to admit a fondness for paranormal shows.

So, which return show would you want to see make a comeback?

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Cathy said...

Does anyone remember the series called Eyes with Tim Daly. It only lasted a couple of episodes in 2005, but it was well written and really funny. About a private eye firm. Plus I was really disappointed when Threshold got cancelled last season. Good suspense and sci fi story.

Joni said...

There are a couple other than the ones you mentioned of Dark Shadows (loved David "Quinton Collins" Selby and Jonathan "Barnabas" Fridd)and American Idol and those are Bonanza/Ponderosa/Gunsmoke (okay so that was 3 in one)loved all the cowboys there and Marcus Welby, M.D. Fell head over heals (pun intended)in love with James "Dr. Steven Kiley, M.D." Brolin. I shouldn't be that old to remember shows like those that weren't repeats then at that time on T.V. Land station today (if they had T.V. Land then, which they didn't)..hehehe Ain't having cable grand?

Joni said...

Forgot to mention which shows I like this season so far and those are besides American Idol of course, Grey's Anatomy and Prison Break - can't wait to find out which Dr. she picks to be with in GA (McDreamy or McWitt - whoever Chris O'Donnell plays) and just drool over Wentworth Miller who plays Michael Scofield in PB!!!! Ok, I'm done now!

kim said...

love prison breakm, so hot wentworth. love svu, george lopez, 7th heaven, and sports all year long

Karen Kelley said...

Cathy, didn't see Eyes but loved Threshold.

Joni, I used to hate Bonanza because my dad would always watch it--ugh, a western. But then I noticed little Joe--Yummy!

Kim, love George Lopez.

Yep, Joni, the trouble with thinking about old sitcoms is that it does make one feel old *grin*

Barb V. said...

I am really looking forward to the return of Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, all three CSIs, Lost, and NCIS. That Mark Harmon is the perfect hottie for us older types.

I wish that West Wing had been given another season. I think that with Jimmy Smits in the roll of president, the show would have had a new lease on life. I really would have liked to see where it went with a whole new administration.

Regarding Ghost Whisperer: dh read somewhere that the woman who played Andrea had too many movie commitments to keep up with a weekly TV show. The comment was made that given the nature of the show, you could look for her to possibly make guest ghost appearances.

I am a Dr. Phil fan, but does anyone else think some of his shows are starting to take on a bit of tabloid sensationalism?

Cryna said...

I am not a big TV fan, so not sure about the new season shows. I like to watch 24.

The show I would like to see come back is 18 Wheels of Justice with Lucky Vanous starring as Michael Cates/Chance Bowman..........


Ali said...

The ones I always look forward to are Law and Order: Criminal Intent and Law and Order: SVU. I could watch the re-runs over and over again :-)

Angela James said...

*chanting* Bring back Firefly. Bring back Firefly. lolol. Of course, I only discovered the show on DVD this summer, but now I'm incredibly sad there isn't more for me to see. Like many, many seasons more.

And I adore Veronica Mars. It's charming, fun, witty, has a smart, quirky heroine who kicks ass. And it's got fantastic and fully-realized secondary characters. What more could you ask for?

Jennifer Y. said...

I wouldn't mind a Gunsmoke, Bonanza, The Big Valley, High Chapparal...or my all-time fave from the early '90s: The Young Riders.

Also, wouldn't mind a return of Firefly...a show I recently discovered during reruns on SciFi (yesterday).

spy scribbler said...

Alias. The writing and plot twists in that show were exceptional. The best tv writing I can think of.

I miss Star Trek a la The Next Generation.

Oh! Big one: Commander in Chief. That show was amazing, and they really screwed up. That show promised so very much, and was the most disappointing cancellation of the spring.

Diana said...

I don't watch too many reality shows, but I do like "The Biggest Loser" and am looking forward to new episodes. It's a very inspirational show.

Shows that I miss are: "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Freaks and Geeks," and "Undeclared."


Kris said...

I agree with AngieW, bring back Firefly!! All my favorite shows when I was younger and watched alot more tv were always the ones that got cancelled. (The Young Riders, Covington Cross, Roswell, Dark Angel) Maybe I just have bad taste in tv, that is what my dh says, but I like it.

Shiloh Walker said...

i've turned into a USA junkie. I can't wait for Psych, Monk and the Dead Zone to start back up