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Friday, September 15, 2006


I have always had a fair amount of skepticism when it comes to psychics and tarot readings. I think I always want to believe there are those who can see what most of us can’t, but I’ve never encountered anyone who gave specific advice or information about me. Usually it’s the sort of “there’s a change coming up” kind of vagueness that could mean anything- like a glorified horoscope.

But I can’t explain the tea leaf reading I had in New Orleans. This guy only knew my first name and presumably could guess I was married from looking at my wedding ring, though I didn’t tell him that. He didn’t know anything else about me, yet he looked at my leaves and told me very specific things. He knew I had a girl and a boy, and told me very specific things about their personalities (daughter might want to be a theater set designer, son knows every penny he has) and mentioned that I mix my work and home, and just tried to remedy that situation by moving my office. Last weekend I moved my office from my bedroom to the guest bedroom. For my career, he saw a lot of paperwork. LOL.

He also mentioned a ski trip next February we’d be taking, and he said it wouldn’t be the Rockies, but somewhere in Pennsylvania or New York (I live in the Midwest, which he didn’t know). We didn’t have a ski trip planned, haven’t even talked about a ski trip, just started skiing last year, yet he sounded so definite, he kept repeating, yes, you’re taking this trip. That one I shrugged off with a big whatever… an hour later I was on the phone with my husband and he mentioned that he and the kids had been talking that afternoon and he would like to take a ski trip to New York in February when they have a long weekend off from school.

That was a little freaky. :-)

Has this ever happened to you? Do you think it’s lucky guessing, coincidence, the real deal?


Cryna said...

I have never taken much truth out of psychics. I have only been to one tea leaf reading and it was not anywhere near truth. But I am not writing it off, it could be very true for some people to be able to do this sort of thing, but I am just a skeptic.

Although I have to admit that the teal leaf reading you describe sounds like the real deal, especially since he only knew your first name.


Amy S. said...

I believe in it. I watch psychic detectives all the time on tv and they seem to know things. I love watching Montel when Sylvia Brown is on. I did have a reading done and they seemed to get everything right.

Kathy Love said...

As I was with Erin for this reading and got a very strange reading myself, I have to say it did make me wonder.

I'm a skeptic, who wants to believe. I want psychic ability really proven to me. So for my reading, I didn't give the psychic any info to work with. I just sat there, nodding. And my reading was eerily accurate too.

Mainly the readings of the present were too accurate to be ignored. Some of the future, I really hope she was wrong about. But overall, I walked away feeling like my tea leaf reader did see something. And it was real.

I don't know. But I do know that on the whole, everyone there that day felt they walked away with some truths in their readings. And as Erin said, they were specific truths, not vague predictions.

Weird stuff.

kim said...

h i erin. love your books

Judy F said...

Oh Erin that gave me chills. I have never been to have a reading done but they always sorta scare me. For some reason.

Hey Kathy Love. Love your books.

Jennifer Y. said...

I have never been to or called a psychic.

Anonymous said...

Erin, that is freaky about the whole ski trip thing. What did your husband think when you told him what the psychic had said?

I've never been to a psychic and am not sure if I believe or don't believe their abilities. My fourth grade teacher went to see psychic Sylvia Browne once and came back and reported to the class that Sylvia told her that one of her students was her son (or something like that) in a previous life. That was a little strange.


Shiloh Walker said...

i haven't ever done any of those things, although i'm not totally closed off to the idea that gifts exist.

however...if they do exist...i'd prefer to see people using them for the good of mankind, instead of their wallet. so many of 'psychic' people have turned out to be fakes.

Erin McCarthy said...

Cryna, I think I fall into the same category as you... not writing it off, but a skeptic. :-) But I have to admit, this was just bizarre in its accuracy. He even said both my husband and I are the same astrological sign... which we are. Then he added, "you're both Virgos." Which is true.

Amy, I just heard Montel on the radio because he was in town, and I really found myself respecting his passion for good causes. I haven't seen the Sylvia Brown episodes though. Who does she read? Just guests?

Thanks, Kim! Glad you like my books. :-)

Hi Kathy! It's been like five whole hours since I've talked to you. LOL.

Judy, psychics have always scared me too. I figured I didn't want to know anything bad. I actually requested this guy because he looked too perky to be ominous.

Jennifer, this was my first time doing this... and I'm not sure if I'll do it again.

Diana, that son in a past life thing sounds a little bizarre for a teacher to say to her students! What was she thinking? And obviously it's stuck with you.

My friend's daughter wanted to have a pet psychic come and tell them what their chihuahua was thinking. My friend said for forty bucks, forget it. She figures Pedro is thinking about food and sleep, in that order. No mystery there. ;-)

Stacy~ said...

I'm also a skeptic who wants to believe. Your story was freaky, Erin. But also pretty cool because it all sounded good, not bad.

I had a reading many years ago, but it was very vague. I was disappointed. Would I do it again? Maybe.

Shi brings up a good point - if people do have these abilities, they should use them to help others. That's why they have such a gift. That's my belief.

Anonymous said...

That has never happened to me. I like to think of myself as open minded. However, if it did, I am certain it would feel disconcerting.

Little Lamb Lost

spy scribbler said...

Wow, Erin! I believe, but I've also been to a couple readers that were full of crap. Just like anything else: there are some quacks, some mediocre ones, some good ones, and some amazing ones.

The first time I went, the reader was milking two teenagers for every last dollar in order to "pay for the psychic to pray" for them.


But there are some amazing and genuine psychics out there, too.