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Sunday, September 03, 2006


Do you believe in this stuff or not?
What about tarot cards?
Have you ever had any luck with them? What about a psychic?

I’m a Leo and they are strong and forceful and generally obnoxious and drive other signs of lesser obnoxiousness nuts. And I have to say this is pretty true for me. Ask my dh. I’m wound just a little tight, always charging ahead full steam and not having a million things going is just not my style.

I did the psychic thing once a loooong time ago, like when I was first married. The gal was a waitress at the restaurant were we dined and she said I’d have four kids, one a son and I’d write many books. Well dang, skippy, it all came true. How’d that happen?

Here’s my horoscope for today:

The desire for travel, perhaps to visit a friend who lives far away might come upon you, Dianne, and you might actually set the wheels in motion to make it happen. Social events could take up your time in the evening, and you could meet some interesting people. A friend might need a sympathetic ear, and today you're especially sensitive to others, so be prepared to hear a sad story. Otherwise, your day should go well. Enjoy!

Okay, we’re planning a trip to Savannah on Thurs to take my daughter back to school. So, I guess that’s the trip part. The whole family gets together on Sunday here for dinner so I guess that’s the social part and my kids are very interesting. The sad story is my two daughters are to Savannah and the other to Boston and that makes me sad beyond words. I suppose this horoscope is right on the money...or is it me making it work??

So, are you a believer in this stuff or not? Any weird experiences to report? Why or how do you think this works or doesn’t work?

Here’s the link for horoscopes to check yours out. Is it working for you or not?

I’m really curious!
Hugs, Dianne


Stacy~ said...

I think it's fascinating, but I think people are more complicated than what even the stars tell us LOL.

I'm a Libra, so it's all about love, romance, beautiful things. We're more in love with being in love than the real deal...hmmm, could be true for me. I agree that I'm somewhat superficial but I don't like to entertain - I'm more of an independent soul who would much prefer my own company or that of a few select friends rather than a big scene. I am so not a socia butterfly.

Libras supposedly make good judges, but even though I can see both sides, I sometimes have a problem not picking one.

However I do read mine frequently to see if anything comes of it. It can be fun. My co-worker Karen is always telling me that Libras and such and such sign make a good match because they are on the cusp of something...and it usually ends up being someone I can't stand LOL. So much for the stars....

Cryna said...

I am a Capricorn and for the most part whatever I have read or seen about this sign is dead on for me.

As for following the horoscopes, I don't usually read them, because it never seems to make sense for me in what they are saying. I went once for a tea cup reading (because a friend was going and wanted me to go with her), but I think that in order for the it to come out right you have to be a believer. And unfortunately I have a hard time believeing things like that. Must be a throwback on my Capricorn ways.....LOL

Shiloh Walker said...

nope...i don't buy into it.

and i wouldn't call you obnoxious. you simply suffer from massive amounts of enthusiasm and energy that exhaust me to NO end.

Judy F said...

I don't check my out very often. sometimes is so on the money its scary other times not so much. I am a pisces. I am so a dreamer.

DianneCastell said...

I think the astrological signs are a but much but I do believe there are psychic people who can "see" things. I often wish I was one of them then I think what if I saw something horrid how would I let that person know. And there's the social pressure. Lots of people would think you were a nut! :-)

flip said...

I love astrology. My maternal grandmother was deeply into astrology and reincarnation. Therefore, I can tell you that I have a pisces sun, a virgo moon and a cancer rising. Of course, I break the rules. I read several horoscopes a day. If you check out, you will be reminded that we do have free will.