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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Interview with Toni Blake

Hi! I'd like to thank the Scamps and Vamps ladies for inviting
me for an interview! If you frequent the Scamps and Vamps chat loop, you already know me, but time issues have kept me from taking part here on the blog, so it's great to be included in this way : )

My current release, SWEPT AWAY, is the first full-length novel
in Avon's steamy new Red line and came out in early September, so I hope you'll check it out. An excerpt and contest can be found on my website at

I'd also like to say a special thanks to Dianne for coming up
with these great questions for me! I enjoyed answering them, and hope
readers will enjoy the interview!

Toni Blake


1) What are you working on next?

I'm just about to turn in my next book for Avon Red, called
TONIGHT, to be released in June 2007.

2) What is your favorite type of story to write?

Beyond super sexy and very emotional - which I try to make all
my books – I guess I'd have to say I love reunion stories. Both my current book, SWEPT AWAY, and the upcoming TEMPT ME TONIGHT fall into that category, as did my first single title, THE RED DIARY.

3) Who do you read when you have time?

I really read all across the board - whatever looks good to me
at the time. But I love Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series, and I know I can always rely on Barbara Samuels, Teresa Medeiros, and Rachel Gibson for books I'll enjoy.

4) What is the big advantate of writing for Avon?

Avon is known as one of the top romance publishers, and they've
given my first book for them tremendous support and enthusiasm, both of
which are things I deeply appreciate! I also feel like I've had contact with a lot more of the Avon folks than at any other publisher I've worked with. At Avon, you deal directly with publicity and other departments, and it's made me feel very "in the loop" in terms of what's happening with my book.

5) What do you like best about having an agent?

Oh wow, lots of things. My agent is my sounding board, my
negotiator, my advisor, and much more. I guess I like knowing I have someone behind me who knows the industry extremely well and is out there working for my best interests in all facets of the business.

6) What is the best part of being a writer?

I know this has become cliché by now, but it's true: being able
to work in your pajamas : )

In a bigger sense, though, it's beyond gratifying to get up and
do something you truly love every day - AND get paid for it!

7) Of all your heroes who is your favorite? Favorite heroine?

Hmm, tough question, given that I pretty much get attached to
ALL my heroes and heroines. But I guess I'd have to pick Jake from IN YOUR WILDEST DREAMS, and probably Lauren from THE RED DIARY. Jake is
actually a finalist for Best Hero in the Anne Bonney Readers' Choice Awards right now - so I guess I'm not the only one who liked him : )

I would say both Brock and Kat from SWEPT AWAY are close seconds
in each category - simply because they're the most fun, the people you'd most want to hang out with : )

8) What kind of book would you never write?

A horror novel or anything with a great deal of violence or
gore. I sometimes include some suspense elements in my books, and
occasionally that takes me in a violent or gory direction - but I don't think I could write that kind of stuff on a continuing basis. I like putting a lot of emotion in my books, and sometimes some angst - but I don't want to stay in those super-dark places for very long ; )

9) Do you have any desire to write something completely
different than the stories you already write?

Oh yeah, all the time! I'd adore writing historicals - in fact,
I have a few old, unsold ones from years back - and I also have an
interest in women's fiction.

Thanks again, Dianne, for a fun interview!


DianneCastell said...

Howdy, Toni!!
So glad you can join us on the ScampsandVamps blog. Best of luck with Swept Away. I've heard great things and it's everywhre!!
Major congrats to you.
Hugs, Dianne

Toni Blake said...

Hey Dianne : ) Looks like we're both on the computer bright and early this Sunday morning : ) I'm off to a Bengals party later, so may not get to check in a lot today, but thanks a ton for the interview! And thanks for the nice words about Swept Away : ) So far, the response from readers has been truly gratifying : )

Judy F said...

Hi Toni, I just finished Swept Away last night, Loved it. very hot and funny. Can't wait for the next one.

Cryna said...

Hi Toni - What a great interview. I have not gotten Swept Away yet, but am hoping to get it soon. I have heard such good things about it.

Thanks for taking the time to be with us here and also on the loop.


Kelley said...

Hi Toni. Thanks for the great interview. Its so fun learning a little more about the authors we read and chat with online.

Again, Swept Away was such a wonderful book. I truly enjoyed reading it.

PattiF said...

Great interview! I read SWEPT AWAY and LOVED IT!!!

Can't wait for the next one.

Diana said...

Great interview, Toni and Dianne. I really enjoyed reading it. I highly recommend Swept Away. It's such a great story with fantastic characters. I can't wait to check out your other books, Toni. I found out yesterday that In Your Wildest Dreams will be mailed to me in October instead of November. Yay! Can't wait to read more about Jake. :)

Toni Blake said...

Good afternoon, ladies. Just got back from my football party, and wow, how nice to pop in and "see" you all! So glad you guys dug the interview, and WOW, what nice compliments about Swept Away! Thank you all SO much! This is the kind of thing that totally makes an author's day! You guys are the best : ) : )

And Cryna, thanks in advance for looking for it : ) I've heard in Canada that the book is sometimes being shelved in the erotica section (and heck, here in the states, too), which is really WAY wrong for this book, but if you can't find it in romance, look there. I hope you enjoy it!

And the interview was a blast : ) Thanks again, Dianne : )

Stacy~ said...

What a fun interview! I can't wait to read this one - I love the storyline a lot. Good luck with the sales :)

And I am looking forward to your next one too Toni - write faster, girl! LOL