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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Do clothes...or lack of them...make the man?

Or, how do you like to dress your hero?

I love to put my hero in a tux especially if he’s that kind of guy. Bowtie undone, jacket open, hair slightly mussed, bottle of Champaign in one hand, two glasses in the other, leaning casually against the bedroom door, sly smile in place. Oh, yeah, real hero material. On Gray’s Anatomy the ending of the first season had McDreamy and McVet in tuxes. Holy crap, that is a lot of handsome on one little screen. I’m surprised the TV didn’t ignite.

What about a hero in military uniform? Does that do it for you? I just saw a movie with George Clooney where he was in the Army, full dress uniform. Yikes! And what about Harman Rab in JAG? I’m not much into the police uniforms but I like writing cops and reading them ‘cause handcuffs always come into play. Gotta love the handcuffs!

Then there’s the cowboy attire. The best part of that is the low tight-fitting jeans that mold so nicely to a great butt. Boots are good, gives great traction in the sack and they always get in the way when the hero’s in need of some fast action of the sexy kind. Complications are great!

Lab coats don’t do it for me much and neither does a bib apron but give me a low-slung tool belt, tight T-shirt over great abs and I’m there! Then there’s the biker suit of leather and helmet. Personally I prefer jeans and boots for my biker but always a helmet. Heroes are not stupid.

Then there’s my personal favorite way to dress my hero... The towel! Oh, yeah. Just out of the shower, a little wet, a lot clean, smelling sexy as hell. And of course the heroine is unexpectedly close by. At least he’s not expecting her but if the woman has an ounce of sense she’s there on purpose.

So, what is your favorite attire for a hero? One where you think...oh, yeah, this is going to be a great scene. A movie scene that imprinted itself on your brain forever? A scene in a book that made you break out in a cold sweat ‘cause the guy was so darn good looking?


Toni Blake said...

Hey Dianne - great blog, and lots of great "hero images"! In my books, I seem to always end up putting my guys in jeans and well-fitted tees that show off a bit of muscle. I tend to write alpha guys who don't worry much over what they wear, so this always seems to fit : )

Jamie said...

What a wonderful blog, Dianne. So many choices, so little time! Really, it would be difficult for me to pick just one - but I love those towel scenes and guys in there nicely fitted, well-worn jeans and bicep hugging tees. Whew! I wish I could remember my favorite movie or tv show or book scene of a well described hottie, but your blog has fogged my mind a bit. It will probably come to me later.

Cryna said...

You have given so many choices, but my favourite attire is the tight T-shirt over great abs and the low-slung tool belt over nice fitting jeans. But the hero in the towel, fresh from the shower is another fav of mine. I guess the casual look works for me, but when dressed up the hero is to swoon over.........LOL


Brandy said...

I guess I'm the oddity. I love a man in uniform. (Good thing I married my own hero in uniform!)

Stacy~ said...

I am definitely all about the casual look, clothes that emphasize the body, like well-fitting worn jeans and a t-shirt, or the jeans with an unbuttoned dress shirt. Makes my heart flutter LOL.

Lori said...

I like my heros to be dressed in casual attire...tight fitting jeans and t-shirt...maybe a leather jacket. Actually, I think that it is the "bad boy" image that I am looking for. There is just something about a good looking man in a nice pair of jeans. Don't get me wrong, I like them all dressed up too, or the towel image is also nice.
I have been racking my brain to think of an image from a movie or a book that just makes me go YUM, but I am drawing a blank.
This was a great question.

Judy F said...

hummm interesting ?. I like the casual look best I think, nothing beter then a nice pair of jeans and a tshirt. Tux's work for me too. LOL

Cathie said...

Oh, you know I love a cowboy with his hat and spurs and boots!!

Too I love a casual, little dressy, but so comfy looking, like the cargo pants and an alligator shirt (love the colors they have out now, those brighter ones)....

Jodi said...

Umm, I'll take all of the above! I like a man in uniform too (dh is Navy and former Army). But those pilots, oh yeah!
Give me a t-shirt and some hugging jeans, and I'm pretty happy!

DianneCastell said...

I was watching Sex and the City last night and Big showed up in a tux. He does a great tux!
And last night on Desperate HW all the guys look great in tuxes.
Brie's dress was to die for. How totally beautiful.
I still think my fav is the towel!

kim said...

a man in uniform is great.

Diana said...

I like my guys to be dressed casually--jeans and a T-shirt, as long as nothing's too tight. I also like guys dressed as firefighters. If he's a real firefighter, that's even better. :D