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Monday, July 17, 2006

What won’t you read??

Everyone reads something different. Some people love vampires, some wouldn’t pick up a vamp book if it was the last book on earth. Some like to read humorous stores, others think the humor distracts from the plot and romance. Then there’s the erotica stories that are really hot…bad pun…right now but not for everyone just as the inspirational books are really big sellers but certainly not for everyone.
--Amazing that the two biggest selling romance lines now are erotica and inspirational. --
The same for movies…some love the dark scary stuff, others…like me…would rather have a root canal than watch a move like that. I have to sleep with the lights on for months. I won’t watch any movie where someone dies…unless it’s the bad guy.
I need humor, fun excitement, romance!
No fighting, dying, crashing, yelling, scaring, cutting off body parts.
No Jason, Freddie, Lord of the Rings, Autumn In New York for me.

I need Stephanie Plum, Pretty Woman, American President and, of course, Indiana Jones and Captain Jack Sparrow.

Soooo, the question is…
What kind of book will you not read??
What kind of movie will you not watch?

BTW...pretty cool that Texas Bad Boys is on the front cover of RT for September!


Pam G said...

Personally, I don't like m/m or f/f, and a while back I got an anthology book, it was about vampires, I can't remember the name of it. But it was way out there, it had stuff about children in it, I had to throw it away. I can not handle that. NO way!

Pam G

Laurie D. said...

Congrats on the RT cover!! How exciting for all of you!
What won't I read? Like Pam, I don't like m/m or f/f. I don't care for spanking, flogging, anything remotely painful and I frown on anal sex, even though all are very prevalent in the more erotic stories these days - but I have no problem skimming past these scenes.
That's all I can think of now, will check back to see everyone else's responses.

Patty Lacey said...

I love a romance, sex is just a bonus, it makes it more realistic. I HATE to read anything sad. I don't want to cry, I don't even want to think about crying. Give me a little fluff and I am a happy woman.

Shiloh Walker said...

westerns for the most part.

hard core bdsm, unless it was written by Joey Hill.

same sex scenes don't do anything for me so I don't read them.

nonfiction... *G* I got enough reality in my life.

ummmmm... that's probably it

Michelle B said...

Woo hoo! Great news about being on the cover of RT:)

As for books and movies, I'm fairly openminded, but won't read or watch anything too gory or horror-ish. It gives me nightmares:/

I've started shying away from sad stories as I've gotten older. I don't have any mind set against them, I just usually am not in a mood to see and/or read them.

Amy S. said...

Don't like to read same sex stories. Don't like sad books.

Judy F said...

Congrats on the cover....

I don't like gory books. I do like funny/suspense book. I don't like dark vamps but do read the light and funny ones.

I am not a big fan of same sex scences.

I don't read much straight fiction. I want my happy ending dang it.

LuAnn McLane said...

I want my happy ending too! I also don't do gory in movies or books even though I used to read that stuff back in high school...Stephen King and Thomas Tryon.

Emotional is fine but heart-wrenching sad is not. I also don't like to glorify crime so the Sopranos is out and I don't like thieves as heros and I've seen some romance that glorifies that as well.

I'll do vamps but not like Judy I like the funny ones and not the dark, scary ones Eeeeek! Shudder.

Cathie said...

I won't read Horror. I can't stomach it. Nor can I handle the Horror movies. Its mostly with murders and violence that bothers me the most in those books and movies.
Hey I like that RT cover!!

Stacy~ said...

Well, I admit that I've been recently surprised by what I will read, just as long as it take place within a romance. I'm pretty open-minded, but what doesn't work for me is: f/f scenes, serious bsdm (some books I've read where it's very, very light I don't mind, but not the master/slave thing - that I can't get into), anything gory (not a big fan of LKH), endless sex and/or partner-swapping, or anything painful. I don't like piercings of private parts or wearing leashes or anything like that. No whips and chains for me.

While I do respect others for having their own preferences, these particular ones don't work for me. Oh, and absolutely nothing sexual involving children or animals. Sorry, but that's just sick, and no one will ever justify that to me. Keep it away from me.

I love emotional stories, but ultimately I want the happy ending, at least at some point, like if there's a series. I want the romance.

Erin McCarthy said...

Very cool RT cover! Congrats, ladies. :-)

I absolutely cannot read books where a child is/was hurt, molested, killed, etc. I just cannot go there, not even in fiction. It both breaks my heart and makes me physically ill.


DianneCastell said...

So glad you all like the happy books! There isn't all that many out there and right now the editors are buying the emotional dark edgy stuff. Make me nervous.:-)
But I got to have the fun and the excitement and the laughs!
Life is just too darn hard to have to read about it too.

BTW...what is m/m and f/f?

Tempest Knight said...

Books: I'd have to say hardcore erotica and BDSM aren't part of my TBP. In romance, I'd not touch westerns, regencies, and inspy.

Movies: Horror flicks are totally out. Nothing can make me go and see one. Not even a billion $$$.

As for movies I'd watch, I'd say comedies. Not the light romantic ones. But really funny movies, like Pirates of the Caribbean. Some adventure movies like X-Men, Indiana Jones and James Bond. I don't mind LOTR, it's well directed and acted. My goddaughters drag me to Harry Potter, but I don't mind either. They're quite enjoyable. *g* Some movies with vampires and lycans might hit a chord with me, like Underworld.

ilona said...

In a word 'HORROR'. I hate horror in all forms - my imagination needs no help in giving me nightmares (and most horror films leave nothing to the imagination anyway). *yuck*.

Josie said...

I despise movies where macho jerks shoot things and/or blow them sky high to an MTV soundtrack. Examples: Lethal Weapon and all its spawns, Bad Boys, SWAT, Con Air...And I'm staying miles away from Miami Vice because the smell of burning petroleum has already reached my nose.

Congrats on being on the cover! Woo-hoo!

Stacy~ said...

Dianne, m/m and f/f is male/male and female/female - same sex love scenes.

Lucy Monroe said...

I won't watch movies that are all about violence. There has to be a story. Even if there's a story, I detest sadistic violence and gore/horror.

As for reading...I won't read a book I know has a nonvictorious ending for the main character or one that makes adultery seem "romantic". That's a total ick factor for me. And I don't want to read about anyone humiliating or truly hurting someone else, whether it's sexual fantasy, or not.

Cynthia Eden said...

I absolutely won't watch a movie if I think it has a sad ending (oh, say, either the hero or heroine dying!). Same thing with a book--I just can't take the killing off of a major character that I've come to care about!

kim said...

no same sex or many paranormals

Jordan Summers said...

I don't read or watch anything with a sad ending. Period. There's way too many of those in real life. I'm also not crazy about slasher films. I only like to be scared up to a point. That line in the sand for me was The Shining. I still think it's one of the most frightening movies I've ever seen due to the psychological aspects. I'm not a big fan of inspirational stories and I don't enjoy much straight erotica.