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Friday, July 07, 2006

Guilty Pleasures

In next week's issue of TV Guide there is an article about this summer's "guilty pleasures" to watch and it got me thinking about my own guilty pleasures.... the things that I know are bad for me or at the very least a big waste of time but I just can't help myself. Here is my list (at lease a few) of my personal guilty pleasures:

Potato Chips.... is there a more unhealthy food on the planet? And yet I purchase them and can't seen to consume a sandwich without a handful of greasy, salty chips.

People Magazine.... worthless gossip and eye candy but if I'm at the doctor's office People wins out over Time or Newsweek.

Falcon Beach.... a sudsy summer show on ABC Family that I just can't miss. I tell my family that it's for YA novel research but that's bunch of hooey. I like the show.

So make me feel better and tell me some of your guilty pleasures! Do you sneak a Hostess Cupcake into your lunch? Take an afternoon nap? Watch Lucky Louie on HBO? Come on....fess up ;-) Oh and don't say romance novels... no need to feel guilty about that particular pleasure!


Shiloh Walker said...

chocolate chip cookie dough.

tim tams...yummy cookies made in australia

Billie Jo said...

LOL LuAnn,

I have a bunch of guilty pleasures!

I always those greasy potato chips with my sandwiches. I always eat chocolate throughout the day, I cannot live without my chocolate.

My guiltiest pleasure is eating cheese flavored popcorn at 10 pm when my kids are asleep and hubby and I can finally watch a program on TV that does not involve cartoons.

Billie Jo

Pam G said...

Hey LuAnn,

Eating chocolate and caramel, triple chocolate ice cream, anything cocolate after DH and DD are asleep. This is my main one.

Playing online games when I should be doing other stuff.

Pam G

Jennifer Y. said...

Blog-hopping when I should be doing other things, eating Skittles at 11 p.m., pigging out on Chocolate, and watching MTV shows like "My Super Sweet Sixteen" and "MADE". Oh, and staying up way too late.

Cryna said...

Eating M&M Peanuts (I can eat the little bag, or the big bag all in one sitting). My son used to hide his stash but I could always find them..........

I too love the potato chips and can eat them with anything........

Bookstoredeb said...

Oreo cookies or cookies and cream ice cream are not safe with me in the house. I could eat them all in one sitting. Milk chocolate, especially hershey kisses.

Shows are any of the CSI's. They facinate me.

I love action movies, or better yet, the rare occassion of having the house to myself where I can indulge in a long, hot bubble bath with a good hot book! Ahhh! That's the life!

Stacy~ said...

I am ruled by my guilty pleasures LOL

- Take 5 bars

-re-runs of Buffy and Dawson's Creek

-Nathan Kamp book covers

-watching The Wedding Singer and King Arthur (Clive Owen!) over and over

-Lipton Diet Green Tea

-Godiva chocolate martinis

-blog hopping

-Backstreet Boys CD's

I think I'll stop now...

Judy F said...

any sweets. I love cookie dough.

Sleeping in.

Watching Big Brother and Survivor.

ilona said...

My guilty pleasures include Paprika Crisps, White Chocolate, Afternoon naps (with husband ;) )and Playing runescape online. I have never felt guilty about reading any books, which is probably a good thing as I can read as many as 40+ per month :D So LuAnn keep writing so I can keep reading :D

Niny said...

Any chocolate, you name it, I'm a chocoholic! MY last discovery, Nestle treasures, I love the chocolate/caramel ones! Its all a coworkers fault, she is the one that brought them to the office, and alas, I cant stop eating them!!
Another guilty pleasure, eating m&m's with salty buttery pop-corn or bunny tracks ice cream, MMMMM!!! Yummy!
Reading a book is just part of my life, I always have one with me, so I dont consider it a guilty pleasure either.
A guilty pleasure, for sure is looking at the hotties that our dear Judy F sends every day, oh but what a pleasure! MMM!! LOL

janat62 said...

Harry & David chocolate truffle there anything better or more of a guilty pleasure. I even hide it so I don't have to share!

Okay, I watch "The Nanny" on Lifetime's mindless & helps me wind down before bed. And since it's July, ROCKSTAR has started again & I am hopelessly addicted.

Oh &'s really JUST for me so I do feel a bit guilty, but it's so worth it!