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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Karen Kelley Muses...

I'm off to Atlanta early Tuesday so Lucy Monroe graciously said she would post my blog. Except I can't think of anything to say---I know, if you've ever met me you wouldn't believe I couldn't find a thing to talk about.

I blogged a couple of days ago on my blog about my sister-in-law. That was kind of interesting, but I don't want to repeat it here. People continually surprise me, though.

I bought a smoothie maker and it worked three times before the motor burned up. By the time I pay postage to mail it in, then return postage to get it back, I could buy a brand new one. That sucks. I think I'll try taking it back to Khol's to see if they'll exchange it.

We have the estimate on our car---the new one that got scraped but we have to wait until corporate calls us. That sucks, too.

I guess this month has been good and bad. I did win the slot tournament, $5,000 in cash and a free trip to Atlantic City in November for a chance to win a million dollars. That was cool.

So, I guess I could find a few things to talk about. How's your month going? I promise I'll read the answers when I get home. Y'all have a fun week and don't forget LUCY'S BLOW OUT PARTY!!!!!

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Niny said...

Well, congrats on your winnings! That was definetely cool! If you win the million dollars you should share!! LOL Just kidding. I wish you luck on the tournament! Have fun at Atlanta!

Judy F said...

I hope you had a blast in Atlanta. I know you behaved. LOL

Cryna said...

Karen - hope you had a great time in Atlanta.

You asked how the month has gone for us and my month has been good for the most part.