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Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy Birthday, USA!

With apologies to our international friends... I decided to do today's blog about the 4th. :) Our little town always does a parade and fireworks on the Saturday closest to the holiday, no matter which day the 4th falls on. So... we have already been in celebration mode. Had a really fun parade Saturday morning... bigger than usual, 'cause this is election year, and bunches of politicians had floats, convertibles, etc.

Then in the afternoon, we cooked hamburgers on the grill... at 10PM Saturday night we sat in lawn chairs in our yard and watched the skies light up with sparkle and pizazz. We even let two-and-a-half-year-old Anastasia stay up and see the show. She was fascinated, and said, "I'm not scared". And only covered her ears for part of it. The fireworks were really beautiful.

Now, tomorrow will be low key... maybe we'll catch a movie. This weekend was the first time I had been out of the house for any length of time, so I am looking forward to doing something fun.

Today's blog has a bonus... I have an ARC of "A Very Merry Christmas" to give away. It is the Brava Christmas anthology with Lori Foster and Gemma Bruce. Just drop me a note about how you spend the 4th, and I'll put the names in a drawing. If you are not a resident of the USA, tell me if there are occasions in your country when fireworks are part of the celebration. I'll announce the winner tomorrow evening after eight!

P.S. I am going to try and include two pictures today... one of Anastasia "pretending" to sleep in the hammock and one from the parade.

Enjoy the day off tomorrow, and be safe!

Janice Maynard


LuAnn McLane said...

What an All American perfect way to celebrate the Fourth!

Oh she is such a cutie;-)

Kelley said...

She is a cutie!!!

We usually do the whole grilling thing and then try and watch a firworks show. This year, due to me starting a new job I'll be working until 11:30 PM on the 4th. I'm bummed but hoping my hubby and daughter will find a way to enjoy themselves without me.

Cryna said...

What a great way to spend the day, and especially the first day that you were able to get out.

What cute pictures you posted. She is such a sweetie.

Dannyfiredragon said...

HI Janice,

hope you are well after your surgery.

I wish I would be in the US tomorrow, bet that will be fun.

The only celebration we have with fireworks is New Year's Eve!

Anastia is really a sweetie.

snowflake said...

Happy 4th!

Fireworks is an important part of our National Day celebrations every year on Aug 9. For those who can't get the tickets to watch the parade at the stadium, they can gather at a few other vantage points near the stadium for the fireworks show at the end. Some even book high floor rooms at nearby hotels. Now, that's a romantic way of celebrating National Day.

Jodi said...

Anastasia is a cutie!

We usually grill hamburgers and hot dogs with my parents. Then we drive down the street and park in a huge dirt lot and watch the city fireworks from the back of the truck. After that, we drive back home and set off a few of our own fireworks.

Pamk said...

sleeping late, then grilling out, and the fireworks till late and then to bed since the next will be another work day.

Lisa T said...

My family normally gets together with my aunt and her family. We watch the local parade and then grill kabobs. After we all complain that we ate too much, we then pack up the blankets and then go to the park to watch the fireworks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Janice,

Glad you're up and about. I live in MS and we haven't had any rain for weeks. So, we're under a "no burn ban", therefore, we'll have no fireworks this year. Of course, there'll be some people who will have some, so the firemen and the volunteer firemen will be busy.

We'll grill steaks, hotdogs, and hamburgers, eat too much, and basically laze the day away.

Pam G

terri said...

We will go to Point Mallard they have a mini fair carnival type thing ever year with food crafts games rides bands the Miss Point Mallard pagent then Fireworks. The pictures are so sweet what an adorable Miss Liberty.

Judy F said...

Happy 4th. What a cutie.

I usually watch the fireworks in the park tonight. Sadly I have to work tomorrow at the bookstore. A bonus its my brother and sisters bday tomorrow but we have nothing much planned.

Michelle B said...

I love the pictures of Anastasia! So cute:)

These days, we don't do much for the 4th. When I was growing up it was great! We lived (well my parents still live) on a fairly small culdesac and we used to have our own festivites. The kids would dress up in red, white, & blue and decorate our bikes and parade around the end of the culdesac. They would give out awards in different age categories and everything.

After that we had other games/activities and a potluck. Most of the kids have grown up and some people have moved away, so we don't do that much anymore. We used to have potlucks up until a few years ago though.

I will always cherish those memories:)

Nichole said...

Anastasia is so cute. Makes me wish I had a little girl. Ok I take that back now I'm only 25 I don't need a kid I'm still one.

Unfortunately I have to work tomorrow until 4 then I'll be off to celebrate with my family and then we'll go to town to watch the fireworks and go to the carnival. Our town has a reputation as having one of the largest small town celebrations and it's always packed and loud

Lori said...

It sounds like you had a great day and Anastasia is so darn cute!!

We will spend our fourth having a barbeque at my Mom's house. My parents, brother and his family, sister and her family, my daughters and their boyfriends, and my little kiddos will all be there. We eat, talk, and have tons of fun. When it gets dark we find a spot to all sit and watch the fireworks. I enjoy spending time with all family, because even though we all live in the same town it seems that we don't see each other as much as we would like with all our different work schedules.

My oldest daughter, Amanda, is hoping to have a baby tomorrow. She has been dreaming that she will have her baby on a holiday and this is the closest to her due date. So, keep your fingers crossed.

Lori T

KimW said...

ahhh..she's so cute! Happy 4th to everyone!

Today I'm spending the day inside. My husband picked up an awful cold somewhere and he's not "up to par" as they say. I'm getting a little worried.

We did go to our local festival on Saturday and ate a lot of food and saw Ingram Hill, Edwin McCain and Sister Hazel. It was soooo good!

Joyce said...

Happy 4th of July!!

We'll be having the usual fare of salads and hot dogs and hamburgers.

Looking for to seeing the shows and the fire works on TV tonight

bamabelle said...

Oh, what adorable pictures! Happy fourth everyone!

The hubby, kids, and I all got a little too much sun swimming yesterday, so we will wait until after dark to go out tonight. We are going to The Spirit of America Festival to see all the fireworks. Yay! I am such a big kid lol.

I hope you all get to be big kids today too!

Jennifer Y. said...

Aww...she's adorable. We went out of town and just got back today...we grilled out and my aunt bought about $150 of fireworks that we set off yesterday. I'll watch fireworks on tv tonight like I do every year...we don't usually go anywhere...too crowded.

Amy S. said...

She is so cute. We grilled out yesterday and went to a local church for fireworks last night. Hope everyone had a great holiday!

Janice Maynard said...

I loved hearing everyone's holiday plans! We had a quiet day, but it was nice. :)

Drum roll, please... the winner of an ARC for A Very Merry Christmas is Kim W.!!

Kim, please send me your address -, and I'll get your ARC in the mail.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello...

Janice M.

KimW said...

Woohoo! Thank you, Janice! Email on its way.

Lori said...

Congrats Kim!!