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Monday, July 10, 2006

An interview with Shiloh Walker

Well, here it interview with our own Shiloh Walker.

1) What's the most challenging part of writing for you: creating characters or coming up with an intriguing and complex plot?

Oh, the plotting… easy. I can create characters all day long, but the actual plotting part is hard for me. I generally am a ‘seat of the pants’ writer, but I’m learning that isn’t always the most time efficient way to write. Actually plotting it out before hand… hard work.

2) Do you ever see yourself writing a non-romance?

Oh yeah… I love sci fi and fantasy. Although I suspect anything I write will always have romantic undertones or romance elements, I have all sorts of ideas that aren’t strictly romance.

3) Would you/have you ever collaborated with another writer to tell a story?

Haven’t ever, but I would, depending on the other writer. A friend of mine, Mary Wine and I have tossed ideas around. Lora Leigh and I both mentioned it at one time, but she’d want to the tell the male POV if we ever did… and so I would. *G* so that won’t work.

4) What are you most proud of achieving in your career?

Just getting published for me is a big deal. What I’m the most proud of, though, has nothing to do with my career. Writing, while it can be a pain at times, is easy for me, mostly. The story usually comes easy enough, the characters come easy...doesn’t feel right have that much pride in something that comes easy. Now ask me about what I’m proud of in my life… *G* I’d say my kids.

5) If you could be any of your characters for just a day (or longer), who would you choose?

MY characters? None of them. Haven’t you seen some of the crap I do to my characters? I kill their husbands, I have them beaten, I give them guilty secrets to hide and agonize over… nope. I know what kind of things I do to my characters and I’m not into suffering.

6) Where do you see the Hunters series going?

Hunting the Hunter is going to be a big turn in the series. I’m looking to make the series deeper, more intense. I want to appeal to a wider range of readers, not just the lovers of erotic romance.

7) can you give any explaination for the following?
1)"don't look down"
2)"don't open the door"
3)"don't answer the phone"
and my "fave"
4)"don't look back"
Why when watching film / reading book / listening to the radio, etc...when hearing any one of the above
saying "DON'T"...that we automatically "DO"??

That’s easy… I can sum it up in two words. Human nature. It’s the same reason when mama told us not to touch the cookies yet cuz they were too hot, we still did it. Humans are generally just nosy by nature and when there’s something down, back, behind, above… we want to know. Even if it means it’s going to hurt to do it.

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Thanks, Shi, for answering our questions.
Can't wait for more of the Hunter series and best of luck with your career.
Hugs, Dianne


Stacy~ said...

Awesome interview Shi! I don't think I've never seen you "talk" so much LOL. But what great answers. You know I'm a total stalker, so this was quite the treat. I'd read anything you wrote, even if it wasn't romance, and I love the characters you create, but especially the Hunters. Leandra has a special place in my heart, as does Eli - he was just so lonely until he met Sarel. And Malachi...what can I say, I love the tortured ones.

Any big surprises in the wings for your readers?

Shiloh Walker said...

surprises.... hmmmmmm....

i guess the surprise i'm getting the DH for our anniversary doesn't count...

hmmmm... *G* naturally, I'm always hiding something up my sleeve. I have a story I'm working on now that I've been asked for a billion times... just gotta get it done.

and if i tell what the surprise is, it's not a surprise and therefore it's not as much fun for me to tease.


Cryna said...

Great interview Shi......Your answers were are always so quiet on the loop......thanks for sharing your time, as you must be busy with the little one and trying to write and your family. But we appreciate your sharing with us.


Judy F said...

Great Interview. Hope things are going well with the kiddies.