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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ho, ho, ho...

Color me excited! I'm leaving first thing Tuesday morning for the national Romance Writers of America conference in Atlanta. I'll have a chance to meet and chat with at least three editors that I am working with or have worked with. My agent will be there. I'll be attending workshops and helping present one. I'll be part of the literacy signing where publishers donate the books and all proceeds go to support adult literacy efforts. There will be two great luncheons with speakers Meg Cabot (Princess Diaries) and Christina Dodd.

On Friday I'll have lunch with a bunch of the scamps and vamps and the bookjunkys. And I may even squeeze in a bit of shopping at one of my favorite shopping meccas - Lenox Square. And speaking of shopping - guess what? I told you that July 25th is a red-letter day. But do you know what else it is? It marks the "five months 'til Christmas" milestone! Bet you weren't thinking about that. :)

It just so happens that I have actually started my Christmas shopping. Not in a big way, but a few things here and there. Barnes and Noble has been having a big sale... tables of clearance books and also "gifty" kinds of items. I bought my girls a set of blue suede round nested boxes - really cool. They were half price - about $11 I think. For Anastasia I got a cute little china tea set - half price also - $7.50. For one son-in-law I got a heavy hardback book by Marvel that contains a whole bunch of Spiderman comics - regularly $50, I got it for $21.

Then I got a sale catalog from one of my favorite places - Levenger. Found really cool small clocks that show time zones around the world... regular $25-$35... got them for $9.95 each. They will go to my two brothers-in-law. Some other odds and ends I won't bore you with... stocking stuffers, etc. My hubby and I both come from fairly large families, and we all still exchange gifts, so I like to start early and hunt for bargains. Otherwise I would be broke!! What about you - any early shoppers out there?

I'll be thinking about all of you next week and wishing I could tuck you in my suitcase. Even for those of us who are lucky enough to have achieved our dream of becoming writers, it is always a huge, fun thing to see and talk to writers who have been our own faves for years. Imagine bumping into Nora Roberts enroute to the restroom! I know you're all going to have a blast with Lucy Monroe's "not going to RWA blog party". The prizes sound amazing. Try to be good while some of us are gone. No mutiny on the Loop, etc. :)

As soon as I get back I'll be blogging about all the "goings on" in Hot-lanta. Talk to you soon! Janice Maynard


Dannyfiredragon said...


it's good to know that I am not the only person who is getting Christmas gifts early. I already got a couple of them during my stay in Florida. I can find nicer stuff in the US than here.

Stacy~ said...

I am so bad. I wait til mid-December, right around the 15th, then scramble like a madwoman. I pack the same way. I'm also leaving on Tuesday - getting in around 12:30 - and I will probably be packing that morning. Can't wait to see ya Janice :)

Judy F said...

I try to start early but with working two jobs its not easy any more. Have fun in Atlanta. This week will be a rough one for me.

Cryna said...

I too tend to start shopping early for Christmas gifts that I know I will need. Especially if I get what I want at clearance prices.

Have fun in Atlanta, and look forward to hearing about it and seeing pictures.

Take Care


Kelley said...

I'm a late christmas shopper :(
Have a safe and happy time in Atlanta.

Jodi said...

I started my shopping right after Chistmas this year! Our Wal-Mart had great clearance prices on toys. We bought birthday presents for all of the young nieces and nephews and even a few Christmas presents. Last week, Mervyn's had some of their toys on clearance so I was able to pick up some Barbie stuff for a couple of bucks!
I've been telling everyone that it's 5 months to Christmas for a couple of weeks. Most don't seem to happy about it!
I think I'll actually be in the Christmas spirit this year and really decorate my house!

Jennifer Y. said...

Have fun in Atlanta!!!

I am a late Christmas shopper.

♀ L's brain ♀ said...

hi :) have fun and enjoy ur time. i just wanted to say that sooo interested in reading ur book :) am gonna order it from amazom.


Michelle B said...

Have fun at RWA Janice and everyone else going!

I tend to try to shop early for Christmas, but it's generally not a good idea for me. One because if it's a really cool present, I have a hard time keeping it a secret for months LOL. And also, my dad is a pain to shop for since he's been known to buy himself what I want to get him just weeks before Christmas...GRRRR.

If I see something, I'll usually buy it if it's a really good deal. Otherwise I wait until November or so to shop.

Janice Maynard said...

Hello all - I just got in from a long day of travel... it's almost 10PM and I'm pooped! Sounds like the Christmas shoppers are split down the middle about half and half! :)

Thanks for all the good wishes... maybe Atlanta won't be too hot, weather wise. Danny - glad you got some shopping done in Florida!

Stacy - Can't wait to see you! You, too, Jennifer.

Judy - I'll miss the hotties...

jodi, Cryna, Kelley, and Michelle - try to keep everyone in line. :)

Kuwait - If you have a chance to read Suite Fantasy, I hope you enjoy it!


Tempest Knight said...

Have lots of fun at Nationals! As for Yuletide, I make hand-make the presents, so no I've not started on that yet.