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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

On the radio recently they had a list of “Things women shouldn’t do after 30.” Some I thought were silly- who cares if a 35 year old wants to keep her cell phone in a Hello Kitty case? And others I don’t think a woman should be doing at any age- like getting into a fist fight with another woman over a guy (really, ladies, is he worth all that pulled hair??).

The ones I remember… Things A Woman Shouldn’t Do After 30:
- Shop in the Juniors Department because it still fits
- Wear pigtails (I guess Nicolette Sheridan hasn’t heard this one)
- Get into a fight with another woman (over a guy)
- Swear in front of children
- Keep cell phone in Hello Kitty case
- Have stuffed animals
- Pass out drunk in a restroom stall (I guess by 30 you should know to pass out after you get home)
- Have muffin tops from their low rise jeans
- Wear tongue ring or other facial piercings

So what do you all think? Agree? Disagree? Have any no-nos you’d like to add to the list? What fashion trends really get on your nerves? I think it could be funny for a future heroine to have to somehow confront a list like this, and decide to defy it just to make a point. Of course, that would be when she meets the hero...

My publisher, Kensington, was very generous last week, and I am swimming in ARCs (Advanced Reviewer Copies) for my October Brava, You Don’t Know Jack. I’ll choose a random winner to receive an ARC from those who comment. Thanks for your thoughts!


LuAnn McLane said...

Geez... I don't think those things should be done *before* thirty. LOL

Since I'm approaching the red hat stage... meaning that I can do whatever the heck I want and not really care what people think I had to ponder this for a minute and since it's summer, bathing suits came to mind. Y'all know what I'm talking about. (Cringe)Middle aged women should *not* wear string bikini's. Now, there might be exceptions but for the most part the answer is a huge "No!".

Patty L said...

Hi Erin,

I have to agree with Luann about the bathing suits. I just took my kids to a water park this weekend and there are way to many ladies wearing barely there suits, when they should be wearing at the least a one piece. I have always had a problem with girls wearing the low rise jeans when you have to much coming out of the top.

Some of the items on the list were kind of crazy. I still have stuffed animals from when I was a small child and I have one from this weekend that my husband won for me.

I think that you would do a wonderful job writing about a herione who has a list like this. You should think about commiting to that project. You would be the perfect author to write such a story.

Laurie D. said...

After going to the fireworks last night and seeing some of the women that were flitting around, my additions would be "Wear a bra!" - especially when the flower tattoo on your left breast is looking a little wilted anyway, and do not, in any event, wear short shorts. Butt cheeks aren't nearly as attractive when they're 40 years old and being squeezed out of the leg of your shorts. At some point in our lives, sleevless tops should be rethought also, those upper arms aren't as firm as they may have been at one time and our skin starts to get that crepe-y look. Not pretty.

Dannyfiredragon said...

OMG. I guess I have to change my whole life style next year if I would follow the list in certain point. No I won't do that. I just love my plush animal. And for the right guy it would be worth fighting for ROFL

Amy S. said...

I have to agree with Luann and Laurie. You would be surprised what some people wear to the beach and in public. I don't like facial piercings either. I think that would be a good book to write.

bamabelle said...

I try not to deal in absolutes, because there is usually an exception to the rule. For instance, some fourty year old women look better in a bikini than I did at twenty. I hate them of course, but there it is lol. I think the main thing is your clothing should fit you. I do not wear clothes because they look cute on someone else. I buy what looks good on me and makes me feel good. This is my only rule - Don't live by anyone's rules but your own. Although, if you are over thirty and getting in fights, forget what I just said. You might need a new set of rules lol.

Cryna said...

I have to agree with LuAnn and Laurie on the clothes thing. I have pretty much always worn a one piece bathing suit, except when I was in my teens and then it was a two piece (but no means like they wear now days)on occasion. I always felt more comfortable in a one piece. And like Laurie said please wear a bra, the hanging baskets are not appealing and your daughters clothes do not become you.

But another thing that drives me crazy are the women who are past their 60's with the long, bleached out hair or hair dyed to jet black. I am not talking shoulder length here, but past the shoulders, if they only realized what they look like. But that is IMO......

As for stuffed animals I think there is no limit on age there, because I love the stuffed animals and have a great collection of them just as much as my grandchildren. LOL


Nichole said...

I think you should do what's right for you at any age. Personnally I wouldn't do any of thoses things now but each person is different. But no stuffed animals? Maybe is you talk to them you should get rid of them.

CrystalG said...

I do agree with some of the list but I must say I am over thirty and I still have some stuffed animals.

Maura said...

Well, I am 42 and still have a few stuffed animals :)

But most of the things listed are very much a case of "works for some folks at any age, doesn't work for others" :-)

Jennifer Y. said...

I am not 30 yet, so I can't really say any of these apply to me yet. Some of these have been broken by my family members though. I agree with Luann and the bikini thing!

Judy F said...

I guess my stuffed animals have to go huh??? LOl

I agree on the outfits. There was some lady at target Sunday it was an OHMYGOD moment. Low rise jeans crop top and hanging out all over.

Jamie K said...

I agree all the way on the clothes, especially after having to look at vacation pictures of my mother-in-law (age 60) in a bikini - yikes!

I'm pretty sure there are probably others, but they're not coming to me at the moment.

Jodi said...

I agree with you all on the bikini. And the jeans that are too low and the tops are too high and there's too much in the middle flowing all around! Not pretty!

Erin McCarthy said...

I'm with all of you that the stuffed animals can stay. I still have my first teddy bear and the stuffed parrot my dad won for me at the fair when I was ten. Nobody is taking those away from me. LOL.

As for clothes, I definitely agree that your best bet is to have clothes that fit you. ;-) To me, what you wear reflects your personality and to say you should or shouldn't wear this or that is a drag, at any age. Makes me feel like it's middle school all over again. But yes, yes, yes, your clothes should fit and flatter you! Forget women over 30, have you seen some of the teens wearing low pants, with all their stuff pushed up and over? Yikes.

Last time we were in the Caribbean, there was a woman who was very full figured and she insisted on going topless on the beach. I think I'm scarred for life from that!

So what do you think Over 30 taboos for men should be?? My thinking is no speedos and no dating girls who cannot legally buy alchohol.

Bookstoredeb said...

In total agreement about the bathing suits and low rise jeans and crop tops, and especially wearing a bra!

You can dress decently without looking like you are a 90 year old or trying to look like a teen.

I'd love to have the figure I had back when I got married, but three kids, and 2 grandkids later, I know it ain't happening! lol

Stuffed animals are to be enjoyed at any age as far as I am concerned.

KimW said...

I agree with all of those except the stuff animals. I still have a few from when I was young and from my husband.

Here's my additions. I don't think once you've passed the age of 30 you should:

- Play with Barbies or Ken for that matter
- Have your mom drive you on your date.
- Throw popcorn across the theater
- Spit spitballs - well, that really should never be done.
- Die your hair purple.
- Not make fun of anyone's droopy boobs, facial hair or flabby tummy cause your time to experience that is just around the corner.

Judy F said...

Men--bald on top and a ponytail.
going topless to cut the grass. Why is it I never see a hunk doing that but a guy with a belly over the shorts cutting the grass.

Kelley said...

I'm with you Judy! Those men need to put a shirt on!!
I agree with most of you on what you said!! My brain isnt quite working well enough for me to come up with something on my own at the moment.

Stacy~ said...

I don't really think it's as much of an age issue because some women and men look great and are in great shape even in their 50's and 60's. But I really don't want to see anyone over 20 wearing shorts that say the word "princess" or "cutie" or any of those other cutsie names.

LOL. I think we're pretty much all in agreement. A man or woman should not be wearing a tank top that leaves it ALL hanging out, top and/or gut. If the girls (or in some cases, boys) are drooping to your belly button, it's time to for a support group - like a really strong bra!

Short, shorts or those tight stretch pants that's 2-5 sizes too small. Cutting off the circulation is bad for your health.

Yes Judy, the balding guys with the ponytails - who do they think they are fooling anyway???

Men who wear the sandals with socks is never a good look, at any age.

The "plumber" look with the butt crack - ewww.

Okay, I'm done. I'm grossing myself out.

Jennifer Y. said...

Erin - must agree with you on the no Speedos for men rule. There was an old man at the beach one year wearing one and I swear that I was temporarily blinded by the shock of that image!!!

I thought of another one since my earlier comment. No skinny dipping should be a rule for those much older people. My great aunt (who is in her 70s) told us this weekend that she loves to skinny dip at night in her pool (shudders)...definitely not an image I wanted.

Oh, and things men shouldn't do:
mullets (at any age)
be obsessed with video games
And I am with Judy...put a shirt on!!

Erin McCarthy said...

ROFL... you all are cracking me up. ;-)

Jamie, your m-i-l? Oy! Must have been hard to make comments on those pics.

Deb, you hit it exactly. You don't have to dress like you're 90, but there's a time when you have to give up the teeny bopper look.

Like those cutsie princess shorts Stacy mentioned. And actually, I don't like those snarky little t-shirts girls wear that say things like "I want it. You buy it. Any questions?" That's just not necessary, imho.

Judy, never in my life have I seen a hunk cutting the grass with his shirt off. If anyone ever does, please take a picture and send it to me. I want proof that men without beer guts actually cut the grass.

Great additions, Kim, love the spitball one... and that brings to mind wedgies. Have you ever seen grown men trying to give each other wedgies? Good grief.

Jennifer, amen on the video game obsession!

As for speedos, I actually saw one step worse than a speedo. In the Caribbean, there was a guy wearing a sky blue thong. Man+thong=frightening. He was about a hundred pounds, five foot six, 30 years old, hairier than a golden retriever, wearing the tiniest banana hammock I've ever seen in my life, nothing but a string in back. I was utterly speechless. I couldn't even move and had to look up directly at the sun for fear he would think I was looking at him. LOL.

Jennifer Y. said...

LOL Erin!!! I probably would have been too shocked to move and been caught with my mouth down...LOL

Judy F said...

Erin If I see a hunk cutting the grass I just might have to grab him. LOL

There is this guy that gets off the bus I see on the way to work in the am. Has a skin tight muscle shirt on and skin tight jeans. Not pretty..

Pam G said...

Y'all are hilarious! Personally, I can't stand to see a pregnant woman in low risers with a crop top or in a spandex dress.

My DH was sitting on the edge of his chair with his profile to me one day, without his shirt on, and all of the sudden I realized he bore a strong resemblance to the Buddha!

My DD and I rolled with laughter, but my DH didn't think it was too funny. He only weighed 160 when we married, he's 6'2". Now he weighs about 220. He's worked hard on that belly for the last 19 year, he's proud of it! LOL

But, he never takes it off outside the house, it's "our special treat" LOL

Pam G

PattiF said...

Omigod! The women who run around with no bra thing is soooooo true. Come on, gravity is taking over and pretty soon you won't need a broom to sweep your floor with. You just use your breasts.

I have to laugh because a sign you are getting older is when you start wearing purple.

Hey, I like to wear purple. ;)

Jennifer Y. said...

I don't really care what people is their business, but I just thought something else that women should probably not do after 30:

Put glitter on any part of her body(very popular among the girls that I went to college with...glitter spray...I personally can't stand glitter on me though).

bamabelle said...

Lol, ya'll are killing me! I have to agree in regards to the Speedo situation. That is almost never a good look, unless you are an Olympian. As far as the guys mowing the yard with no shirt, I have a neighbor that does that. Very nice man, but with no shirt he looks as if a Chia Pet exploded on his chest. Yikes! Where are all the lawn conscientious Colin Farrell look-a-likes? Where?

Jennifer Y. said...

bamabelle: they are probably all hiring the Chia-pet lookalikes to do their lawn...LOL.

Michelle B said...

Wow, what a discussion! I'm not sure I have much to contribute though. I'd say it all depends on the person, kind of like Stacy says. Age isn't always the defining factor.

I'm also one who still has stuffed animals that I love and I won't be giving them away even though I turn 30 this year. I'm a bit sleepy, so my brain isn't quite functioning. If I think of something more tomorrow, I'll come back and post again:)

Have a great vacation Erin!

KimW said...

I have a friend who moved here from the UK and tells a funny story about his first trip to the local beach here in town. He and his son both arrived in speedos. He said he realized shortly thereafter that they were the only ones wearing swimming attire like that. Needless to say, he doesn't wear those anymore. He will tell you, again and again, how he doesn't understand how Americans can wear shorts down to their knees to swim in. haha!

Jana said...

I've got about not acting like you are still 16 no matter your age? I've watched 30 something women of late seem to suddenly revert to high school antics in how they treat others, how they dress, the men they date (sometimes leaving their families to do this) & having to have the little red sports car. I don't get it.
Stuffed animals are fine for anyone at any age & hey, a Hello Kitty cell phone holder is just fine if it makes you smile.
Be happy with who you are but don't be stupid...stupid at any age is unnattractive.

Kelly said...

Leather pants, exposed midriffs, and bras masquerading as a top should be off-limits. Although I am 100% on the bandwagon of wearing a bra is a must. Just not as a top! ;-)

Billie Jo said...

Hey Erin!

Hmmm...interesting subject since I turned 39 on Sunday.

I have always bought my clothes in the junior department. The clothes are a lot more fun and fit my personality.

Now there are things women should not wear. If you don't have the figure, then don't wear the skimpy stuff.

I will never grow up. I don't want to act or be considered old, just because I am according to my 4 year old. LOL.

I say have fun!! You will live longer and enjoy life more. If you "act your age" then you have a tendency not to enjoy life. And that is no fun.

Billie Jo

Shiloh Walker said...

i don't think a lot of those things should be done period.

I hate it when people swear in front of my kids and I've been known to call them out about it, whether they are strangers or not. I just don't tolerate it.

Showing pudge with low rise jeans and midriff tops is just... eh... ewww... it's not sexy. There are plenty of ways to dress attractively without showing flab.

Get into a fist fight over a guy... dpends... is somebody putting the moves on my husband? ;o)

those are the big ones for me.

bamabelle said...

Jennifer Y.,

Lol,I think you are right. It's too bad it is not the other way around.

Cryna said...

Okay since the blogger seems to be eating my posts, (I have tried to post twice before).......I am just going to say I have enjoyed this discussion.

I feel that everyone has made some terrific points.

Erin McCarthy said...

ROFL at the chia pet chest!

As for Buddha bellies, I would imagine half the men in America qualify for that title. When I was a kid, I always thought my dad's tummy was the greatest backrest (so soft!) when I was sitting on his lap. ;-)

And along the lines of what Jana said, I would add that cruelty at any age is very unattractive.

Now I'm off to the beach, where I'm sure to encounter a string bikini or two. What is actually worse is not when they look scary in a bikini, but when they look fabulous! So I think the key is to take a book(s), relax, and mind my own business. :-D

Patty l (second post) is the winner of the ARC... Patty email me at lynn1wulf@ and I'll send it to you after I get back.

Have a great week all!

Anonymous said...

I don't like seeing a woman's thong when she's wearing low-riding pants.


Dannyfiredragon said...

Big congrats Patty!

I bet you will have a lot of fun with Erin's book. I discovered her books just recently, due to some really good recommendations at the RT and I love her books

ilona said...

As I am (slowly) approaching my 50th year I should really stop doing it but I can't resist!! I collect stuffed toys, most of which are really cute animals :) Personally I have always been of the opinion that age is a matter of attitude and not how long you have been on earth. Mind I have never got into afight with another woman over a guy - guys aren't worth the effort. As to the other things most of them shouldn't be done regardless of age or gender (especially the swearing in front of kids or showing off of tummy podge *eeeww*)