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Thursday, March 30, 2006

How I Almost Hit a Fireman

Last summer one evening my daughter and I were heading to the movie store in my little beetle to grab a chick flick and some chololate chip ice cream. We had the top down and the music blaring, singing along with the radio and having a good ole time. As soon as we turned into the Blockbuster parking lot, though, we noticed a big fire truck in front of the Philly cheesesteak place. A couple of police cruisers were parked off to the side. I slowed to a stop but it was obvious that whatever fire there was had been put out. Since we were already in the parking lot, in order to leave we were going to have to back out of the entrance and then go all the way around the block.... well there was a young fireman standing near the truck so I waved to him and very politely asked if I could go past the firetruck instead of going around.(Cara and I both noticed his hottiness) He smiled.... we smiled back and he nodded and waved us on.

I suppose we ere both distracted by his cute smile and all of that gear and what not because I didn't realize how tight of a squeeze it was going to be to pass the big truck, but I had already committed and had no choice but to proceed. I inched past the truck (my daughter was questioning my decision and I was sort of defending my position... after all the young fireman *had* waved me on (I think) Anyway, just as my little VW has right at the middle steps (remember the top was down) a big fireman began descending the steps backwards (in full gear). He didn't see me until the last second as I creeped past and was in real danger of falling backwards into my car (on top of me with that big hat on and everything) He suddenly turned and saw me (or maybe Cara and I might have screamed).... teetered backwardstossing his hat into the air and cursing just as I inched past. Once past I sort of gunned it and in the rearview mirror I saw his hat as it crashed to the pavement and sort of bounced. I noticed too, that he was older but a hottie too... but he raised fist and starrted yelling at me. I felt compelled to stop and yell sorry back to him and sincerely hoped that his hat wasn't dented or anything. The police by his time were taking notice and my daughter thought that I might be arrested so I gunned my car again, roared over to the far end of the parking lot and we waited like fugitives from the law, huddled down in the bucket seats. Finally, when the coast was clear, we headed into the movie store.

By this time (after the police had left) we thought the adventure was quite amusing and of course my daughter immediately called her friends and told them that her mother had almost run over a fireman... not my fault I tell you....not my fault.

So my question is: have you ever done anything this blonde? (I'm now a redhead but my blonde genes run deep)

It is 70 degrees out and I will have the top down today for the first time in months....fireman beware ;-)


Michelle B said...

Hilarious, Luann! I loved your story. I, too, am blonde and have had my share of blonde moments. I can't think of any funny blonde moments right now, but your story did make me think of something that happened in college.

My freshman year, my dorm decided to travel to an away football game against our rival school. As dorm treasurer, I was responsible for arranging a bus for transportation but within a very low budget as no one wanted to pay extra or use up the entire budget.

Anyway, on the day of the game, the bus pulled up in front of our dorm and we all piled on. After getting on the bus, I started wondering how we were going to turn around; the street did not go through and it was narrow enough that turning around would be tough. The bus driver didn't seem worried, so I went back to chatting with my friends. All of a sudden, in the middle of a three point turn, there was a loud boom and the bus stopped (it had been backing up). I looked out the back of the bus and saw water shooting straight up into the air! We had hit and knocked down the fire hydrant! So what does our driver do? He floors it and takes off down the street *away* from the gushing water! We heard sirens and realized we were being chased by the police not long after... we hadn't even made it off campus. We eventually got to the game, but what a way to start the trip! After that I really wished we hadn't been so cheap-- you really do get what you pay for!


Judy F said...

Oh I love both your stories. LuAnn you bad girl you. I will have to think on this.

Stacy~ said...

LOL. Thanx LuAnn & Michelle for sharing. I can't think of any right now, but there's gotta be something.

Though when I was 16 and had gone to L.A., we went on this tour of the stars homes, and the driver was trying to squeeze between 2 vehicles and he hit the passenger side mirror. He didn't seem to phased, must have done it before. He was an actor (shocker) so that was his job between gigs.

Jodi said...

That is to funny. I am blonde, and don't have any stories like this to tell. Hmm, maybe I'm doing something wrong! LOL

snowflake said...

Too funny, Luanne. I'll say yes but can't think of anything specific to share right now.

Faith said...

Uhm.... No. ROFL!