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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Just to clarify

if you want a chance to win today's prize offered by JR Ward, the questions have to be posted here. I'll draw a winner, probably tomorrow, from those who joined in.

if you want to participate in the future author interviews and possibly win a prize before the interview is posted... you need to join the yahoo group.

The way it works, we tell you who the next author is, and you have about a week to post your questions to the group, then we will choose five or six of those questions. By participating, you may be able to win a prize in the group.

When the interviews are posted here, there's another chance to win, if the author has offered a prize.

Hope people aren't too confused. While you can ask as many questions at the blog that you want, I'm only each each name once, in order to be fair.


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