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Monday, March 27, 2006

How do YOU welcome spring??

Well, this may be wishful thinking for a lot of us. It snowed here all weekend. Nothing deep, but the ground would turn white and then melt away... only to do it all over again an hour later. It was a pretty snow - big fluffy flakes. But I am more than ready for warm weather!! Which brings me to my blog topic for today. :) How do YOU say hello to spring? For me, there are two "events" that mark the passing of blah winter and the advent of lovely spring... The first is the day when I carry all my cold weather clothes to the upstairs closet and bring down all my short sleeve stuff. It hasn't happened yet, but soon. :) And the other milestone - my first pedicure and breaking out the sandals! Again, it hasn't happened yet, but I'm thinking I may bring out the polish tomorrow or the next day. The forecast for the end of the week is warm - yeah! The picture on today's blog is from a trip I made this week with my mom, two sisters, one brother-in-law, and two nieces. We went to Gatlinburg for two nights. The tree in the pic is a flowering cherry (I think) and in the distance you can see snow on top of the Smokies. It was pretty chilly, but the sunshine was great. So tell me ladies (and gents), what do you do to welcome spring??? I'd love to hear, and I'd love to say goodbye to winter for good. Janice


Karen Kelley said...

LOL! I'm getting a pedicure Thursday.
To welcome spring, I usually burn candles that are flower scented or something light and airy like sea breeze scent and put away the warm scents like the cinamons and apple spice.

Niny said...

Well, I had to get me new shoes for work and got me some pretty slides, so I got my pedi yesterday! Then we worked on our garden, put some new mulch and planted some gerbera daisies its all prettied up!!


Barb V. said...

I put away my flannel sheets, and go back to using my nice smooth regular cotton. When it gets a little warmer, I will start wearing my Teva sandals for daily walks. I'm also leafing through seed/flower catalogs trying to decide what I want to add to the garden this year. Can't wait for spring to actually get here!

Cryna said...

For me Spring is here, when we have to put the silly clocks ahead by an hour. I take the extra blanket off the bed, and even able to get a window open to let in some of the fresh air.

snowflake said...

Technically, we don't have Spring but spring cleaning is always before Chinese New Year.