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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Take My Breath Away!

What would you do or have you done if/when you met someone who actually did take your breath away? Or are you surrounded by beautiful people?

My story: I went to the booksigning at RT when it was in Ft. Worth many, many years ago. I had never been to anything like that before and I was in awe at all the authors who were going to be there. I went with a group of women and they were talking about the cover models and I was very smugly thinking that I could care less. I wanted the books and to meet these authors who created them.

As we arrived so did a group of men. Jeans, no shirt, wearing vests, boots, tanned, muscled, 6-pack abs.

OHMYGOD! I couldn't look away. My mouth watered, my heart skipped beats, then began to race. Smugness went to hell in a handbag. I stuttered, I drooled.

But then I met one who took my breath away. John D'Salvo (spelling?) I asked if I could take his picture and quickly snapped two---double exposing him (don't I wish!) Never have gotten a blasted picture of him.

So, tell me since RT is fast approaching. What has been your favorite experience at RT? If you've never been and are planning on going then you're in for a treat. I always have a blast. And if you're not planning on going, have you ever met someone who made you stutter because they looked so damn good?

If you respond in any way, form or fashion I'll put your name in a drawing for a copy of Southern Comfort.

I'm off to look at flooring but I'll check in before I go to bed.
Good Luck!
Karen Kelley


Lori said...

As the mother of two teenage daughters, I have been to several concerts. They like punk and many of these bands are super willing to meet there fans. Two years ago, we went to the Warped Tour and my daughter was off in some mosh pit and I was just wandering by the bands booths and I stopped at the Alkaline Trio booth, and one of the band members was there and I just stood there and stared at his cuteness. I think that it took a full minute for me to form the words...would you sign this shirt for my daughter.
I am sure the guy thought I was a crazy old woman, but he signed the shirt and said thanks for coming to see their show. I am actually a bit embarrassed to think back on my few moments of speechlessness.

Dannyfiredragon said...

Hi Karen,

I have never been to RT so far, but I was to a small Romance Conference last year here in Germany. I met CJ Hollenbach, Sly Bowden and Evan Scott there. The guys were so much fun to talk to. I heard that the covermodels are sometimes a little arrogant, but not those three.

Can't wait to come to this years RT

Jamie said...

Karen, great story. I've never had the pleasure of one of those beautiful guy breathless moments, but I'm still hopeful.

Kelley said...

I honestly have never met someone who made me feel that way. Now I'm a bit jealous!!LOL. I havent been to many things like concerts or book signings, and no romance conventions. Hopefully someday.

Amy S. said...

I haven't ever been to one. If any comes close to where I live, I will be sure to go. They sound like they are fun. I would love to meet all the authors and the cover models.

LuAnn McLane said...

When Dianne, Judy and I had our night with James Denton, I thought I was going to be all calm, cool and collected and I literally forgot my name. LOL

Karen I did get a pic with John DeSalvo and he was breath-taking too ;-)

Oh and when I went to see Keith Urban in concert with a girlfriend we(okay me)screamed like teenagers...

Jennifer Y. said...

I have never been to RT. I would to go someday, so I can meet authors and see some of these cover models in person.

I don't think that I have ever met someone that has taken my breath away. If I did I would probably be super nervous and would begin speaking in one word sentences. I tend to either clam up or talk nonstop when I am nervous (depends on the situation). I think in this case I would be silent, except for the occasional word or two. But I can't be sure until it happens...hmm...maybe I need to find some take-my-breath away guys...for scientific research you know...just to test my reaction. LOL.

Judy F said...

I remember LuAnn's moment He is like HI I am Jamie and LuAnn is gone. LOL

I remember one when I was in my 20's I went to go pay for my gas purchase and the guy in the little booth was hot. I swear I just stared, he had to ask me twice for the money lol.

I have gotten to met a couple of celebs and I am shockingly calm. Have met Huey Lewis, James Denton, Chris Collingsworth.

Barbara-PF said...

My fav cover hunk is John DeSalvo as well. I got to meet him last year at RT and he was indeed easy to look at.

My favorite memories of RT though are meeting the authors that I had talked to for so long on line and finally got to meet. I didn't attend the whole convention but was only there Fri-Sunday. I arranged to meet a few authors one on one that I had interviewed or chatted with for a long while on line. My top three memories were having drinks with you...was great to finally meet you. I loved meeting Julie Kenner...had drinks one night with her too. Spent Friday evening with Sue Grant...we just sat in the lobby and chatted for about 2-3 hours...I think she is great was really nervous meeting her...but she was really nice and put me at ease and she knows everyone....met several people because they came by to talk to her.

And I have to add a 4th experience too. I had breakfast with Holly Jacobs...another sweety and one I have talked with forever on line. Met Anna DeStefano through her another sweet author.

I met lots of others at the huge book signing too but the highlight was the one on one time I spent with those mentioned.

Two others that were special were Lucy Monroe and Susan Kearney. It was wonderful meeting them...and I spent a bit of time with them Friday evening at this mixer thing.

Great to know that you all too the time out of your schedule to meet with one person...says a lot about how important your fans are to you.

Cryna said...

I have never been to a conference, or get together, but would like to attend one and hopefully in the future that will work out for me. I would like nothing better than to meet with the Authors and friends I have met online.

I have never really had a breath taking experience. But am sure that my reaction would be to be very quiet and speechless. But guess one really knows until the occasion arises.


snowflake said...

Hi Karen, I've not met anyone near the calibre of the cover models at RT but at my first vacation job, there was a single and very good looking colleague. He has a killer smile (and he knows it). When he flashed it at me, my heart would trip and I would lose my train of thoughts.

blythespirit said...

There was a lawyer I used to run into when I was in Family Court. He was sooo gorgeous. If that weren't bad enough, I could tell by the way he moved that we had the same rhythm. Sometimes he even crooked his finger under my chin when he talked to me. I used to go the other way when I saw in in the hall sometimes. I was so afraid that I might accidently kiss him or do something to him without realizing I was doing it before it was too late. I couldn't speak coherently around him. Is that what you mean?

Jodi said...

I've met lots of motorcycle racers and race car drivers, but never did anything embarrassing. (I may have to ask DH his opinion on that one! LOL)
I did just stare a few times when I worked fast food during high school!

Karen Kelley said...

Hi! I loved all the answers! And the winner---chosen at random---is Judy F. I found something while shopping the other day---grow your own prince and I'll stick one of those in when I mail your book and you can tell me if it works. LOL! I'll need your address. You can send to

Dannyfiredragon said...

Big congrats Judy!!!!!