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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Take My Breath Away!

What would you do or have you done if/when you met someone who actually did take your breath away? Or are you surrounded by beautiful people?

My story: I went to the booksigning at RT when it was in Ft. Worth many, many years ago. I had never been to anything like that before and I was in awe at all the authors who were going to be there. I went with a group of women and they were talking about the cover models and I was very smugly thinking that I could care less. I wanted the books and to meet these authors who created them.

As we arrived so did a group of men. Jeans, no shirt, wearing vests, boots, tanned, muscled, 6-pack abs.

OHMYGOD! I couldn't look away. My mouth watered, my heart skipped beats, then began to race. Smugness went to hell in a handbag. I stuttered, I drooled.

But then I met one who took my breath away. John D'Salvo (spelling?) I asked if I could take his picture and quickly snapped two---double exposing him (don't I wish!) Never have gotten a blasted picture of him.

So, tell me since RT is fast approaching. What has been your favorite experience at RT? If you've never been and are planning on going then you're in for a treat. I always have a blast. And if you're not planning on going, have you ever met someone who made you stutter because they looked so damn good?

If you respond in any way, form or fashion I'll put your name in a drawing for a copy of Southern Comfort.

I'm off to look at flooring but I'll check in before I go to bed.
Good Luck!
Karen Kelley


Billie Jo said...

Hi JR,

I am new to your work and have not had the pleasure of reading your books yet.

How would you tease and entice me to buy your books?

How would you describe your books to entice me to buy them?

Billie Jo

Billie Jo said...

Just me again,

One more question:

If you could be one of your characters, who would it be and why?

I look forward to learning more about you and your work.

Billie Jo