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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My husband and I came dragging into the house at 3 this morning. The dog was really pissed off. Now that the kids are grown, she's the little princess. My grandaughter let it slip that, "Momma said Sukie (the little princess) rules your house."

Yeah, okay, I'm still wondering what her point was. Of course Sukie rules the house. She's spoiled rotten. We know we've created a monster in the guise of a small Pekinese.

We keep dog food out for her all the time, but she gets ham and cheese every day for lunch and dinner and occassionally turkey bacon. She loves turkey bacon but will leave sausage in her bowl. Go figure.

If she gets upset with us, she lets us know by wetting in our bed. We've learned to cover it with a shower curtain if we go away for any length of time.

Leash=vet=shots. My husband and I are probably the only people in the world who dress in full body armor if we have to put a leash on our dog. She doesn't like the leash and she lets us know by biting---usually us.

She used to chase the neighbor's cat when the cat would get into our backyard, but the cat stopped running and Sukie isn't brave enough to get too close.

But in the morning she wakes us up by laying her head on our face. Yes, it pretty much smothers us and she needs a bath really bad---the leash thing again. We're not about to bathe her and taking her to the groomer requires The Leash. But she's cute and adorable and loves us to distraction. I guess we'll keep her.

So, do you have any funny or embarrassing pet stories? If so, now is the time to vent. I'll listen---think of it as therapy. Oh, wow, I could start a whole new business---The Pet Owner Therapist. I couldn't fix any problems but I would listen.
Have a Great day!
Karen Kelley


Anonymous said...

A week ago I would have had nothing to write-- We are now the proud(?) new owners of Gumbo... A Redbone Coonhound that was resued from Hurricane Katrina. We got him from the Humane Society in San Diego and they have done a wonderful job training him. He makes us laugh daily, yeah and makes me growl, when he goes in the house...
I just went to check on him, he was barking out back... Turns out he was barking at his toy. He would toss it up, run around the yard and then run up on it like he was a sneak attack. Silly dog, I think he misses the boys being constantly at his side.
Have not tried the bath thing yet, but he has figured out Leash = Walk so he is pretty happy with the leash.

Shiloh Walker said...

just don't start a pet psychic. ;p

weird pet stories... well, there wsa the time i was baby sitting my mom's dog and she mistook my daughter's poodle for a chew toy... that was BAD... but the cat attacked, superkitty to the rescue. declawed male domesticated cat attacks german shephard. yep, that was cool.

Jennifer Y. said...

A pet story (not really funny or embarassing, but it is a story)...hmm...well, we have stray cats that live around our house that we will leave food for. We went away for a couple of days and someone (not me) forgot to let the window in the kitchen down completely. When we got home, the cats had pulled off the screen, squeezed through the opening, and made themselves at home in our house. And guess whose room they used as the litter box? MINE!!! I was so mad! The carpet is old and beyond saving so we cut up a huge chunk of it. I now have a big rug over the hole until we can replace the carpet. Darn cats!

And a more humorous story: My sis's old roommate had a dog. Well, one day her grandmother came over and was kicking a "ball" around with the dog and playing with him. What she didn't realize was that she was kicking around the gerbil ball and the gerbil was in it! Poor gerbil!

Karen Kelley said...

I have a friend who adopted a rescued dog. I can't remember what kind it is but it's huge and only a puppy. She calls him Sir Charles. He's a big baby. She bought him a different kind of toy (he goes through his pretty fast) and he wouldn't have anything to do with it. She had to go back to the pet store and get the same kind. Too funny.

We have such a big backyard that Sukie gets a lot of exercise. Karl has said he was going to start walking her. Hmmm, we'll see. I'm just wondering who will get the leash on her.

Oh Shi, LOL, I could see this happening! Too funny although I'm sure it wasn't at the time. We used to have a German Sheppard and it was terrified of the cat!

Oh Jennifer, I immediately thought about the comercial where the cats are partying while the owners are away, but they at least had a litter box!

And I can't help it. I laughed so hard when about the grandmother story!!! Yes, I have a sick sense of humor!!!

Jennifer Y. said...

Don't worry we laughed too!

Cryna said...

Our dog was very much a family dog, and did not like strangers, but if you left her alone, she was fine. Although she thought she was a person and expected to be treated as one.

I remember one time when we were at Fairmount Hot Springs, and because of the weather we could not have our chips and snack outside, so we tied the dog up outside and I took her out some of the french fries. Well, she was royally ticked off. A man went by and I just knew he was going to try and pet her, I went out and said please do not touch the dog, and he looked at me and said to me that it would be okay, because ALL dogs liked him. I said not this one just leave her alone. He said watch, and stuck out his hand at her and she snapped at him, which was totally out of character for her. He pulled his hand back and looked at me and said Well, maybe not this dog was funny in a way, but I am not sure what I would have done if she had actually managed to nip him. Mind you he asked for it after being told to leave her alone.

On a lighter note, she used to love to have an ice cream cone whenever my kids did. So I used to have to get one for each of my kids and then an baby one for her, and she would sit and eat it just like the kids.........


Jodi said...

My cat that just passed away hated it when we would leave for vacations, no matter if it was for only 2 days! We learned real quick that if we packed a suitcase not to leave it open and sitting on the floor as he would climb in there and pee on the clothes!

Once when we were in college, we came "home" for the weekend. A friend of ours went over to our house everyday to play with the 3 cats and feed them. Right after he fed them, one cat threw up, another cat looked at it and proceeded to throw up. He said that the cat's did that a couple of times going back and forth. He eventually had to get them to leave the room so they couldn't see it and so he could clean it up. We laughed so hard at him telling us this because they had never done that before and haven't done it since!

Maura said...

This could be an all-day saga for me as I have seven indoor cats and a feral cat colony. I have pet stories a plenty!

Hmmm - when I was a teenager, my mother had a manx cat named Junius. That cats was incredibly smart and loved my mother and myself and really disliked my father. He also had a habit of laying on top of the nice warm TV and sleeping there. One day we were watching him writhe about and try to reposition himself without waking up completely and he fell off and back behind the TV.

I was worried he was hurt but my father broke out into really loud laughter. Junius was Not Amused and stalked off. The next morning I woke up to hear my father shouting at the top of his lungs - Junius had gotten into the closet and carefully peed a little into every one of my father's shoes.

To this day, when we have to take a vet trip or I'm talking cats with my mother, "Better hide your shoes" is still a much-used warning.

Judy F said...

Goodness what story to pick. One of my favorites is my cat Sammy was napping with me on the bed. He was doing what I call look at me aren't I cute thing. Stretching and turning over. Well he was doing it very close to the edge of the bed. The look on his face when he did go over was priceless. LOL

My cat Dusty that just past was my baby, if I was sick she wouldn't leave my side. I miss her sitting in the bathroom with me in the morning while I got dressed. She would only leave while I ran the hairdryer. LOL

Amy S. said...

My sister had just bought a dog. She brought it to my house. The dog would keep sitting on my printer. We moved it off and a couple of minutes later it was right back on the printer.

Michelle B said...

Awww pets...I don't currently have any pets living with me, but I do consider my parents' pets my pets too:)

Right now we have 3 cats and they are so cute. As for funny or embarrassing stories, there are a few that are somewhat amusing, but none that are roll on the floor hilarious.

They've done all sorts of crazy things: fallen in the pool, run into the sliding glass door (not realizing that it was closed), hidden in the neighbor's garage and refused to come out, climbed the Christmas tree, the list goes on.

My mom swears Sophie (who is part Siamese) understands English. She bites when we say something she doesn't like and she sure loves to talk back to us. And she has a laundry fetish, especially for darks (she's light colored). She absolutely loves rolling all over clothes fresh out of the dryer.

Cherie is queen of the house. She's been there the longest and she loves to lord it over the other cats. She even has this bully-like intimidating pose that cracks me up!

Ron is just happy to get attention. He's not officially ours, but his family just lets him do whatever, so he spends all his time hanging out in our yard (or in the house now that my parents let him in!) He has the oddest high pitched meow and has 6 toes on each foot. I love giving Ron attention except for the fact that he drools like crazy and sometimes tries to groom me going so far as biting my head:S

Ok, so like I said, I could go on forever...I pretty much just did lol.


snowflake said...

I enjoyed your blog entry today. Pets are such a source of amusement sometimes. I haven't much experience with pets that I can share but when I was at my friend's house for a class gathering, the terrier (male) kept sniffing around the ladies. At one point, he clung themself to the class belle's leg (can't fault his taste and it's quite funny because I know his master was interested in courting her) and made to climb up her thigh. I've no idea what he's trying to achieve but I don't think his intentions were honorable LOL (we were told he wasn't neutered).

Anonymous said...

My dearly departed dog used to bury his little Milkbones all over the house. I would find them in his bed, between the sofa cushions, underneath the carpet, and quite a few underneath the bathroom rug which ended up hurting my foot everytime I stepped out of the shower.
Many a time he would shove the treat so far down into the couch or carpet that he would start to cry because he couldn't get to it. Then he would look at me with pleading eyes and gesture toward the spot with his paw or snout so that I could get his bone out for him. *sigh* I couldn't say no to him.
Oh, and if he didn't have a treat to bury he would bury pieces of Italian bread inside the furniture. The dustbuster was a constant friend through all this.
This past Christmas he took to burying the Milkbones underneath the Christmas tree, knocking aside the houses, plastic trees, and pedestrians of the village and making it look like a tornado passed through. HE was a tiny little tornado that passed through my life for almost 14 years.

I miss that crazy dog...