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Monday, April 03, 2006

Your Other Job!

When I do interviews one of the questions I get asked is… If you weren’t a writer what would be your dream job? I always answer writing is my dream job, but if I couldn’t write I’d volunteer at the art museum. Love art!
Of course I’ve done the non-dream job like teaching 7th grade religion. Mother of pearl! Now there is a job from hell.
Sometimes I get asked what job would you never want to do... I have two answers for this... Anything medical...I drive around the block to avoid driving by a hospital. And an actress...I’d hate being in the public eye like that. Good grief!
Sooo, my question to you all is...
What is your dream job and what job would you never ever do no matter what the pay.


LuAnn McLane said...

Like you, Dianne, writing has alwasy been my dream thing....hmmmm so what other dream job would i want? I think being a DJ would be a blast...I love music and just maybe I would be able to meet some of my favorite country artists ;-)

What would I never do?? I agree with you that I couldn't do anything medical....sheesh even the thought of blood makes me cringe. I would be in a constant state of hysteria.

Jodi said...

My dream job - I'd be paid to travel and shop. Absolutely no limits! Plus, I'd be given time off to read whenever I wanted to!
I don't think I could ever be in the medical field either. Growing up, I wanted to be a dentist, but decided I couldn't stand to smell nasty breath or see rotten teeth!

Shiloh Walker said...

i'm doing my dream job.

and you couldn't pay me enough to be a salesman or a telemarketer...

Stacy~ said...

In my young, young, young days, I was going to be Santa's helper. Now wouldn't that be fun? Figured I'd live forever...

I've always wanted to be a writer, but reality has set in - I just do not have the patience or the follow-through or the discipline. I used to "begin" stories all the time when I was around 14, but never finished them. I would create elaborate settings and page-long detail of each character, but after that, I'd get bored and move on.

I'm with Jodi, I think it would be to work for a travel magazine (sounds like a character out of a McLane novel LOL) It sounds fun and exotic. Yep, that would be mine. Or the model who posed with Nathan Kamp for romance covers (okay, now I'm really dreaming)

Karen Kelley said...

My other dream job would be a prefessional shopper. That actually does exist. Right now I'm a professional window shopper and a full time writer *grin*

What wouldn't I want to be? A gardner. I'd kill all the poor plants.

Cryna said...

My dream job would be able to travel, going to places to come up with deals for other travellers, but then I would have to be there to do that, try the food, accomodations, etc. Yup that would leave time for shopping as well, have to have recommends ..... The job I would hate the most is in the medical field as I cannot stand the sight of blood, or if someone gets sick I have a weak stomach so I would be sick as well. Just what everybody needs. LOL

Michelle B said...

This is so tough! I'm really not sure what my dream job is (which is probably why I had such a hard time choosing a major in college!) I think I'll enjoy teaching, but there are so many things I'd like to try. I guess my dream job would be to work in different jobs for certain periods throughout my life lol. Some of the things I'd love to try are:
*photography (not people related: scenic photos/calendar photos)
*working in a bookstore/library

And then there are times when I was I just had an unlimited amount of money and would just be a philanthropist as a career. I'd really love to go around making other people's dreams come true and help those who really need it:)

I also agree with you all that I'd love to travel, but I think I'd rather do it at my leisure than for work, so maybe in retirement.

As for things I wouldn't want to do, I'd agree with most of you on the medical profession since I am really squeamish. And also, I don't think I could be a garbage collector-- the smell would get to me:S I'm sure there are more, but I'll stick with those.


snowflake said...

My dream job is to be a bestseeling faceless singer, then I wouldn't have to make personal appearances or do all the exhausting promos.

What I could never do is to be politician because I hate socialising, canvassing and diplomatic games.

Vivi Anna said...

I'm doing my dream job....although toss in screenwriter and it would be my absolute dream...

If I wasn't a writer, my dream job would be marine biologist working with whales out on the coast of Vancouver Island. Or an actress...I love being the center of attention and I'm always pretending stuff!! lOL

Jobs I'd never do...waitress, don't know how they keep things straight, plus it's one of the most thankless jobs...telemarketer would suck..

Niny said...

Like you all, I dont think I could be anything in the medical field, my daddy is a dentist and I worked for him on summer time but it really give me creeps when I had to assist him ::shudder::. I really like what I do now and I would love to take more classes to be a photographer. I took one class in college and really enjoyed it.