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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Day After

I have no idea what was going through my mind when I bought my husband's Christmas presents. I found him some Chinese Health Balls that you roll around in your hands. He has arthritis and it's supposed to help. Then at another store they had golf balls on sale so I bought him a couple of boxes. Next I came across a golf ball initializer and got it so he could initialize his balls. When he commented that he might have gotten a complex if I'd bought him a new putter, I told him his putter was just fine and still good for a few more rounds.

We had a great Christmas! I think any time you're surrounded by family then you're blessed. Presents are nice, but just having my children home, the grandkids here, that's all that matters. We had lots of good food and a home overflowing with love.

I'll leave the tree up until New Years Day, but I'm going to start writing down my New Year's resolutions today.

How about you? What's the one thing you want to accomplish in 2006? The most important thing on your list? Mine is the same thing every year: lose weight and get healthy. Someday I'll do it. I have no doubts. Want to know why? I'm published. And what's that got to with anything, you ask? Because that was a goal of mine for six years. Because I haven't smoked a cigarette in 6 yrs and 2 months. I remember because I quit on my birthday. That had been a goal for longer than I can remember.

That's the thing about goals. You can't give up on them. Where there's a will, there's a way.

So, what's top on your list?
Karen Kelley
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Lisa F. said...

Too funny about his new balls! And I agree about having family around. The past two years Dh and I have each lost a parent and my uncle has been in the hospital for a week now, so we have a greater appreciation of the importance of getting together. We've learned to sit down and talk to each other and make gathering time count.

New Year's Resolutions? I normally say the same thing every year - eat healthier, exercise more, be a more patient parent, volunteer more, etc...

jamie said...

Our Christmas went well, a busy but fun weekend with family.

My resolution this year it to complete the two manuscripts I'm working on and get them submitted to contests and also to pitch them at the conferences I attend this year.

snowflake said...

My goals are to get a good job and get healthy.

Cryna said...

Too funny on the new balls for your Dh. But it was great that you had your family all around that is the best.

I don't have any resolutions for the New Year, one of my wishes is to lose weight, but then I have had that one for years.

Jennifer Y. said...

I'd like to find a good job, lose weight and get healthy!!!

Karen Kelley said...

Lisa f I'm sorry about your loss. This is the time of the year that I miss my parents the most. We always went to their house during the holidays. Mom always made her famous rolls. They were so good they'd melt in your mouth. We always talked about crafts or her quilting/my writing. I know they're happy and in a better place. The memories will keep me until we're together again.

Karen Kelley said...

Jamie, good for you! Those are wonderful goals and you can do them.

I once read that if you write down your goals and look at them each day you'll come nearer to succeeding.
Good Luck!

Karen Kelley said...

Best of luck!

Karen Kelley said...

canadianfriend, maybe we'll both reach our goal this year!

And what's life without a little sense of humor? *BG*

KimW said...

I'll go for lose weight and be healthier, too. I also want to spend more time with family, more time reading and less time on the net. oh, but reading blogs is so addicting....what's a girl to do. LOL


Karen Kelley said...

I can so relate to reading blogs! I'm the worlds worst! Maybe if we just say we'll read faster. That way we won't be wasting as much time :)

Amy S. said...

My goal would be to lose weight.

Stacy ~ said...

Oh Karen, you and your dh must laugh a lot cuz you both are very funny. I enjoyed your little story about his gifts.

I am bad at making New Year's resolutions, partly because I resent doing it and also because I'm too lazy to follow through. Or maybe I just choose things I know I won't do so I won't have to worry about it.

I guess there are a few things I would like to do in the new year - find something that challenges me, whether it's a different job or a hobby. This year I started doing amateur reviews and that was fun and definitely challenging - really makes me appreciate writers even more. I don't know that I could ever be a writer but I would love to find something that keeps me from being bored.

Judy F said...

It was really special getting together this year. Both my parents and myself lost pets this year. My parents just a few weeks ago. So it was nice to get together at this time of the year.

Too Funny about your hubby.
My resolutions is to just have one job I like not two ho hum ones. Get in shape, spend more time with friends and family. Get my reading pile under control. (that's way to funny)

Jodi said...

I see that you had a ball theme going. That is too funny.

I don't usually do resolutions becuase I don't like failing myself. But, I've decided to have a few resolutions for 2006:
eat healthier, lose weight (doctor's orders),
exercise more (also doctor's orders and we ordered a new double jogger last week to help me with this one), and to be the best mom that I can!

Karen Kelley said...

Amy, I hope we both reach our goals. I told Karl that I walked half a mile on the treadmill this morning and he said good for you (we're both trying to get healthy but he's skinny--dang it!) I told him I hoped it was good because after that I ate the last of the fudge. I figure someone has to get rid of the junk food. Karen

Karen Kelley said...

Stacy, I hope you find something that will give you satisfaction. I didn't think I'd ever become a published author. I had so little confidence in myself, but I guess perserverence paid off. I think everyone needs a creative outlet. Best of luck finding yours!

Karen Kelley said...

judy f, I'm so sorry about the loss of pets in your family.
When my mother came to live with us her dog came with her which was pkay. Mr. Pud (short for puddles)was so devoted to her. He stayed right between the wheels of her wheelchair so I would have to straddle him while pushing her. He passed away not long after she did. I think he realized she wasn't coming home from the hospital. He came over to the sofa where I was sitting and looked up at me with the saddest eyes. It was as if he was telling me goodbye. Then he went over and laid down. He was gone within an hour. It hurt, but I knew he wanted to be with mom again. Karen

Karen Kelley said...

I'm doing Weight Watchers again, but without paying or meetings since I still have all the stuff. At least you can eat real food! Good luck to you!!!

Billie Jo said...

I really don't have any New Years resolutions. I gave up on them a long time ago.

I would like to do more charity work this year and become a more patient mom - lol. Easier said than done.

I hope everyone's New Year is a wonderful one!

Billie Jo