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Thursday, December 01, 2005

And Speaking of CONTESTS!!!!


The authors of Vamps and Scamps are having one. And it's ALLLLLLL for the readers of the blog.

We'll be giving away gifts, one from each of us... and to different winners. So that means like six or seven or eight chances to win.

Ways to win.... participate... And by participating, I mean more than just a little one line Hello~ Talk to us, comment on the topic of the day, etc.

We'll start drawing winners close to Christmas time, but the more you participate, the more likely you are to win.

Good luck!


snowflake said...

There's going to be a very happy reader this christmas.

Jamie K said...

I'm looking forward to the contests. I'm really happy that Dianne mentioned the Scamps & Vamps group in an e-mail, I've really enjoyed getting to know the authors and readers on the loop and on this blog.


Cryna said...

I agree with Jenny that there are going to be very happy readers this Christmas. Your contest that you run are always fun, and I enjoy them. The loop that you have all set up is great.

Jodi said...

I'm trying to catch up on posts. Being on a trip with no computer is not any fun!

Alyssa said...

Oh, this sounds fun! I'm looking forward to posting.

bkwrm26 said...

I don't know about you all but I love contests, especially when I win!! LOL

Niny said...

This has been a crazy week for me at work. We just had the Xmas party and I'm trying to catch up on my emails but wanted to drop a note here on the blog. I'm really looking forward to the contests! This is going to be a fun Xmas! Thanks everyone!

Judy F said...

Oh I love presents.... Can't wait to see what all is given away.. Thanks ladies.