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Monday, December 26, 2005

worse present???

Soooo, how’d the present scene go? Everyone get what they wanted or pleasantly surprised by something they got?? A good surprise or a bad one.

Tell us about it. Let’s throw a little contest. Who got the worse present???
Actually, I think I get the prize as my dh gave me a funnel!! I’m not kidding here, a bright yellow plastic funnel. Said he couldn’t find one in the kitchen the other day and thought this was a nice addition. A set of 3.

My kids laughed till they cried, I wore the big one like a hat...I looked like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz. I’m considering making the smaller ones into matching earrings.

So, if you think you can really beat out my yellow funnels let me know. The prize is a pink boa. Now that’s a really good present. I might even send you a funnel.


Judy F said...

Is your hubby still breathing??? Oh that is a riot. I didn't get any bad presents this year. Got money,a magazine subscribtion, a couple candles, a sweater, gift card to where I get my hair cut, a cute cat figurine, a book cover and a cell phone charm. I do have to take the sweater back I haven't been a small in a long time.

Stacy ~ said...

OMG that is too funny! Poor Dianne, you tried so hard to avoid such a scenario with him, only to have it happen in a way you probably never imagined! Men! LOL. Better luck next year.

I got everything I asked for - no bad gifts. Of course I only asked for gift cards and money, so that made it easy. A gift card is not impersonal if it's the one I want, right???

Alyssa said...

I got a cold. :(

Jamie said...

Dianne, I'm so sorry the suggestions for hints to your hubby didn't work. I loved all of my gifts, so no bad presents for me. Hope next year goes better for gifts from your hubby.

Jennifer Y. said...

LOL...that is too funny. I got pretty good gifts...Bookstore gift cards, movies, Veronica Mars Season One, etc.
However, I did get strep throat from one of my nephews (it showed up in me on Christmas morning)...Does that count?

Shari said...

Oh Dianne, you poor woman, you definitely get the prize. I got nice gifts this year, an Italian charm bracelet, warm jammies from Victoria Secrets, perfume, bath goodies w/ lotion etc. and $100.00 gift certificate for B&N from my dh. Not a bad thing in the bunch. I did yell at my dh for the amount of the gift cert. cause we really couldn't afford it and I thought we agreed just small gifts for each other this year. He just smiled at me and said shut up:) So I'm going to be having a good time ordering books. Hope the rest of your presents were good ones.

LuAnn McLane said...

Oh I choose my own gifts because of this very thing. His heart was in the right place...I guess

Cryna said...

Dianne that is truly a bad gift. I hope you got something else to go with the set of 3 funnels. Love your idea of matching earrings.

I never got any bad gifts. My parents surprised me with giving me a card with money in it, the surprise was we never exchange gifts. My son and grandson gave me a gift card to a store and then one to a restaurant for a combination Christmas/Birthday gift. So all in all I did well. I know my parents will give me a card for my Birthday tomorrow with some extra cash in it, so I can go and do some clothes shopping later this week or very early in the New Year.


Barb V. said...

Poor Dianne! Your dh needs a personal shopper. Hubby and I had money issues this year, so we agreed not to exchange. My *only* gift was money from my mom that is to go toward our January car insurance and county taxes. Not a very fun gift, but it is helping to bail me out. My birthday is in three weeks and I want jewelry!

Jaye said...

lol@the funnel. :-P Is he wearing it now? lol.

I already posted about my worst gift on my blog about a week ago. It was from a co-worker so had to open it up at the office in front of her.

A nightlight.

I'm in my late 30's and my son is 17.

What's more, clearly written in BIG BOLD letters on the side of the box is a warning that the nightlight contains materials that are known to cause cancer, miscarriage and other birth defects. :-P

Hands down the worst xmas gift I have *Ever* recieved.

Patti said...

Omigod, Dianne, that is funny! But he's still a keeper. Why do men think all women want for gifts are kitchen items and new clothes that don't fit? Give us something fun!

I can't recall the worst gift I ever got. I do remember one year getting a sweatshirt as a Christmas present and the funny thing was that I had the exact same sweatshirt on as I opened the present. :)

Jennifer Y. said...

Wow, Jaye...that was pretty bad.

As I mentioned earlier, I did not get real bad gifts this year. However, I just remembered when I was 13 my grandparents gave me crayons and a coloring book entitled "My First Words." I think they forgot how old I was.

Amy S. said...

I got clothes and money for Christmas. Well, I actually got them a little early. I can't remember the worst gift I ever received.

snowflake said...

Dianne, how bad form of your dh. LOL My worst Christmas present was a stuffed rabbit that's in shedding season.

DianneCastell said...

I'm so glad you all got nice gifts from folks who truly love you. And I think my dh does love me...he's just a bit too practical. He's German, need I say more. :-)
So sorry some of you got colds and sore throats. UGH! And Alyssa's coloring book is cute...maybe they just didn't want you to grow up.
Jaye, your nightlight is horrid. So sorry about that. Least my funnels are harmless. Heck, I used one to dump spaghetti sauce into a container yesterday. My dh acted all smug.
I'll pick a winner tomorrow.

Lisa F. said...

Dianne, you know you should be happy that your husband is aware and cares about what you do or don't have! And the fact that he actually went out, braved the crowds, and found something he thought you needed! LOL

I received great gifts this year. Now just have to find someplace to put them.

Leslie said...

Dianne, I have to admit that is definitely the worst gift ever. Yikes.

My husband bought me a yarn winder this year. I know, it sounds strange, but I am just so damned impressed that he thought enough about my knitting to come up with something that relates to it. He snagged one of the knitting supply catalogs when it came in the mail, and looked it over until he found something that he thought I could use. I wouldn't have bought one for myself, they are a little pricey to me, I just go to my local knitting store and use theirs. It works great, I wound several balls yesterday using it.

I have to admit, in 23 years my hubby has never bought me a bad gift. I have never received any sort of household appliance, vacuum cleaner, or anything like that. He always tries really hard to come up with something that shows he thought about it, and when all else has failed him he's come up with diamond jewelry. Gotta love a man like that. lol

My worse gift this year would be the fact that half my family isn't speaking to us. Although, on some days, I may think that is my best one. :)

KimW said...

hahaha! That's funny! I got a cuticle nippers in my stocking from my husband this year. He said I complain about the one I have all the time so he thought he would solve that problem. (OK, yes I do, it doesn't work right) I almost hate to part with it though because it belong to my mom. LOL

DianneCastell said...

Leslie, sounds like you got a great dh there!!! A real keeper.:-)
As for the worse gift...other than my dh I think Jaye wins hands down. Least my funnels don't come with a warning that they cause cancer. Gads!
Thanks everyone for writing!
Hugs, Dianne

Hey, Jaye, send me your address at and I'll send you a pink boa. :-)

Jodi said...

It wasn't this year, but I did receiave a box of rocks from dh once. But, I also got a small aquarium in another package to go with them.

Niny said...

Oh God!! I'm so sorry for you Dianne! I thought my hubby was bad a getting presents but yours really beat mine! LOL Not this year but loooongg time ago I got an oil pan. (the ones you use to change the oil on the car) As if I'm going to do that! thats what Jiffy Lube is for! LOL Sooo, this year all my efforts paid off and my DH finally got the message and got me the boots I was asking for! Yesss!! Well we had to go back to the store because they gave him two different sizes ,but we got that straightened and now I have my new boots!! Hugs

Billie Jo said...

I got some really great gifts this year. I got a really cool palm pilot, book money, beautiful watch that does not require batteries, which means I won't kill it easily this time - lol.

I did get a silly gift from my mil - she gave me a frog that sings everytime you walk by it - UGH it is annoying - lol

Dianne - sometimes you need to hit the men in your life upside the head with a 2x4 - that's what I had to do with my hubby and now he finally gets it :-)