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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Happy Holiday Contest

I love this time of the year! Merry Christmas! And if you have a different belief, then Happy Holidays!

There was a coupon in one of the circulars for $10 off! How neat is that? Then I read the fine print: excluding all jewelry items, all cosmetics, all on sale items, all clearance items, it listed all the brand names in clothes that I'm familiar with, all fragrances, all purses, all hats, all seasonal gifts...the list went on and on. Why didn't they just put, excluding everything in the store?

I've almost finished my Christmas shopping. I still need to buy my son's present. Guys are so hard to shop for. He's 33 and single.

And hubby, I want to get him something fun. Not an easy task. In fact, if you'll tell me what you're getting the men in your family for Christmas, I'll put your name in a drawing for your pick of any of my books, backlist or current release. Excluding (grin) Bachelor Party. This was my very first book---a Precious Gem and I only have a few copies that I'm keeping. But all the others are fair game. So go for it! Has the man in your life been naughty? (Did you chuckle?) Or nice?

The rules and hints:
The gift has to be less than $100 so you can't say a sports car.
Both my guys have a good sense of humor
They're also competitive
I'll pick three winners and announce it tomorrow morning so you have all day.

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Best Wishes For A Happy Season!
Karen Kelley


Nicole said...

I'm getting my husband some humor books I picked up at barnes and Noble yesterday. And most likely some Leslie Nielsen movies.

We're not going expensive this year at all. And we tend to buy the bigger stuff together anyways.

Karen Kelley said...

Great ideas, Nicole. I think humor books are the only kind my husband does read--besides mine *grin*.
The movies are another great idea!
Thanks Bunches and I'll put you in the drawing!

Judy F said...

wellllll since the only man in my life is Sammy and he is a cat. I think a couple of toys are in order. He has been a blessing this past year.

My dad is 80 so he is getting a gift card to Target. He loves that place.

Karen Kelley said...

Judy F----Fantastic! I love the thought of toys! Okay, when I saw toys I have to admit my mind went into a nosedive right into the gutter. But then I thought....hmmmm

I send my father-in-law money for Christmas and this year I sent him a copy of Temperature's Rising since I had a dedication to him in it. Gosh, I hope he doesn't read the book!!! Nah, I should be safe. He doesn't read much.

Your name is added to the drawing!

Jennifer Y. said...

The only man in my life that I am buying for is my dad...I am getting my dad a classic car calender because he loves old cars and a new belt because he needs one. My gifts are kind of boring this year...last year though I gave him a radio/CD/Cassette/Record player that looked like an old timey radio. It was nice.

Jennifer Y. said...

Oh and just so you know...the radio was on sale when I bought for under $ was a great deal!

Cryna said...

The man in my life is my 83 year old father. I am planning on getting him a DVD player (for about $40) since it is getting harder and harder to get VHS movies.

Last week there was a radio contest on for gift cards of $100 for gas. The winner got one for themselves and one to give to someone else. I gave the extra one away to my Dad, since it is him that always seems to ride to my rescue.


Michelle B said...

The only man in my life is my dad and as I've mentioned previously, he's pretty much impossible! He had asked me if Batman Begins was out (he planned to rent it but has been sick and out of town since then and hasn't had a chance) so I ended up buying him that DVD along with Star Wars Episode III. I just pray he won't buy them for himself before Christmas (something he has done before)! I also got both of my parents a gift card for dinner at one of their favorite restaurants.

Of course, last Friday when I talked to him, he had finally decided on what he wanted: some shirts from L.L. Bean...ARGH! But my mom can get him those I guess. And did I mention that the last time he asked for shirts from L.L. Bean, I found them a year later (while looking for something else) un-opened? Double ARGH!

Oh well...


Lisa F. said...

My DH has been nicely naughty! We just put new flooring in our greatroom so that's our Christmas to each other. I've picked him up some clothes, fishing tackle, a really cute placque for our lake house that says, "A Great Fisherman Lives Here With The Best Catch of His Life", and some other odds and ends.

Sheila said...

Since the only men in my life right now are my brothers. :) I got both of them clothes and movies. lol It is hard to get what they want and I found out clothes is the best bet so they don't fight over each other gifts. lol You would think that both being in their 30s would mature them on gifts. Nope, my mom still gets them the same gifts and has since when they were toddlers. :)

snowflake said...

A computer simulation game for my brother and a DVD of Spaceballs (spoofs Star Wars and other sci fi movies) for my father.

Cindy said...

My DH recently got a new truck and since his last truck only had a tape player, he never bought CD's.

Well, the new truck has ONLY a CD player. So I bought him some CD's (greatest hits of the bands he likes..mostly 80's stuff) from an online music club.

He's also a smoker and while in town today I found a Larry the Cable Guy cigarette lighter. When you open it, it says "GIT-R-DONE". lolol


Karen said...

Hubby is getting the new Tivo box that also records DVDs. Since I also prepaid a year service on it, it doesn't come in under $100...

Son is getting a portable DVD player. Walmart had them on sale during their lunatics after thanksgiving sale, and I actually got both kids one - they'll have to find something new to fight about. Which shouldn't be hard for them :)

Karen Kelley said...

My mother got my dad a replica of an old pickup he used to have. I think that was the best present he ever got. He absolutely loved it. Thanks for the nice memory you gave me!
And your name is added to my list!

Karen Kelley said...

Ahhh, that's soooo sweet of you about the gasoline!
When my dad passed away I inherited all his VCR westerns he'd taped. The old B westerns with Lash Larue and Tim Holt, Gabby Hayes and Gene Autry. After he'd been gone 6 years I finally let go of them and donated them to different nursing homes and other places.
The DVD player is a nice idea.

Karen Kelley said...

Michelle b,
I had thought about getting my husband The 40 Year Old Virgin. I've heard that it's pretty funny. Great idea for the movie!
Unfortunately, my hubby is the same way about shirts and my son is sooooo picky. And they say women are hard to buy for---yeah, right!

Karen Kelley said...

Lisa f,
LOL! That's the best kind of husband to have! I want new flooring soooo bad! I swore I'm going to paint my kitchen linoleum if I don't get a new floor. Yes, it looks that bad! We have to go through one more "leveling" on our house. Bad thing about living in Texas---houses tend to shift. Peel and stick linoleum isn't a good idea here! LOL!
My husband loves to fish, too. Good idea on fishing gear!

Karen Kelley said...

LOL! Every year I get my son a box of chocolate covered cherries. It's so silly, but it's become a tradition that I do every year and I think he might be hurt if I stopped. Besides, he's learned to share :)
I'd almost forgotten that I need to buy some this year.
Thanks for the reminder!

Karen Kelley said...

Jenny (gryffindor),
Ohhhhhh, great idea on the computer game. He loves to play computer games.

Karen Kelley said...

You sound like you're from the south! I bought my editor a lighter for Christmas with a funny saying on it.
Hits from the 60's would be cool (our era). Great idea!

Karen Kelley said...

Yep, I was out on Black Friday, too. My husband and I were out the door by 4:30am. It's one of our traditions and we love it!
We bought a DVD recorder but haven't hooked it up yet. Great idea, though!

Nichole said...

I'm buying my father a Dale Earnhardt clock that talks like a race announcer. He loves that kind of stuff and I'm getting my brother a collection of Goosebumps DVDs since he loves the books.

Jamie K said...

My husband loves Calvin & Hobbes cartoon books, those are always good for a laugh. I also got him a Spud Trooper Mr. Potato Head as a fun gift. I also found a t-shirt for him that says "Sharp as a marble" that just seems appropriate lately. Hope you have fun shopping! As of tonight, I am all done. Yay!

Karen Kelley said...

Those sound like really cool gifts! Maybe a watch for Hubby??? Hadn't thought of that.

Erin the Innocent(yadda) said...

I'm getting one of my brothers in law a Superman t-shirt and a miniature remote control car :)They costed about $25 each.

Erin the Innocent said...

I can't believe I typed the word costed *shakes head at self* I'm so ashamed!

Erin the Innocent (and oh so blonde)

Jodi said...

I bought my DH a stand for holding wood while he's using his table saw. I also got him a water globe of the Ohio State University campus. And, an indoor thermometer that also shows outdoor weather conditions. He would like to have a flashlight that doesn't use batteries, but haven't found one where I live yet.

Karen Kelley said...

Jamie K,
I got my husband a T-shirt once that had a picture of a skull and beneath it said Extreme Makeover.
I'm not sure he wouldn't get addicted to playing with a Mr. Potato Head! LOL! Okay, just kidding. The Calvin and Hobbs books are a great idea, too!

Karen Kelley said...

You should see some of the things I've typed! Did I mention I just sent in my Copy Edits? Ugh!
Superman T-shirt. Hmmmm..... I think I like that idea. For the hubby, that is. I could be his Lois Lane. LOL!

Karen Kelley said...

I thought about getting my hubby a table saw, but then I'd have to get it into the house. I still might do that. Decisions, decisions, decisions! LOL!