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Monday, December 19, 2005

Hello ladies... and Chad and Mark!

Today is my blog day, and as I promised this morning... here it is... a bit late, but better late than never - right??

I had to do major grocery shopping this morning (A madhouse!!). And since dh is out of town, I had to lug it all in and put it all away myself. I'm such a whiner. :)

Our younger daughter, Anna, is coming home tomorrow along with her hubby, Chris. They celebrated their first wedding anniversary yesterday. They'll arrive in time for dinner and will stay until about 8PM on Thursday. Then they go to his parents' house until Saturday evening. They'll be at their own apartment Saturday night, and then we we'll see them again Sunday for lunch at my mom's in Chattanooga.

Our older daughter is 8 months pregnant and has flatly refused to do anything but stay home, which we all understand. We'll be opening presents with them sometime from the 25th to the 27th... still fine tuning that.

Anna and Chris have requested roast and mashed potatoes tomorrow night. Plus my grandmother's "flop-over" rolls. The rolls are labor intensive, but so wonderful. The house smells amazing when they are cooking.

I also have to make dough for "cut out" Christmas cookies. That is one of those Christmas traditions that no one wants to give up! We'll play Rook after dinner... Chris used to be a newbie, but he has played with us enough now that we are all pretty cut-throat. Ha!

All my shopping and wrapping has been done for awhile, but I have to go out tomorrow and pick up one last gift. We have a stained glass shop near where we live, and every time we go by, my hubby says, "I'd love to have one of those." Our house is old and has big windows, and in his office, he hangs all sorts of pretty colored glass. In mid-November, I went to the shop and talked to the guy. He is making a stained glass piece approximately 10 x 12 inches that will include mountains, sky, a waterfall, maybe a bird or two, etc. I hope it turns out well... this is the only surprise I have for Charlie... his other stuff is practical... either that or books which he asked for.

The picture at the top of this post is our sweet Anastasia! The coat is one of her Christmas presents from Nana and Granddaddy. We gave it to her early so she could begin wearing it. The photo is from last Sunday en route to church.

Well, I need to get back to the kitchen. Looks like there's no hope of a white Christmas for us. Supposed to be in the 50's Saturday and Sunday. Oh well, that will make travel easier.

I hope everyone is having a good week. More later...



Jodi said...

You're going to be busy for the next week!
I hope the stained glass turns out great. I hope you can get a picture of it and post for all of us to see.
We will go to my in-laws Christmas Eve, but they are only a couple of blocks away. Then, on Christmas day, we'll go to my parents who are only a couple of miles away.

Janice Maynard said...

I don't mind the traveling at Christmas, but I wish an elf would magically pack and unpack for me!

Someday down the road when Charles' parents and my mom have passed on, I'm sure we will have CHristmas at our house... but I think that is some time away... so for now, we hit the road, and that's okay, 'cause we are able-bodied and well-used to driving!!

Cryna said...

It is a good thing that you don't mind the travelling, but even without the travelling it looks like you have a busy time of it coming.

I hope that all goes well for you, and I will be having my parents over for a dinner on Thursday, for their anniversary, and again on Christmas. My kids are no longer in town or within easy reach so we will just be talking on the phone.

I think I have it all covered, I sure hope so because I do not want to have to brave the stores.


Janice Maynard said...

Cryna - Do you have to cook certain special dishes, or just whatever takes your fancy?

Lisa F. said...

Merry Christmas, Janice! Your love for your family really shows in your post.

We normally spend Christmas at Mama's but since Dad passed away in May, Mama has not put out any decorations. She'll spend Christmas day at our house and my brother and his family will come over late Sunday. So no travelling for us.

Stay safe!

Stacy ~ said...

Anastasia is darling, and I love the stained glass idea for your dh - I hope it turns out the way you imagined it would. I spend the holidays with friends (my parents live in northern Minnesota and when I'm there longer than I day, I feel like I'm living the movie "The Shining"). I brings gifts for the kids and usually wine and dessert - easy stuff. I'm working Christmas Eve but then I have Sunday & Monday to celebrate. I'm looking forward to it.

snowflake said...

Anastasia looks so pretty in the coat - great choice. Your dh is going to be delighted with your gift. I've never played Rook before but it sounds wicked. I wish you and yours the merriest of Christmas and Happy New Year.

Judy F said...

Janice what a great picture of you two...Sounds like you have a busy week. I still need to wrap things. Seems like Christmas is back on for my family. Its been a tough year for us with pets. Merry Christmas...

Janice Maynard said...

Judy - I'm glad Christmas is "back on"! I hope your dad will cheer up a bit when the festivities get under way.

Jamie said...

Janice, have a wonderful time with your family. What great plans you have. Thanks for sharing the picture. What a doll. I'd be happy to send some of our snow your way. We've got more than enough. Have a great Christmas!

Amy S. said...

Anastasia is so cute. Very pretty name. Merry Christmas!!!