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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Naughty or Nice.... CONTEST

Having a contest....a Christmas one.

Just how well do you know my books...or maybe I should say the way my mind works?

Let's have a contest to find out. Throughout the month of December, I'm holding a contest. If you win, you will win one of two prizes, Christmas Stockings... one with pressies for Nice Girls... and one with pressies for Naughty Girls. And yes, you can try for both, although I won't give two prizes to the same person. But entering both ups your odds of winning. However, you CANNOT enter more than once. I'll be watching the entries and if you enter more than once, your entries are disqualified. Have to be fair.

you can visit my website to skim my titles~

For the Nice Girl contest~

Who is the ultimate nice girl from the books I've written? Yes...I do have a particular person in mind. She's a heroine, not a secondary character. And I'll even give you one more hint... she is NOT from an EC book.

To enter your guess, send an email here.

For the Naughty Girl contest~

Who is the ultimate naughty girl from the books I've written? And again... you have to guess the right one. She's a heroine, not a secondary character. And this heroine IS from an EC book.

To enter your guess, send an email here.

**You MUST send separate emails for each guess. Please don't send one email with both guesses inside. **

In early January, I'll draw a winner from each one, a Naughty Girl and a Nice Girl. The prizes in the Naughty Girl stocking will be something fit for a naughty girl...not telling what! And the Nice Girl contest will be prizes fit for a Nice Girl.

Good luck and have a Merry Christmas!

Note:... I used the cover for Christmas Cara, but that isn't by any means a hint. Cara is probably too sweet to be the naughty girl and she can't be the nice girl either, since I already gave a hint that it wasn't an EC book.


Jamie K said...

Shi, your contest sounds like a lot of fun, but I'm just starting to read your books, so I don't think I know enough of the heroines to know which was the naughtiest and which was the nicest. I'm looking forward to reading the books to find out though!


Cryna said...

Shi I was over to your website and checked out your contest, it sounds really good, but since I have not read any of your books yet, I would not be able to give you any fair answers.


Stacy ~ said...

Fun contest, and hopefully I'll be in the running. I've read most of your books, though only 2 non-EC books, so I can't wait to find out if I'm anywhere close to being right.

Niny said...

This contest sound like a lot of fun, but I've only read a few of your books guess I'll have to do my homework and catch up on some reading! LOL I have a couple on my TBR and most of them on my TBB list but have to take it easy on that or I'll be in trouble! LOL