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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What was I thinking????

Stop the world and let me off!!!! It's spinning around and around and I'm getting dizzy! LOL Have you ever been so busy that you met yourself going around a corner? It feels like that sometimes.

But it's been such a fun month! And it's barely started!!! I love when I have a new book coming out.

I'm chatting at Romance By The Blog tomorrow ( ). If you have time, stop by and say hi. Then tomorrow night I'm chatting at Fallen Angels at 8pm central and Thursday the vamps and scamps will be at Writer Space chatting. I don't have the URL for that.

I broke down and went to the eye doctor. Never , ever pick out frames after the exam. My pupils were dilated to 10 times their normal size. I had to rely on Karl and the young girl to tell me they looked great. What was I thinking???? I mean really, Karl will go to town wearing paint splattered jeans and his favorite shirt used to read: If I throw a stick will you go away? It's so old the letters are faded. When I mention this fact, he sniffs and tells me it smells okay. Sheesh!

I'm almost afraid to go pick up my glasses when they come in.

So, have you ever asked your husband/boyfriend for advice and then realized it wasn't the wisest thing to do? LOL I can't wait to read your answers!
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Anonymous said...

Actually, as far as picking my clothes... or new glasses :)... I really do trust my boyfriends advice. He's really good at things like that, that sometimes it's scary, lol. Trust me, it's better asking him than relying on my poor vision sometimes, lol

Karen Kelley said...

LOL Ali, I know what you mean about the poor vision! Maybe it is better that he gives an opinion!

Barb V. said...

This is a bit off topic, but still under the category of "what was he thinking." Some of you know about my bilateral wrist fractures. Dh took a picture of me one day post hospital stay, just to have a record -- I thought. A few days after the picture came back, I started getting cards and food packages from neighbors. When I commented on this, he fessed up that he had been carrying the photo around with him and showing anyone who asked where I was. And of course, it was soooo flattering.

As far as new glasses, I have not fared well going with someone else's opinion. I now go in a few days before the exam and pick out what I want. It works out pretty well.

Jodi said...

Actually, I rely on my husband's advice a lot. My sister always tells me that if I'm going to go colthes shopping to make sure he comes with me!
I was supposed to have my eye exam today. Of course, it was out of town and I left early to do some shopping. I wasn't too happy when my husband call me and said that the appointment was cancelled because the doctor was sick! Ugh! I can't get back in there until the 17th and I am now out of contacts. So, I'm trying to get in somewhere else fast!

Cryna said...

I usually relied on my husband's opinion when he was alive, and now always take my Mom with me when I go shopping, because I know I will get an honest opinion from her (might now always like it, but it is honest.......LOL)