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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Interview with Lynn Viehl coming up!

Folks, I'm trying really hard not to do a fan-girl squee here. I don't do fan-girl, and I certainly don't squee. However, there are two authors who could bring me to such actions...and one of them is Lynn Viehl. Oh, what's the point... let's get it over with.... SSSSQQQUUUUUEEEEE!!! There. It's out of my system. I'm better now.

Ahem. As I was saying, one of the authors is Lynn Viehl, aka SL Viehl, aka PBW. I've only mentioned PBW on the blog in, oh say.... ten, maybe twenty, no more than thirty posts, I promise. SQE--oops. Sorry. I can't help it. I just love her books. I was saying, I've mentioned her here before and I finally decided to ask if she'd do an interview. She said Yes. (Color me happy, here) Annnnndddd.... she's doing contests. We'll be doing it one day next week so for those who aren't hitting RT, don't worry. There's going to be something going on here, cuz I'm not going. It's hard to juggle a weeklong trip when you have an infant and two young kids. Too expensive for all of us, and I won't leave my family for that long.

Then there was also the issue of I didn't know if I'd meet my deadline. (I did, yes! Hey, I think I deserve a prize for not just meeting, but beating the deadline) Stop laughing. Those of you who know me know that there's little I won't use to try and weasle my way into getting books early.

I'll post ahead of time when we'll be doing the interview, but it will be next week. For paranormal and romance readers, she's got an excellent vampire series, the Darkyn books. Sci fi readers, (and yes, romance readers would love it too) she has the Stardoc books. And for aspiring authors, she's got excellent advice.

Congrats to PBW, by the way. (and me, cuz I get more books) She just sold two more Stardoc books. Making me, okay, so she didn't write them for me, but still... making me and others very very happy.


Stacy~ said...

Cool. I recently read Angels Burn and have the next 2 in my tbr pile.

Lisa F. said...

I've got her in my TBR pile, not sure which titles right now. When I get back home I'll dig them out and try to read at least one of them before next week.

danetteb said...

Lynn Viehl is an awesome writer,I've read all her Darkyn novels,I've still got to read her Stardoc novels I've got a couple in my TBR.Thanks Shi for getting her to V & S.