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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Teaching an old dog new tricks....

My husband and I were invited by some friends to go to a six week wine tasting class at a local college. I resisted at first thinking that it would be formal and stuffy but the thought of learning something new and interesting sold me in the end. To my delight the professor (who actually teaches math) comes in jeans and is a regular kind of guy even though he knows wine inside out. The class is something that I look forward to each week and I will be sad to have it come to an end. I've enjoyed it so much so that I'm seeking similar things to do. A local store called the Party Source teaches cooking classes and I'm thinking of signing up.

So my question to you is: what have you done lately to expand your horizons? Perhaps a cooking class... dancing, karate, horseback riding, sewing.... whatever? Do you have suggestions? I had forgotten how much fun it is to learn something new! Share your thoughts!


Billie Jo said...

Hey LuAnn,

I love to learn new things too. I just began my Line Dancing Lessons again. So that I will be ready for June. I also signed up for Belly Dancing classes and LOVE it.

Next on my list is to take a bakery class. I already do some fun birthday cakes for my kids. But I am hoping I can learn something that will help me take less time doing them. The last cake I did took me 4 hours to ice.

And then I am sure I will be on to something new.

Billie Jo

Jodi said...

I'm planning on starting Taekwondo classes. It's already paid for, but I just have to find the time. You see, I work nights and that's when the classes are held. Hubby also wants to start. So, I'm thinking of working 2 nights so I can go to classes 2 nights and then he go to classes the other 2 nights. We just have to figure it out because I really want to get started!
I would love to take some kind of baking/cooking class, but I haven't found any offered in my small town!

Joni said...

I suggested to hubby that we take some ballroom dance lessons as I've always wanted to do this because I've gotten tired of dancing the same ol couple's dance I taught him years ago that he was able to master. And I got tired of being the one leading...hehehe. I can't believe he actually has agreed to do this...if I'd suggested it to him just a few short years ago he would have said, "No way!" hahaha. We've penciled in Sept as we've already got our summer schedule booked..LOL

Michelle B said...

I haven't been too good at this since coming back to grad school, but I took a lot of fun classes when I worked before. When I lived in Dallas and didn't know anyone, I took a photography class, ice skating lessons, and then a kick boxing class at a gym all within 7 months lol. I miss that kickboxing class. It was the best one ever-- a good mix of technique and aerobics!

After I moved back to Southern Cali, I still took some fun classes like guitar and Spanish, but I didn't have quite as much time.

My mom taught me how to decorate cakes when I was younger, but I'd like to try a formal cake decorating class at some point. I'd also like to try a ceramics/pottery (using the wheel) class. I took one as a kid, but I'd like to take one as an adult. Hopefully once I get a steady job, I'll have some money to spare for one or both of these:)

Joni, I think you'll really like the ballroom dancing. I was lucky enough to take one in college and I had a blast. My favorite dance is the polka!


Shiloh Walker said...

I love tae kwon do. I started it because it seemed to ahh... hmmm... it seemed to suit my aggressive nature. ;)

I stayed in it for the same reason. and it's fun.

I want to take some photography courses, but that will have to wait a little while

Jana said...

Almost 3 years ago I took a class to become sertified to do shair massage. I've always loved giving back rubs but basically did it on my own, reading what I could, trial & error. I loved the class & now I have a little side business that gives me some spending money! And I know that when I'm done, someone feels better than when I started.