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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


As an author, I enjoy having contests as my way of giving something back to readers, but I also like having them because they're fun. I swear I could've been a professional shopper! I love hunting for bargains and getting stuff on sale. And too, I feel like I'm getting to connect with readers.

I'm curious. What do readers think of contests? What would you rather get if you won a contest: a book or books, gift cards, bling-bling or something else?

Do you enter contests?

Tell me about your favorite contest win or if you've never won a contest in your life.

Karen Kelley
09/06 Texas Bad Boys/Brava


emma said...

Hi Karen.............i like to enter contests, mainly to see if i can get the answer correct!............i have won a couple of ebooks and some magnets and bookmarks..............
i don't win often but every now and then.............i'm suprised when i do!
it's not the prizes so much as trying to get my "little gray cells" working for the prizes themsevles i must admit i'd rather paperback books!!..........not owning a computer it takes forever to read ebooks!!!!!!!!!!Emma

Shiloh Walker said...

bling bling... hey if you're giving away shiny stuff, can i win?

i like shiny stuff.


personally, I love gift certificates. :OP

Billie Jo said...

Hi Karen,

I used to enter contests, but find that time is lacking now with the little ones.

I prefer to win books. In fact the last contest I won...was yours - LOL!

Billie Jo

Nicole said...

Books are my favorite! Then gift cards.

I like entering contests. Lots of times it allows me to try out a new author that I might have hesitated to buy.

Dannyfiredragon said...

Hi Karen,

I really like to enter contest, especially scavenger hunts.

My favorites prizes are books, but I also love gift certificates.

I discovered many new authors as a result of contest winnings and I use the gift certificates to buy books that aren't available here in Germany. Unfortunately the number of those is growing.

Barbara-PF said...

Hi Karen--

I am a contest junkey and love to enter them.

I like to win books, gift certificates are great too. My fav of those was Starbucks and Barnes and Noble.

I really like the conests where the prize has something to do with the book. A few examples of this are an Arizona author's book featured this candy made in AZ made from cactus and that was included in her prize (didn't win that one but I thought it was clever) An Indiana author gave away her latest book and this cool piece of pottery made in Indiana and featured in that book..I did win that one. I know of one author who gives away purses because she collects them and likes looking for cool ones for her readers.

Also remember if you give away book to be sure and sign them...surprisingly some authors forget that.

I also like it when my package has a little added surprise in it a book excerpt, book mark or pen or whatever.

Jennifer Y. said...

I love contests. I like winning books and gift cards and have been fortunate to win a few including one from you. I have discovered several new-to-me author through various contests. It wasn't my last win, but one of my favorites was a win from one of your contests on your yahoo group. I won copies of Southern Comfort and Southern Exposure, a gift card, Bath and Body Works stuff, and a few other things. I really appreciate each thing I win.

Cryna said...

I love to enter contests. I have been lucky enough to win some of them - most recently your contest.

I like to get books as prizes, because it is a way of discovering new authors, which I have been lucky enough to do. I also like to gift certificates and prizes that the author has made available that pertain to different things.

I guess when it comes right down to it, I appreciate anything that I win from the authors. And even if I don't win, it is fun to try and come up with the answers.

Jodi said...

I love to enter contests! As others have said, I will confess that I am somewhat of a contest addict! I find that winning books is a great way to try an author that I haven't read before. I've won books, bath products, and a tote created by SLC.

Judy F said...

I love to enter contests. Haven't had a chance this month but I know I will get back in the swing of things soon. I love winning books, gift cards and fun stuff too. It really gets me to try new authors and it helps with the book budget too

Karen Kelley said...

Thanks for all the feedback. Y'all have been really great today. You'll be happy to know I'll be doing contests in May, June and July at Fresh Fiction and for my newsletter group to celebrate the release of Hell On Wheels.

Some of the things I'll be giving away over the three months will be gift certificates, books, a stars and stripes bag, Bath&Body Works, a kitty cat photo holder, and a 1/4 carat diamond and sterling silver braclet. I think I have everyone's favorite prize on my list!

Michelle B said...

I love winning stuff period:) It's always such a rush no matter how big or small the prize! If I had a choice, gift cards or books would be high on the list...


snowflake said...

I like to enter contests but I prefer ones that don't take too much time. The prizes that I most like to win are free books and gift certificates to bookstores. Bling bling would depend because some contain nickel to which I am allergic.

Amy S. said...

I love entering contests. My favorite are paperback books and gift cards. Chocolate is good to win too. I gotten some books from entering contests that I couldn't find in my town because there is no book store. Only walmart.

Cindy said...

I love contests too. :D

I love books as prizes, but really, any prize is a good one, imo. I'm easy to please. ;o)


Bookstoredeb said...

Contests are great! Love them but I am usually so short on time and energy, I don't usually have time to do the ones that you have to read and answers questions to. It's not that I don't want to read about the books, I do. If I didn't like the author or wasn't interested in the book I wouldn't be there to start with. But truthfully, I rarely have time to explore things like I want.

I have won a couple of books, which was great, especially signied ones. As far as other goodies, I'm not particular. I especially love promo stuff, like coffee cups, shirts, etc for that particular book or author. Just makes it that much more special.

Terri Lynn said...

I love to enter contests. I think maybe I've won one - a looong time ago. Don't even remember what it was. LOL. But I think the best thing to win is either books or gift cards, etc to book stores. Guess that's cause I'm a bookaholic. Nothing better than a nice steamy romance to curl up and read after a long day at work or on a Saturday morning before anyone else is awake. Paradise.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,
I enter the contest because they are such fun. I like the books as I can try a new author that I might not have tried beforE.
The craziest prize I have ever won was a pair of chocolate handcuffs.I stll have those cuffs.

Lee Anne