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Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Land of Tinkerbelle

Okay...maybe I'm the only person in the world who doesn't like Disneyland, but I'm glad we've done our obligatory trip for the kids and I'm never going back. It wasn't awful, it was just boring and annoying. The Disney magic was there and I liked it, but I don't like standing in line for every little thing from the bathroom to gettting a table to eat and the stores were all stocked with the same stuff and there were lots and lots of people everywhere. The kids did enjoy it and that's what matters. At least the girls did. My son's not into rides, so he was happy to go to hobby shops with his dad one day when my b-i-l took my oldest daughter with him and I stayed at the hotel with my daughter who was sick.

Sea World is another thing entirely. I love it and frankly, I could spend a week in San Diego and still want more time for museums, etc. when I leave. My eldest sister and her family love Disneyland and so do my daughters. That's cool. We're just different.

I'm a museum and art gallery nut and my dh and I and our kids (when they were little) loved D.C. so much we went twice even though it's a cross country flight. We also love foreign travel...usually. And the kids have seen parts of the world I only dreamed of when I was young. How about you, are you a Disneyland lover? Have you had a vacation that everyone else says is the "cat's meow" but does very little for you? Have you ever loved something everyone else thinks is boring?



Joni said...

I've never been to Disneyland, but have visited Disney World in Orlando. I can only suggest you not go there in the early summer or fall or you end up in long lines as you said you were caught up in at Disneyland. It's nice that you can skip the Magic Kingdom and go to Epcot Center -love all the international food places or Animal Kingdom, the kids loved that...Magic Kingdom is just hype, and the kids didn't like most of the rides there and hated they couldn't climb to the top of the "castle", they did however like The Haunted House! But for the most part, they prefer going to amusement parks such as Paramount's Kings Island or Kings Dominion nearer to us or Hershey Park - who wouldn't love Hershey Park with all that deep, rich chocolate? hahaha. But the one thing that I love that everyone else in my family finds boring is my love of romance books. I have hoardes of them and they can't seem to find the fascination in them as I do. Guess I need to instill more romantism into their lives, but I'll wait until they're much older. Hubby likes the benefits he receives from my reading them and from time to time my written scenes I have written so far in notebooks, but to read them as avidly as I do he says he'll pass! hahaha

Michelle B said...

Well, I do like Disneyland, but I agree about not liking the crowds and the lines. My junior high made a yearly trip up to DLand every MLK Day and the 2 years I went, there were nooooo lines. It was amazing! On one trip, I rode Space Mountain 6 times lol. It was great. I haven't been back much in recent years, but I go periodically. I did visit the new California Adventure park which is somewhat different. It's more of a carnival/boardwalk type atmosphere and somewhat more "grown up." They even have a wine tasting place though I've not tried that. I love rollercoasters and the one there has a loop! Oh, and I saw Blast! there and fell in love (I saw it twice while it was there). It was an abbreviated version of the Broadway show. I now own the CD soundtrack and the DVD, but the live in person show cannot be topped.

I also saw one of my favorite concerts *ever* at California Adventure: The Village People! It was wonderful:) I love disco music:D A few years ago, they had a whole summer concert series and I had a season pass that year.

Anyway, my only other Disney experience was Euro Disney. I went in 1994 as a senior in high school with my show choir and man talk about no crowds! It was really sad because they built in the capacity for huge lines and no one was there. I really enjoyed it though. They had an Indiana Jones ride (before the one at DLand here) that did a loop!

And as for San Diego, don't get me started. I grew up there and love it! It is still the place I consider home. I would love to settle there if I can find a job there.

Ok, I've rambled on way too much, so I'll stop...for now:P


Alyssa said...

I've been to Disneyland twice, both times in high school. I didn't really get a chance to explore it very much, but I haven't felt a driving need to return.

(Don't tell my coworker. She'd say that's blasphemy. LOL!)

Jodi said...

IMO, Disneyland and Disney World are okay places. But, it's not some place that I have a desire to go to all of the time. I haven't been to Disneyland in years. We are thinking of going in the next couple of years to take our daughters, but they are still too young IMO!
Now, an assistant that I had an old job loved Disneyland. Her and her family purcahse Annual Passes would go 3-4 times a year.
We are hoping to go to Sea World this year. We went to the Wild Animal Park last year. I actually have the chance to go to the San Diego Zoo on Wednesday with my sister, but not sure that I will make it.

Dannyfiredragon said...

I have to confess I love Disney. I have been to Disney World and Disneyland Paris so far.
For me it's a great way to relax, because as soon go to through the entrance you dive into a fantasy world and you forget all your problems.

Two other of my favorite amusement parks are Sea World and Busch Gardens.

Karen Kelley said...

I love Disneyland! I've only been a few times. My ideal vacation: the whole family and Disney World. We've even talked about it. Our daughter and son-in-law took their honeymoon at Disneyworld--LOL.

Patti said...

I've been to both Disney World and Disneyland and I have to agree with Lucy. I enjoyed both the Universal Studios tour and Sea World when I was in California. I also agree the long lines at Disneyland are stifling. We had a little boy with us and he got tired and cranky from all the waiting around. Same thing when we wanted to had to stand in line and wait. Sometimes when you're hungry or thirsty that's too long.

Cryna said...

I have been to Disneyland once. We took our kids there one year for Christmas Break. I have to agree with Lucy I did not like the long lineups, for everything. I am not a ride person, although I did do a few of the things with everyone, but I so enjoyed Universal Studios much better. I have really no desire to go back to Disneyland.

Stacy~ said...

I've been to Disneyland twice, once when I was 16 and again when I was in my late 20's. I enjoyed it, especially the Indiana Jones' ride, and the fact we went during Christmas time and there was the fake snow - pretty for this midwesterner to be going w/o a jacket in December, but I hate crowds and standing in lines.

I love anything with animals though(except for the zoo smell) and one of my faves was swimming in Dolphin Cove in Jamaica.

I like the kiddie rides more than the roller coasters and crazy, spinning rides.

Lucy Monroe said...

Well...the rest of my family would be majorly proud of you all who love Disney. :) They understand...or at least idiosyncracies, but they are big fans of Tink's world. LOL

As for Universal Studios? I definitely want to go back there. Both dh and I said we would love another couple of days to spend there. The attractions were so cool and the gift shops had really unique stuff in them. You could even buy movie props. Too fun!

Next year, we're planning a couple of weeks in China, but I'd like to go back to San Diego too...and then there's the cruise thing...LOL I really like to travel. It's almost as addictive as writing and reading romance!


Shiloh Walker said...

Lucy, LuAnn might string you up for this. She adores Tinkerbell.

I haven't taken the kids yet... can't wait too, though.

snowflake said...

I've never been to Disneyland and don't really have the desire to go.

Many people rave about cruises but I find them quite boring after the first day or so. A lot people like to go to zoos when they're on vacation but not me.

Lucy Monroe said...

LOL...Shi, I love Tink too, just not Disneyland. :)

Jennybrat...we enjoyed our cruise, but I felt guilt being so pampered after discovering the employees who do the pampering work 9 months straight with no break. And I've got a really hysterical story about our debarcation. I'll tell it another time. ;)