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Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Land of Tinkerbelle

Okay...maybe I'm the only person in the world who doesn't like Disneyland, but I'm glad we've done our obligatory trip for the kids and I'm never going back. It wasn't awful, it was just boring and annoying. The Disney magic was there and I liked it, but I don't like standing in line for every little thing from the bathroom to gettting a table to eat and the stores were all stocked with the same stuff and there were lots and lots of people everywhere. The kids did enjoy it and that's what matters. At least the girls did. My son's not into rides, so he was happy to go to hobby shops with his dad one day when my b-i-l took my oldest daughter with him and I stayed at the hotel with my daughter who was sick.

Sea World is another thing entirely. I love it and frankly, I could spend a week in San Diego and still want more time for museums, etc. when I leave. My eldest sister and her family love Disneyland and so do my daughters. That's cool. We're just different.

I'm a museum and art gallery nut and my dh and I and our kids (when they were little) loved D.C. so much we went twice even though it's a cross country flight. We also love foreign travel...usually. And the kids have seen parts of the world I only dreamed of when I was young. How about you, are you a Disneyland lover? Have you had a vacation that everyone else says is the "cat's meow" but does very little for you? Have you ever loved something everyone else thinks is boring?


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