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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Intriguing Books...

I love to read. Romance and non-fiction mostly, but I enjoy mystery, some sci fi and even a western or two on occasion. One of my favorite things about reading is how one book can lead to another. You know how it discover an author you just love and read her whole backlist. But that's just the beginning...reading one book leads to reading others in (for me anyway) much more surprising ways.

I remember reading my first Jayne Ann Krentz book because she had a cover quote on a book I loved. Yes, I came late to her party (only started reading her about 8 or 9 years ago), but I now have all of her books for all of her pseudonyms (except the McFaddens - I so cannot afford $300 to read a short contemporary) on my keeper shelves and most have been re-read at least a half a dozen times. I've since read other books *because* they had a cover quote by JAK. I "discovered" Lora Leigh in an anthology I bought for another author who was in it. Lora is now one of my ultimate favorite auto-buy-instant-read authors. I've found a surprising taste for entire subgenres because an author I loved writes for them. Who would have guessed I'd like vampires or m/m romance or cowboys? I wouldn't have...and wouldn't have picked up books with those elements except they were by authors I already loved and yep, a new love - this time for a type of book - was born.

In non-fiction, the same phenomenon happens to me, but for different reasons. I don't usually find an author I'll read everything they've written (though there are a few), but I do discover new books to read because they are mentioned in a way that makes me want to do so in the current text. It's pretty cool. Inspiring even. That's how I discovered, "The Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress" - a book about women warriors from 3,000 years ago who believed that their physical and mental strength was tied to their sexuality. Tell me that doesn't sound absolutely fascinating? It also gave me added dimension for the heroine in the current Brava I'm working on. It's all good.

I **LOVE** reading!!! :)

I know we share finds a lot, and we've talked about all-time-favorite books on here before, but what I'm wondering is if you've had a find that suprised you? Like me with the vampire books. What prompted you to read the book/s in the first place and what are they?


P.S. For anyone who might be interested...TAKE ME is in bookstores now!!! Yippee! I love this's my unashamed fave of the trilogy and one of my alltime personal faves period. And it received a 4.5 Stars Top Pick from RT. Made me grin for sure. :)


Brandy said...

I discoverd you by reading a Christmas anthology which led to other antholgies with you, which led to Ready and the rest is history! But a surprised find for me was the Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse books. I never liked vampire books until reading those.

Stacy~ said...

Hi Lucy! Miss ya. Hope everything is going great.

I never cared for vamps until I read Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunters, especially the earlier ones. They turned the cold, dead, creepy undead into sexy, hot-blooded alpha heroes. Gotta love that.

Another set of books I adore is Anne Bishop's Jewel trilogy. It got me more into the fantasy books, which I also never cared for...thought of it as more of a guy genre.

I never cared much for military romantic suspense until I picked up Suzanne Brockmann's SEALs (Team 10 and Team 16). She's one of the authors who owns me now LOL.

Cryna said...

I have discovered a whole wealth of excellent reading through the Scamps and Vamps loop and the recommendations that the girls have made. I find that I am slowly getting the back books of the Authors. Other than Dianne, you all were new for I am in reader heaven.......LOL

Cathy said...

Though I wasn't really a sci/fi lover, I discovered Esther Mitchell on a readers loop and got totally sucked into her world. she is one I now have on my auto buy list.

Lucy Monroe said...

Isn't it cool how word of mouth is still such a strong motivator for picking up books? And how many wonderful authors we find that way?

Lori said...

I was never a big fan of vampire books until I read LKH's Guilty Pleasures which hooked me from the start. Reading LKH lead me to do a search for other vampire novels which lead me to our very Shi and her amazing Hunters! I have been hooked ever since and I have a hard time passing them up. Reading Shi's books lead me to the Ellora's Cave website and reading of their titles. Quite frankly, I did not imagine myself reading this genre and I could not pass on these books now.
It can all start with just one recommended read from a customer at the bookstore I work at and now I am addicted!