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Thursday, August 23, 2007

why i'm glad life isn't like a romance book

Last week, Karen Scott had a post about how romances make our expectations unrealistic. (yes, there are still people out there harping on this...geex, they need to get a life.) You can read the post here, BUT... don't read it at work. Karen's blog could probably get you in trouble.

I like reading romance. Love it. But would I trade my life for the lives of a woman who lives between the pages of a book? Nope. Not a one. Not Cherijo (yeah, she is sci fi, but she's like my fave heroine so she's on the list) Not Eve (yes, ladies, I'd pass on a chance to be married to Roarke) not one of the ladies from the BDB books(JR Ward), even though I love to read them and not one of the ladies from the Irish Jewels trilogy, even though I would love to live in Ireland.

Why not, you ask?

Oh, lots of reasons. Here's a few

  • Cherijo is married to one heck of a guy but when she's ticked off or in danger, her husband can use his mind to control her body. That would seriously piss me off.
  • Eve is constantly getting all these gorgeous coats, only to get them ruined by blood, gore and grim.
  • I'd never been able to keep my Ben & Jerrys safe from the BDB books. They get hurt, they turn to ice cream to smear on the wounds. Sorry, that's a waste of good yumminess.
  • As much as I'd love to live in Ireland, I can't see me falling in love just to help some cursed fairie prince.

So that's from those books.

Some random ones....

  • How many romances heroines have either suffered a big trauma before the book starts or during the books as part of her 'dark moment'?
  • A lot of the men are written to almost to perfection. I don't want perfect. Would make me too aware of how unperfect I am.
  • I don't resolve issues well, or quick. Romances tend to have nice, neat resolutions.
  • Alpha men can be nice to read about but in real life, I'd kill them. I like my DH just fine. He's a mix of alpha and beta and I wouldn't take it any other way. Sorry, I don't see the typical alpha as the ultimate father, husband, etc.

Do I like romances? Yep. Do I want to live in one? Oh, hell no.


Patty L. said...

I agree. I love a good romance, but it's not really life. You never hear of the kids that interupt during intimiate moments, the hero is always gorgeous and what am I saying I do want to live in a romance novel. My sex life wouldn't have to wait till the kids are in bed, or outside and my husband would have more hair and weigh twenty pounds lighter. (Of course if life was a novel, I would be fifty pounds lighter and have long flowing hair.)

I reality is I wouldn't give up my wonderful dh or two amazing kids. My life is great and no romance novel is better than what I have.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I agree for the most part but...passing up a chance at Roarke? I'll have to think it over ;-)


Stacy~ said...

If life were that predictable I think it would be rather boring. Romances are fun for escaping into, but living one? I'm pretty happy with real life, thank you very much.