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Monday, August 27, 2007

Is it fall yet???

Okay - I admit it... I'm a wuss when it comes to hot weather. I have to slather on SPF 40, I hate to sweat, and my face turns an ugly tomato red when I have to be outside for any length of time. Now, if I could be at beach under a pretty striped umbrella with a breeze off the water and my favorite new book in my lap - well, then I could embrace the whole "hot as hell" idea.

But on my home turf, I'd just as soon not see the mercury hit 90+. My hometown is Chattanooga, and when I talked to my mom the other day, she said Chattanooga had set an "all-time" record of 105 degrees. It had never before ever been that hot in all the years of record keeping.

But enough is enough! The grass is brown. You can burn your hand just opening the metal storm door, and the neighbors' cats are drinking out of our bird baths and terrorizing the pretty finches. Sheesh!

It's so bad that I have almost given up dreaming about hunky heroes and started fantasizing about crisp October days and warm, wooly sweaters.

And by the way, If any of you EVER hear me complain this winter about how cold it is, just shoot me! I'd give my right arm just about now for a pretty six inch snow or even one of those dreary, rainy November days. I guess the grass IS always greener...

We've got some family plans for Labor Day and then it will be back into the writing trenches for me. I'm working on a fun new proposal which I hope will get a nibble of interest from somewhere! And then I have my next contracted book due November 30. And after that it will be Christmas!!

So there you have it, lots of whining from me even though (don't say it too loud) the temps today aren't supposed to get out of the eighties!!

Some of you know that I just got back from a family wedding in Orlando. We spent one day at the Magic Kingdom and despite being baked and wilted, had a great time. Because of my bum knee I had to wear my dorky white tennis shoes instead of my pretty red sandals, but I can only suffer for fashion to a degree. And at least my feet didn't hurt. Mickey is a great guy but a bit short for me. :)

Hope everyone has a great week... and please drop by to share your fantasies of fall with me. We can only dream...



Cryna said...

Hey Janice

I agree with you on the cooler temperatures, but I go more for the fall season, where it is cold at night, but warms up nicely during the day. We used to call it Indian Summer, but apparently that is not polically correct.....sheesh. I don't care for the winter because we get way too much snow and really cold.

Sorry about your knee, but glad you had a good time at Disneyworld. Yeah Mickey would have to be a little taller, to be a match......LOL.

Kelley Nyrae said...

This weather is killing me. I can't wait for it to cool off. The bad part of me is I live in Southern California so I won't get anything really cool. One can dream.

Janice Maynard said...

Cryna - Fall is absolutely my favorite time of year! I decorate with pumpkins and mums... and I love the anticipation of waiting for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

When the girls were still in high school, I loved going to football games...

And Kelley - I've always heard how beautiful it is in southern California, but I would miss my seasons, I think. I bet your winters are balmy and wonderful, though!


Judy F said...

Hey Janice. I hear you on these hot temps. We hit a coupld 100 plus last week. I am so tired of ac. I would just like to have a window open and feel a cool breeze.

Sorry your knee was bothering you.

Looks like you had a HOT date there

Anonymous said...

Fall temperatures, football games, hot soups with fresh baked bread. Maybe some hunky guy to put his arms around you as you sit at the football game..... fantasies, fantasies!!!

thanks for the cool thoughts, Chris

Brandy said...

I CAN NOT WAIT for FALL! it' too dang hot out and I want pretty leaves and cooler temps!

Janice Maynard said...

Judy, Chris, and Brandy... I wonder how long we'll have to wait for the first frost???

We can only dream...

And Judy - don't you be dissing my hot date. :)


Patty L. said...

When I think of fall, I dream of crisp mornings when I stand outside and watch my son playing in his Pop Warner football uniform. I image cozy afternoons, with my brothers and their families as our favorite football teams battle it out. (I'm a Cowboy fan, one brother an Eagles fan, the other a Giants fan and my hubby likes the yuck Redskins.) I image the annual Halloween party that my daughter has and the joy of scaring teenage boys until they scream like little girls. (That's one of my favorite things to do. Evil I know, but so funny.)

BTW sorry about your knee. I hope you get some relief soon.

Janice Maynard said...

Patty - That's so funny about scaring the boys! :)

I have some great memories of wonderful Halloween parties when I was a teen.

And I love those cozy afternoons!!


Anonymous said...

I think you and Mickey make a handsome couple!