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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Back to School

Thank God. Seriously. I need to get back to my routine. Today was the first day for my rottens to go back and any minute now, i'll find that illusive routine again.

So here's a totally off the wall question for you.

If you could have any power, (think super power) what would it be by and why?

Me, I'm trying to decide. I wouldn't want to see the future. I try not to worry about the future because that messes up today. Wouldn't want that. I don't want to live forever. Life wouldn't have the same beauty, IMO, if it was anything other than fleeting. We wouldn't be able to appreciate it. Wouldn't want to be a vampire. I'm a nurse, I know all about the things people do to their bodies and I couldn't move past it. Don't want to have magick or anything like that either.

I think I can honestly say that not only do I enjoy my life, I love it as it is. Changing me, or adding some weird power, would change things. I don't like change.

Going to get back to work now... my brain is dead for the heat so I dunno how much I'll get done.


Anonymous said...

I agree. I don't want any special powers, I like me the way I am (well minus fifty pounds). LOL
If I had one though it would be the ability to fly. Think of all the time we spend in traffic. We would have so much more time to do the things we really like, i.e. reading, writing, relaxing by the pool. It's 100 degrees here in Maryland the pool is the only escape.

Patty L.

ilona said...

If I had a power it would be to do the Ironing without having to lift the iron LOL
I hate ironing (and most houswork) so a power to do it by thought alone would be great - in the meantime I'll just let it pile up until the ple is too big to ignore :)

danetteb said...

I'd love the power to time travel, just to be able to think of a year and place one moment and be there the next would be fantastic.*g*

Stacy~ said...

I've always wanted to fly, too, though I'm afraid of heights - they make me dizzy. But to be able to travel to another country and not need to drive or take a plane sounds wonderful. Oh, and to be able to think of a cool outfit to wear (or a comfy one) that would automatically look great on me and then wham! the clothes are on my body in a split second. I want that power. I hate shopping.

Larissa Ione said...

Wow--your kids went back to school early!

Let's see...special powers...I think I'd like to be able to transport myself anywhere in seconds. Very handy, I'd think!

Judy F said...

hummmm... I think I would like to have the power to fly too. though I would like the power to speed myself up to clean. lol

Try to keep cool everyone.

QB said...

I wish I had the power to make wishes come true and the knowledge to use that power wisely.

There! That should cover just about everything, don't ya think? ;D