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Monday, August 13, 2007

48 Reasons to Read Today's Blog

Mornin' one and all - Hope your Monday is off to a decent start. Today's photo has no particular story behind it, just something to tickle your funny bone. My daughter took it when Anastasia and Ainsley were in the tub being silly.

I'm yawning today... hubby and I watched part of the Perseid meteor shower last night. We left the house around 11 and drove thirty minutes out in the country to a camp... very dark there - no streetlights. We saw 22 meteors in an hour and ten minutes. Pretty cool! Our favorite one was super bright and very slow as it arced across the sky.

But enough of that! Let's get to the reason you are reading this blog today. You know how car lots and furniture stores have big sales to "make room for new inventory"??? Well, lucky for you, my keeper shelf simply has to make room for more books. They are taking over my bedroom. So, even though it pains me deeply to part with these, I am having a contest to give one lucky person 48 trade size romances!!! Yep - You heard me... if I did the math right, that is over $672 worth of books. And they can all be yours!! Plus, these are some of my favorites, so there is not a dud in the bunch!

Here are the rules. 1) This is a snail mail contest. All entries will be mailed to Janice Maynard, P.O. Box 4611, Johnson City, TN, 37602. Your entry must include your name and address (info kept totally private by me). It must be postmarked by August 31st. I will announce the winner in my September 10 blog... and of course, I will notify the winner personally if you choose to include your e-mail in your entry.

One caveat - I almost always open my contests to everyone regardless of where they live, but this time I must limit it to the USA. This box will be very heavy, and I will send it via Media Mail which is not available for overseas purposes. Sorry...

How to enter... your completed entry will consist of a simple list of 11 books. First of all, list my 9 Janice Maynard titles, 8 of which can be found on my website. Do not include any foreign editions. The Christmas book only counts once, even though it came out in trade last Christmas and is being re-released in mass market in October. The ninth book is the new one coming out in January 2008 (not yet on my website). But if you go to, you can see that cover and title as the big profile picture.

The tenth and eleventh books are written by my alter ego ELizabeth Scott. Elizabeth does not have a website, but you can see those two titles at

Questions? I hope not!! But you can post them here if I have omitted any important details. I'm leaving Wednesday for a wedding in Florida, so I won't be able to answer questions after Tuesday afternoon. Hopefully, I have made this crystal clear, but you never know...

Now for the part you all want to know - the list of prize books. Here they are in no particular order... although they are more or less in order by copyright date, because - yes - I am that anal. :)

Behind Closed Doors

Wilde Thing

Standing in the Shadows

Bad Boys Online


Jingle Bell Rock

Bad Boys to Go

The Wilde Side

The Secret Life of Bryan

Perfect for the Beach

Bad Boys Next Exit

I Love Rogues

Smart Mouth


Drive Me Crazy

Southern Comfort

Houston, We Have a Problem

Merry Christmas, Baby

Bad Boys With Expensive Toys

Wicked Women 101

Mouth to Mouth

Just a Hint Clint

Star Qualtiy

The Bane Affair

The Shaughnessey Accord

The Samms Agenda

The Beach Alibi

The McKenzie Artifact

Hello, Gorgeous

Beach Blanket Bad Boys

A Date with the Other Side

Honk if You Love Real Men

Taking Care of Business

Return to Me

3 Brides for 3 Bad Boys

The Night Before Christmas

'Til There Was You

The Hard Stuff

Hot Spell

Valentine's Day is Killing Me


Wild Ride

When Good Things Happen to Bad Boys

Dead and Loving It

Bayou Bad Boys

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Sexy Beast

Her Best Friends' Lover

Good luck!

Janice Maynard


Kelley said...

Wow, Janice!! What a great contest. Those are wonderful books.

The picture is too cute BTW.

Janice Maynard said...

Hi! Kelley! I was over on my myspace pages just now and saw some nasty messages posted on the bulletin board! The icon looked like a regular author, so I added, but I have now deleted that "friend". Sheesh - I hate it when something like that slips through.


Hey - glad you like the picture.

Barb V. said...

Wow Janice! This is a great prize. There are only a couple titles that I don't already have, and you are so right about them all being keepers. Good luck to all who enter. Someone is going to be thrilled with their prize.

Love the picture of A & A. They are such cuties.

Kelley said...

I'm always worried about that when I add friends. It hasn't happened yet but there have been people I wondered about so I hit deny. I feel bad if they weren't like that though.

Diana said...

Absolutely adorable picture of the girls. The contest sounds great. :)

Judy F said...

wow Janice. I have a bunch of books I need to get rid of.

I had to block one person off my myspace. kept sending me stuff to make money daily...

Janice Maynard said...

Hey, BarbV, Diana and Judy! Feel free to enter even if you have duplicates... you could always give books to friends. :)

I have so many books I can't bear to part with... I know this will be painful, but I barely have time to read my new books! So this is my proactive attempt to make room in my house and my life!

Janice :)

Sue A. said...

Great contest!

But I'm sad to note US only - not available for overseas purposes - but Canada's not overseas!

Oh well, good luck everyone in the US!

Janice Maynard said...

Sue -

I went to the post office a while ago and asked if I could use Media Mail to Canada. The answer was "no". The cheapest alternative was $50-$60. Sorry...


Shiloh Walker said...

there used to be a mail option for international, that while pricey, wasn't totally awful, but the USPS did away with it.

I mailed one paperback to Australia a few weeks ago and it cost $18. for ONE book... oye.

I'm gonna check with UPS and DHL and see what they do.