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Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Texas Bad Boys are here!!!!!!!

It’s Texas and it’s Bad Boys and Rosemary, Karen and I had a blast putting them together!

After all these months of waiting, Texas Bad Boys is finally here!! Having a new book out is always a rush but when the book is an anthology with two of your best friends it’s all the more sweeeeeet!

In doing a connecting story like TBB you have to be really, really good friend or it’s hell! Too much planning, too much give and take. Trying to do this with a glory hound or prima princess would be torture. The only problem was trying to decipher Rosemary’s Brit comments. (Is Dicky Bird a good or a bad thing??? Still trying to figure that one out.)

In TBB since the stories are connected I had to write all the characters at the end to wind up the mystery. And, of course to make things even more fun, Rosemary’s character, Juliet, is a Brit. So now I have to write with a British accent… And again, when I’m writing this Rosemary is on holiday (see, I’m getting the hang of this) so I can’t even ask for help. Closest I could come was watching Parent Trap where one of the girls is from England. (they never said anything about a dicky bird).

Having Karen on board was really great because she’s from Texas so when we had a Texas questions, like where exactly in Texas is Silver Gulch and do cowboys really say howdy, we had a pro on board. Listening to Karen talk Texan on the phone put me in the mood to write Texan... (if it works for phone sex it can work for writing!)

And the icing on the cake was getting TBB on the cover of Romantic Times!!! I think the three of us had one giant heart attack over that one. 
What a great end to a totally fun project!

And to celebrate all this fun, Rosemary, Karen and I are having a big contest. (visit our websites. Links to the right of this post). The prizes are tote bags and books and baskets and a grand prize of an $100 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble!! Now that’s some serious book buying, partner.

The question for the blog is... Are you more likely to buy a book that is on the cover of RT???? We are totally curious!

So... Save a horse, ride a cowboy and come to Silver Gulch for some outrageous fun.

Ta-ta (thank you, Rosemary!)



Nicole said... be honest, no. But it does make me think about the book more. :-) It's mostly hearing buzz that makes me buy a book. Or the authors that are in it (some good ones here, though *g*) and the cover are what catch my eye.

I've only been subscribing to RT for a few months, so it doesn't have a whole lot of bearing on what I buy. More that it's just fun to read and learn more about books I may not have noticed.

Judy F said...

I am with Nicole. I do see what book or author is on the cover of rt and take it from there. now if its a book or an author I want to read or love then I will check out the article inside first. Sometimes I will check it out to see if its something I may like anyway.

Speaking of which my RT is late again....

Maureen said...

For the most part I buy a book because of the author or the description sounds like a book a would like

kim said...

no not becasue of covers. the story and authors are the reason

PattiF said...

If it's a new author, probably. But I pretty much know who my auto buys are..... and don't need a cover on RT. :)

Kelley said...

A book being on the cover of RT wouldn't make me buy it. I mostly buy a book because of the author or word of mouth from friends.

Cryna said...

No it is usually the Author or wanting the book. Since I never see RT it would have no influence. But all the group talking about it made me venture over and order it from B&N online, because we always get the releases a little later here.

Stacy~ said...

I've subscribed to RT on and off over the years, and I don't think having a book on the cover influences my choices too much. I mean, it's great because it does bring many new authors to my attention, but it's not the sole reason I would buy a book.

I would still buy TBB whether it was on the cover or not. Because I like the writing of the 3 authors. That's just how my mind works....

Kris said...

The book on the cover of RT does not make me buy it, but if I have not heard of it, I will look it up to read the description.