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Friday, August 04, 2006

Puppy Love

Here’s our new puppy, Bessie, looking adorable. We love her, our cats want her to die. LOL. She’s a bundle of energy (contributing factor to why the cats hate her), and besides eating and sleeping, she loves to drag towels out of the laundry basket and throw them around the family room. Keep in mind, a bath towel is about nine times her size, but size is no object when you’re stubborn and determined. She fits right into this family. ;-)

I’ve only written one dog into a book, and that was Amanda’s poodle, Baby, in Heiress For Hire. My real life cat Max appears as the disdainful Ferris in Mouth To Mouth. Do you like to see animals in romances? Or are they distracting? Have you read a book where the pet stole the show? Jenny Cruisie always has hilarious scenes with dogs involved, and Lori Foster had her adorable Chihuahuas in a couple of books (Riley is the one that comes to mind).

And actually, I just realized I wrote a whole crowd of animals into my second vampire book, Bit The Jackpot. Now that was fun to write… picture a vampire walking the dog for his girlfriend!

When we were looking for a puppy, reading all the stories online at Petfinder and various shelters both warmed my heart and broke it. Pets give such unconditional love and there are so many animals out there who need a home. Bessie was born in the shelter and taken by a rescue group to help place her more quickly with a family, and I can’t imagine how we ever lived without her. Tell me about your fur babies, I’d love to hear your stories.


Barb V. said...

Bessie is adorable! I want a puppy!!

We lost our Springer Spaniel at the end of May, and miss her terribly. We are currently looking for another pup. I am willing to consider shelter dogs, but dh is adamant that it be another Springer. He was not a pet person until he met me! Ever since I was a teen, and that's a lot of years ago, I've had a Springer. Sometimes you just love a certain breed.

As far as animals in books, I really enjoy them. The author who comes to mind as usually including a dog in her work is Fern Michaels. I actually look forward to seeing what breed/personality she has in each of her new books.

Good luck with Bessie. We will want frequent updates!

Kris said...

I love animals in books, they crack me up, or give me a good look at characters, by the way the animal responds or is treated.

Cryna said...

I like to see animals in a book, and don't feel that they take from the story at all, and sometimes their being in the story just adds that little something to the overall plot........and to the characters.


Anonymous said...

Bessie is such a cutie. What kind of dog is she?

I like to see animals in romances if they're done well. I read Tori Carrington's You Only Love Once recently, and I enjoyed the inclusion of the heroine's pet (a cute boxer) in the story.

I'm currently reading High Stakes and love it so far. I really can't wait to read about Seamus and Cara.

Erin, will you be sharing any stories and/or photos from the RWA conference either on this website or your own? I'd love to hear what you thought of it.


Kelley said...

Bessie is the cutest little thing I have ever seen! We live in an apartment so even though I would love a dog, I don't want to get one right now. I want the dog to have space and a yard to play in. But we are getting a kitty this weekend. I always had cats growing up and haven't had one for years. I'm am really excitied and so is my little girl. She keeps saying meeooowww. It is too cute.

Michelle B said...

Bessie is absolutely adorable! I think she should be a dog model:)

I love animals too! We've had dogs and cats, though now we just have cats. I could go on for ages about my kitties. They each have such unique and interesting personalities!

Dannyfiredragon said...

Bessie is soo cute!

I really love animals in a book. I am currently reading a book that takes place on a ranch where old circus animals live. It's fun to read

Janice Maynard said...

Erin - She is precious! No wonder you guys love her! Pets in a story are fine by me. I have a dog named Van Gogh in my upcoming Christmas novella. :)


Judy F said...

Bessie is a cutie. My sister has a Westie named Trixie that I just adore. She brings you something everytime you are over. Sometimes its my sisters oldest son's gymshoes. LOL

Since I live in an apt I have a cat. Just have Sammy now, he has been such a comfort after losing Dusty last year. Can't imagine life w.o him.

I love pets in stories. I think it really brings out the hero/heroines gentle side.

Erin McCarthy said...

Barb, sorry to hear you lost your Spaniel. It's so rough to lose a pet. Good luck with your puppy search!

Kelley, did you get your kitty? What kind? I'm sure your daughter will just adore a soft kitty. :-)

I agree that pets in stories reveal something about a character... you can have someone who is being a complete jerk, then they'll swerve to avoid hitting a squirrel. Or stop to play with a dog. Likewise, Mr. Hottie might shove your chihuahua when you're not looking. It says a lot about a person how they treat animals and children.

Diana,I did just a brief update with pics from RWA for my website. It should be up sometime today.

Bessie is a chihuahua/dachschund mix... but I almost wonder if she doesn't have some beagle in her somewhere. No matter, it all came together just beautifully in her case. We think she's a dollbaby. :-)


Kelley said...

We are going to get out kitty today. In just a couple of hours. I'm excited!

Stacy~ said...

Oh she's precious Erin. I can see why you all fell in love with her. Just too cute.

Judy F said...

Kelley, you will have to post pictures of your new kitty. I keep thinking about geting another. BUt just am not ready yet.

Kelley said...

I have a pic of my TWO kittens on my blog if you want to see them JudyF

Ostara said...

What a sweet face! Makes me miss being a puppy-mom. I've had to settle for a cat these last few years, since my condo doesn't permit dogs.

Erm...did I say "settle"? Lucky for me, Samcat, aka He Who Rules, doesn't read blogs!

Bessie looks like a real sweetie, Erin. She's sure to keep you busy but you're in for lots of puppy love. Congrats on the new addition!

Cheryl (@ Eclectics)

gwen in g.r. said...

i love to see pets in books. i'd rather that then kids, actually. pets add a lot of character and the hero and heroine can be the "straight man" to them.