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Thursday, August 10, 2006


A friend of mine, Jaci Burton, has a book coming out in December about demons, survival experts and a reality show. ~sounds cool, doesn't it? Finally, a new idea in reality shows. I can't wait to get my hands on it.

But when I was checking it out on her site, I got to thinking about allllll the reality insanity that has struck TV. (Jaci also redid her website and it looks awesome. Sweetie, I'm so jealous. Gimme.)

But on to today's blog. Reality shows...

There was a reality type contest in the RT mag for authors.

There are reality shows on for clothing designers, self help, models, nannies, and insane people. By insane... I mean... agreeing to be locked into a house/sent off to an island/sent on a crazy race, etc etc etc... along with a whole bunch of people they don't know, competing for a prize. Sometimes the prize might be worth it... a cool million? Yeah, I'd go live on a deserted island for that.

But I would NOT eat cow brains for it. Nor would I eat horse innards for a mere $25,000. I would use up the bulk of it in therapy after eating that so why bother?

Then there are the contests where you open yourself of for scathing insults and humiliation in hopes of obtaining a record deal. I do have to wonder... the good ones, hey they have a shot and they probably know it, so if they can stomach some of the judges, go for it. But some of them can't sing their way out of a wet paper bag-the try outs are frightening. Do that think they have a shot or are they just wanting to do it just to do it? It's a puzzle for sure.

Is it just me or is anybody else tired of the reality show madness? If we're gonna keep seeing them, I wanna see something new. I don't want to see tomorrow's next great chef. Chances are he's going to end up a resturant I can't afford, or on a cooking show, or both, and I can't cook and watch tv at the same time, nor would I mess with looking up the recipe and trying later. Too lazy and mine wouldn't turn out like that anyway. I don't want to see some SUPERNANNY rescue a family in distress, terrorized by their kids, and as interesting as 30 Days can be, I don't want that.

Gimme a new reality idea. Come on... a good one. I'll either pick my favorite or toss the names in a hat and draw a winner.

Open until I remember to draw the name, probably a few days!


Erin the Innocent said...

It'll be interesting to see what people come up with as ideas. My mind is blank though LOL

It probably doesn't help that I don't really watch TV.

Angela James said...

I think something involving politicians, the campaign platforms they ran on and lie detector tests. You know, to figure out how many of them actually mean all those promises they make or statements they say?

If over 50% of what they said proves to be a lie, they lose their office immediately and have to donate 25% of all money earned while in office to charity.

*snort* As if.

Jaci Burton said...

Your chance to become:

Jaci Burton's Maid For A Year!!!

Live in the lap of luxury on an acre and a half in dry, dusty, hot as Hades Oklahoma. All the lawnmowing you can handle, all you can eat in bbq hotdogs and potato salad, five dogs to clean up after and a surly teenage daughter to avoid.

Wooo Hoooo!!!!

Oh c'mon...who wouldn't want that?


Thanks for the plug babe. Kisses!

Amy S. said...

How about a reality tv show about writers. The big winner gets a New York book deal. Or a reality show to be the next big director in Hollywood.

Jennifer Y. said...

Hmmm...I can't really think of any...hmmm....maybe "A Day in the Life of..." You get to spend a day shadowing or taking the place of anyone (celebrities, writers, moms, dads, etc...anyone). I am sure that has already happened though.

Or a talk show focused only on books or romance books...or a show where we follow the progress of a book from creation (writing) to production to release day. That way we can see the process and work that goes into publishing a book...we readers can watch each step as it occurs...maybe I am the only one fascinated by that.

There are so many reality shows out there that it is hard to come up with a fresh idea...just about everything has been tried.

Shiloh Walker said...

shoot, jaci. it's MY contest... she gets to MY maid.

excellent idea, angie. yep, as if.

hmmm... who wants to be a director... *G*

Lois said...

I haven't watched any reality shows since the craze started (unless they're considering Who Wants to Be A Millionaire a reality show now? LOL), but I rather figure that since the shows that require audience participation (ie, American Idol) gets so many viewers that we need to switch how we elect our politicians. Maybe instead of the way we have, do it in a reality show. That way, you'll have a large pool of people to choose from, we might get a hint of how well they'll do, maybe end up getting someone decent, and more people will actually vote.

Oh heck, who am I kidding. . . it would get cancelled after one episode. LOL :)


Pamk said...

hum what about one where you can be the character from your favorite book. sort of a fantasy island type of thing. But might not be wise to do that in prime time hehe

susanna in alabama said...


"Acting Bad" - Wanna-be actors are required to enact scenes that convince unsuspecting observers that the actors are a) dying b) giving birth or c) genuinely going through some other major life event. Winner gets to be Jack Bauer's next gf or sidekick.

"Write-Off" - Wanna-be writers do dramatic readings of their best scenes, and three writing professors slice and dice them. Kicker: Writers are given a cliche they have to start with, such as, "It was a dark and stormy night. Suddenly, a shot rang out..." Winner gets a contract with a major publisher.

"Turning Tricks" - Fledgling magicians attempt to be the next Criss Angel.

"It's a Wash" - New psychologists and counselors deliberately scratch high-end cars while "working" at a local car wash. The winner is the one who can calm the ballistic car owner without getting clocked.

"Does He Have A Prayer?" - Ministers of various denominations are given one week to convert a non-believer.

"Driving Me Crazy" - People from the flyover states are given an autorickshaw and a map and have to find their way from Newark to Queens via Manhattan, using only the autorickshaw as transportation. Tiebreaker: Take a New Yorker in a hurry from downtown Manhattan to JFK during rush hour on an autorickshaw. (An autorickshaw:

"Out on a Limb" - Woodworkers are given 24 hrs to build a piece of furniture from cutting the tree to applying the last coat of polyurethane.

Stacy~ said...

I was so over reality t.v. before it became as popular as it did. "THe Real World" and "Survivor" bored me, and I've never really watched it. I don't have any ideas because I probably wouldn't watch those shows either LOL.

A great vamp show, one that isn't campy or gory, would be something I'd be interested in, though. Any ideas? LOL

Shiloh Walker said...

okay... i REALLY liked this one

"Turning Tricks" - Fledgling magicians attempt to be the next Criss Angel.

Jodi said...

All I can say is Susanna has some really good ideas!
I would have to go with a reality show based on Extreme Taekwondo!

Pam G said...

I'd like to go with something kind of like 30 days.... but only undercover. Like a superficial supermodel in a fat suit so she could see how her friends really are, or a mayor as a minority and see how the police treats him, stuff like that.

Dr. Phil's son did something like that on one of his shows and it was eye opening. I think a show like that would be very interesting.

There were a lot of great ideas listed here.

Pam G

Dannyfiredragon said...

Okay absolutely fictional, but how about a reality show, where the candiates travel back in time?

Just imagine Paris Hilton as a maid in the middle ages.

kim said...

who is cleaness person in the world

glenna day said...

I am so sick of reality shows too. Used to watch them but always got mad because the one I wanted to win never did. Plus some of those people really get on my nerves. LOL
How about a reality show where they take a politician or a rich person and make them live on minimum wage for a month. Pay for daycare, have the job and everything.

readingissomuchfun said...

I will give it a try *G*

How about:

"Who Wants To Be The Next Author"
If you think you can write this is the competition show for you. Try your luck on this reality t.v. show.

"What Would You Do To Become The Next Author"
What are some of the things you would do to become a the next author.

"Do You Think You Have Style"
Come on this reality t.v. show and show your style and have the chance to win big.

"Authors With Style"
Want to see some of your favorite authors to see if they have style. Watch our t.v. show and you can be the judge and pick your winner.

Ok that is all I can come up with *G* Good Luck EveryOne. WoW Some really good ideas :)


Shiloh Walker said...

authors with style lol...

hmmmmm... what SORT of style

readingissomuchfun said...

Hi Shiloh,

Hot & Sexy Styles :)


Judy F said...


I would like a reality show where some one does my cleaning for me. LOL

Michelle B said...

I'm not very good at this kind of thing, but it's been interesting reading the ideas!

Though I haven't watched it, I'm a bit intrigued by the new I Want to be a Superhero reality show. I worry it wouldn't live up to my expectations though.

Amy S. said...

America's new Horror Character

We've had Freddy, Michael, and Jason. You could be the next American Horror Character.

Contestants put on their best horror show ideas.

America's Best Impersinator

Contestants do their best impersonation acts. Winner gets to play the person they impersonate in a movie or a show in Vegas.

Cathie said...

Do you know I never watch those reality shows! I can't stand gross stuff, so no way I'd think of one like that.
I so not watch TV that I couldn't think of anything except for us time traveling back to medieval and living in the castles... Oh how about finding a viking and bringing him back to present time, LOL. I'm lost in ideas!

Shiloh Walker said...

okay... i can't choose between the two.

soooooo... i'm giving away two.

stay tuned!