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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Would you, could you...have you?

A few weeks ago I did something I had never done before....I went into Hustler Hollywood (an adult toy store). I had been wanting to do this for a while after my editor said that I needed to spice up my love scenes that were "too conventional". Well.... since conventional was all that I know, I decided that I needed to broaden my horisons so to speak and I convinced my husband that I needed to take a look around in one of *those* shops to see what was out there...

He was appalled (but I could tell he was curious) and cracked me up when he made us both wear baseball caps because he was convinced that someone would see us. I, in turn, convinced him that we wouldn't see anyone we knew in an adult store in downtown Cincinnati and I bravely said "who cares?" if we did?(of course you know where this is going).

So, there we were looking at props and toys, lotions and potions with our caps pulled low over our foreheads. I was in a constant state of giggling and my husband was in a constant fear of being discovered but after a while we both relaxed and started having fun. So, I'm looking a pretty realistic rubber replica of a male body part and commenting to my husband on "geez what would you do with all of that?" guessed it...I saw someone that I knew. ( I was suddenly secretly glad for the ballcap) Of course my husband has at this point forgotten all about his fear of discovery so I have to yank him away from the display and whisper in his ear who I saw. This was a woman was the head of an organization that we had belonged to when our children were younger and I have to admit that I was a bit (okay a lot) shocked to see her in the store. Now under normal circumatances we would have marched over and said, "Hey how have you been? So nice to run into you...." and so on, but instead we hovered in the corner of the store pretending rapt interest in various massage oils until she left.

So my question is: should we have been embarrassed? She hadn't appeared so and seemed to know her way around. As a matter of fact, most of the partons in the store were couples and while there were things on display with a huge "ew" factor, there were plenty of fun things too...chocolate body paint, flavored lotions, scented candles... things that were sexy and would spice things up a bit and were harmless fun. So...

Would you, could you...have you gone in an adult store? If you saw someone you knew would you greet them or hover in the corner like we did?

Let me know your thoughts ;-)


Judy F said...

I would more then likely have hidden. Years ago I went with a friend to the Cupboard in Clifton, we went look for a bridal shower present. I think I spent most of the time laughing or trying to figure out what some of the stuff was. LOL

I don't think is so much as being embarresed as it's that its part of your private life so to speak.

Too funny...

jamie said...

I've been tempted to check them out, but have never actually been brave enough. If I ever did, and saw someone I knew, I know I would have hidden! I agree with Judy, I think it's just that I don't want anyone besides my dh knowing what we do in the privacy of our room. But, I will admit, that I have done some fun shopping over the internet. I can check out the toys without fear of discovery, read all about them without being rushed, and I don't have to face the sales clerk and have them wonder what I'll be doing with my selections, that's between me and my hubby.

Anonymous said...

I have been in an adult store before and was embarassed at the time. I think it is a natural reaction to some degree. On the other hand, sex is a natural act as well and we all know everyone does it so why be embarassed about it? There is nothing wrong with trying to add a little spice to your relationship. While sex it always enjoyable it can sometimes get mechanical after you have been together for years. My husband and I have bought stuff to add a new edge of excitement every now and again. Nothing with the ew factor like you said though.

Cryna said...

I have never had the nerve to go into one of the stores. My sister, has expressed interest of going (not sure why she would want to go aside from the curiosity factor), but I have told her she is on her own.

There is nothing wrong with being in one of the stores, but I think had I been in one of the stores and saw someone I knew, that I would have hidden as well. Who needs that kind intrusion into something that is your private life.

Cindy said...

I went to one for the first time back in November with DH. Man, talk about being embarrassed.

And yes, the whole embarrassment thing, for me, is not that you are in an adult toy store, but the fact that everyone in there (especially the clerk) knows what you'll be using in your bedroom sometime or other. LOL


LuAnn McLane said...

Oh I know I acted like I was going to be so brave and the moment I spotted that woman I

I have to admit though, that it was fun. At one point I was looking at the video section and a clerk came over (a guy) and asked if he coule help me find something and I was so embarrassed that I tried to put the video back that I was looking at and ended up knocking half a dozen off the shelf creating all kinds of racket. He just laughed.

Laurie D. said...

My dh has made purchases at a couple of our local adult stores, took me once and I almost died. I was so afraid that I would see someone I knew, not sure why since that would mean that they were in the same place I was!! I was surprised that there weren't slimy little cretins shopping, mostly couples just like us! It was interesting!

Judy F said...

LuAnn, I can hear it now....Virgin shopper in aisle three.... LOL

Judy F

Lucy Monroe said...

Oh, my gosh...that is too funny, LuAnn. :)

I've gone to several adult toy stores...with my hubby, by myself to surprise hubby, with a friend and even my sister. I won't go to them if they are mostly a video outlet or if they have "live entertainment" since I have issues with both. But around here at least, we've got stores that have toys and lots of lingerie and are just really very nice (though yes, some of the toys definitely have an ewww factor lol - to me anyway and I burst out belly laughing the first time I saw a blow up doll dressed in leather).

I wouldn't be embarassed to be found in one. I figure, having kids, people already know I have sex. LOL If they think I'm having *fun* sex with dh, that's not a problem for me.

But I think it's got a lot to do with how you are raised. I'm more than willing to chat sexuality with friends, my sisters, my hubby of course and store clerks (had a really great talk with one clerk at an adult toy shop who used to be a stripper and we talked about how dancing that way had demoralized her but how she really believed in the beauty of sexuality - I do too - and saw her job at the store as a way to help other women and men get in touch more comfortably with their own).

I know I'm a bit of a nutcase, but there it is. And just remind did ask! LOL


Lisa F. said...

How funny! We don't have a really nice adult store where I live, but there is one cheesy little shop that rents videos and carries some toys. We went into it one night looking for a video, and wound up leaving after about 5 minutes. Too sleazy! The sales clerk was middle-aged but dressed like a teenager, greasy hair slicked back. Some of the stuff out there embarrassed me in front of my husband. The models, both male and female, featured on the packaging, don't have middle-aged bodies and are certainly more flexible than either of us. Just putting us in their place was good for a laugh!

Thank goodness for the internet!

Stacy~ said...

I've never been inside one of these places but I do admit I'm curious. There's a Lovers' Lane not too far from where I live and I have friends who have gone there to purchase stuff for a fun weekend, and they seem so nonchalant about it I have to think it's no big deal. Plus it's not a sleazy type of a place, which is cool.

I have attended those parties, you know, the ones that are like candle parties, where the hostess brings a bunch of toys, lotions, books, etc. It was interesting because everyone just gets into it and has fun and talks about their experiences, so it takes away the embarrassment factor, big-time. Of course there's only ever been women at these parties, and you know how we get when there's a group of us together - LOL.

I agree though - thank God for the internet, which makes it more comfortable to shop. Though these days people are much more open and talk freely about what they like or what they've tried or want to try. Personally, I think that when you are in a committed relationship with someone you love who loves you back, you're more willing to try new things and to explore - because you're even more attracted to your hubby or boyfriend and you feel safe to live out their fantasies, and I'm all for that. LOL. But that doesn't mean you're not gonna be embarrassed or even giggle. Sometimes that's part of the fun.

Amy S. said...

I have been in one. I didn't see anybody I knew though. I probably would have been embarrassed if I did.

snowflake said...

I would out of curiosity but I fall into the hover in the corner category. It would be awkward if I meet someone I knew in the store.

Maura said...

Maybe I am a perv... LOL

I've been in quite a few. I'm not into the videos and definitely not the live shows (what fun is THAT?).

Everything from large specialty stores to fetish stores.

I tend to buy online anymore because I know good mailorder suppliers and generally know what I like - but the stores just don't bother me. Hubby sometimes shops with me, sometimes we shop solo, sometimes with girlfriends.

I would have walked up and said "Hi" and, knowing me, asked what she was looking for.

Michelle B said...

I've yet to go into an adult toy store, but I'm definitely curious. I live just off Rte 66 and in the more industrial section within just a couple of blocks of me there are a couple of adult toy stores along with a strip club called the Tropical Lei (which provides me with many stories to tell- some good, some bad- even though I've never been, or wanted to be, inside the club). And there are huge billboards advertising both the strip club and one of the toy stores! I mentioned the toy store to a friend as we drove by the billboard and she gave me a store review as she had been in them both!

Ever since, I've wondered about going in, but haven't. Now you've all got me thinking "What if I run into one of my professors?" Class would never be the same!


Anonymous said...

MMM maybe next year at the get together someone could "host" a adult toy party. I think that would be a hoot!!!

LuAnn McLane said...

oh all of your comments have been great....I think that most of us are curious enough but the thought of being seen by somebody we know is the most scary part LOL and I can can happen ;-) Hey, just wear a ballcap.

Shiloh Walker said...

yep, i could, can and have... lol