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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl Commercials

Okay, it’s Super Bowl Sunday!

Not for football--I honestly don’t know which teams are playing or where they're playing--but this is the day for the best commercials on TV. At 230 million for a thirty-second ad you get the best creative minds out there.
I still remember the frogs and the beer commercial.
And this year there’s Fabio. I love Fabio, mostly because he’s really a nice guy. This really counts in the hero department.

So watch the commercials...if you have to watch the game that’s up to you. And tell us what you think. And if you go to a Super Party and find a new yummy dish share that too.

Have fun.


Karen said...

The teams this year have no intrest for me (except the Steelers knocked our beloved Broncos out, so we want them to loose). Go commercials!

I'm looking forward to watching the 'game' with some non-fans this year. My usual super bowl watching crew demands no talk except for cheering / cursing during the game, and commences replay chatter /walks all over in front of the screen during commercials. Most years I catch the commercials the next day online!

Trista Bane said...

Yay! For commercials, of course! So far, my favorite commerical has been the Budweiser Clydesdale commerical (in which the baby horse wanted to pull the red Budweiser wagon and two adult horses pushed it from behind, letting the baby think he was pulling it!)

Jodi said...

I TIVO'd the game so I could watch the commercials later! I did watch the first half and laughed at some of the Bud commercials. My favorite so far was the streaking sheep.

Judy F said...

I so wanted the Seahawks to win. Don't like Pitts.....

I like the commmercial where they had diet coke as the stunt double for pepsi. Fabio commercial was funny. I agree with Trista the baby horse commercial was sweet. I thought the burger king commercial was dumb.

Cryna said...

Okay for the commercials, I had to go to the website to view them, because a lot of the commercials were blocked here........which makes no sense to me, but then hey who am I ??

I have to agree that the baby horse pulling the Budweiser wagon was a real cute one, but for the most part the commercials sort of did not come up to their usual standards, or maybe it was just me............LOL

DianneCastell said...

yeah, the baby horse commercial it good. I love Fabio. Always will.
I always love the coke commercials too. I think that's 'cause I love coke.
Another good commercial out there is the one for Expedia... It's terrific. It's about time to travel. Love the part about letting the cats fend for themselves. This is truly a neat commercial.

Amy S. said...

I didn't watch the game. I did watch the ads on the internet today. I liked the Bud Light: Secret Fridge commercial.

Jodi said...

Another that we thought was funny was the "Pre-historic" Fed-Ex commercial. DH laughed so loud he almost woke Reagan up from her nap!

Michelle B said...

I watched the game and some of the commercials, though I was a bit distracted as I was also working on writing my code for my computer programming assignment that I had to finish (it was due this morning at 9am)!

I paid more attention in the first half. The commercials that I remembered most were the secret fridge commercial and the Toyota Camry commercial (only because I'm so excited about the Hybrid Camry's coming out; I so want my next car to be a Hybrid. My current car is a Camry and it's been very reliable, so Camry + Hybrid = Fantabulous in my book!).

I missed the Fabio commercial, but am not heartbroken. Now don't shoot me, but Fabio has always kind of creeped me out. I'm not sure why:S


snowflake said...

Are the commercials that interesting? Unfortunately, I don't have a chance to see them.

Barbara-PF said...

Hi Dianne--

I didn't watch the game or the commercials this year....althought I have seen a couple of them since.

The streaking one was pretty cute. Many peoples favorite was the fridge one....I didn't think it was impressive at all.

I think the one about the guy who worked with monkeys and the woman who worked with jacka@@s was really funny.

BTW love the cover of the upcoming book...see they did change it a bit.