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Sunday, February 19, 2006



I read about that fifty-thousand-dollar dog that escaped from the airport and it got me thinking. Pets are the best thing ever and they sure don’t have to cost 50K to make them special!

We have two cats, both intended for our kids and somehow wound up with my dh and me. I guess that means we have grand-pets. Our cats don’t do much, no neat pet tricks. Pixel brought me a live mouse once but since that sent me screaming and climbing on top of my computer desk I won’t classify it as a trick...except by me.

My agent has ten dogs, all little ones. She’s starting to buy pets for her pets. When my brother’s dog passed he had a coffin made. My cousin buried her dog in a pet cemetery complete with headstone. I sent a card. When my cat dies a bit of me will die too.

I love pets in books, add them whenever possible and they always play a part in saving the day.

So two questions.
Have any of your pets done anything remarkable?
And using the link below tell me what kind of dog you really are.

I’m a cocker spaniel!



Barb V. said...

Since we have been married dh and I have had three female dogs -- all Springer Spaniels. Since we have no kids, I always referred to them as our dog daughters. None of them have done anything remarkable. They were/are great companions, always willing to listen and commiserate, and give you a laugh when you need it. They also guilt you into taking that walk! Since I am a big Springer fan, I guess that's what dog I would be. Back in the late 80s I had one of those wavy perms, and with my reddish brown color, my dog and I had matching hairdos. Yikes!

Cryna said...

The one dog that I have had was a cockapoo - cross between a sheltie and a cocker spaniel. She was a great family dog, and sincerely thought she was a person. She never did anything remarkable but was a true friend to have.

I took the test and came out as a Saint Bernard.........LOL

Jennifer Y. said...

I have cats and they don't do many remarkable things unless you count the occasional dead animal and keeping mice out. When I was little, we had one that could open the front door using the doorknob...that's about it. We bury our pets that pass in the backyard.

According to the quiz, I'm a Cocker Spaniel.

Jodi said...

Right now, we have 3 cats. One will brig a paper ball back to you if you throw it. We've had German Shepards and a Cocker Spaniel and we still miss them a lot. Madison is constantly talking about her dog that is in Heaven.
My results were 28.6% German Shepherd, 28.6% Lahso Apso, 14.3% Cocker Spaniel, 14.3% Jack Russel, and 14.3% Saint Bernard. Does that make me a mutt?? LOL

Ellory1 said...

I'm a mutt of sorts....
You scored 28.6% German Shepherd
The German Shepherd is a workaholic. Intent on business, this loyal breed is always on patrol. Suspicious of strangers, she defends her territory with a fierce reproach. When it comes to affection, she is tender and loving toward her pack and feels a deep responsibility for their well-being. Mental and physical exercise both appeal equally to the German Shepherd, and her intelligence is further enhanced by her dedicated nature. When it comes to dependability, the German Shepherd has the market cornered.

You scored 28.6% Cocker Spaniel
The Cocker Spaniel feels the need to please. She tends to become overly submissive in her mission to make everyone happy but makes up for it with her sensitive nature. A brisk walk around the block is right up her alley, but she prefers to spend a good part of her time indoors. Her silky hair tends to become tangled, and regular grooming sessions are necessary to keep her looking her best. The accommodating Cocker Spaniel is truly a loving and trusted friend as well as an ideal companion.

You scored 14.3% Saint Bernard
The Saint Bernard is a devoted and gentle giant. Her calm personality allows her to relate well to children and adults alike while satisfying her need for companionship. She is at home in nature and enjoys exercise. Her coat requires weekly brushing to keep it neat and can be left long or cut short for versatility. She's relaxed in most situations, and her easy-going nature can't be beaten.

You scored 14.3% Jack Russell Terrier
This pint-sized explorer is the Dr Livingstone of the canine world. Always ready for adventure, the Jack Russell Terrier is known to wander off at a moment's notice. Her life is never dull, and entertainment is key. Accepting in nature, she makes friends easily and is usually the center of attention wherever she goes. Her high energy and upbeat personality make the Jack Russell Terrier a fun-loving part of any family.

You scored 14.3% Lhasa Apso
The Lhasa Apso may be petite, but she's very tough. Always ready to romp, her daily exercise requirements may leave her companions winded. Fond of her loved ones, she is likely to cuddle up with them at night, content to be doted on. Her long coat requires regular maintenance but is sure to turn heads when properly styled. The feisty and exhuberant little Lhasa Apso has a well-earned reputation for her lovability.

- - - -

I've grown up with dogs and later on with cats. Unfortunately with an allergy ridden dh - we don't have either.

I can tell you that my mom's dog was a god sent. I was just telling friends today that my mom's little dog (which made me a middle child) has probably added years on to her life. She loves the dog and takes him everywhere.

Pets are wonderful. Right now all we have in our house is a hamster but she is a well loved thing. The only one who doesn't dote on her is my dh who keeps his distance from her.

Lisa F. said...

You scored 28.6% Saint Bernard

You scored 28.6% Jack Russell Terrier

You scored 28.6% Lhasa Apso

You scored 14.3% German Shepherd

You scored 0% Cocker Spaniel

I guess that makes me a mutt, too.

We have a Yellow Lab named Buddy, he's 4 and very well behaved. The kids taught him very useful skills, like how to Hi-5, HA-HA! He does the basic stuff, sit, lay, come, stay, but that's about it.

Trista Bane said...

My husky pup is my baby! I love him dearly. My white cat should be some witches familiar- she's smart and sneaky. And my parakeets, Hedwig and Pigwidgeon just brighten my day. I have given birth to three children, but I feel like I have eight (if you count the dog, the cat, and the two birds, and of course, the hubby!)

DianneCastell said...

I love reading eveyone's posts.
Pets are constant companions and love us no matter what.
What more can you ask for?? :-)
They say people who have pets live longer and I so believe that. I'll always have a pet from now on.
True joy.

Michelle B said...

My parents have 2 official and 1 sort of adopted (from the neighbor up the street) cats and I think of them as mine too:) They do the usual cat stuff like bringing live lizards in the house (usually when I'm home visiting as a welcome back present). They also do some cute and crazy things!

Cherie loves to sleep on my laptop (especially when I want to use it)! She also climbs up on the cable TV box and sleeps on it lol.

Sophie loves to hide. She crawls in places where you'd never think she'd be. My mom has a cauldron she puts out at Halloween and a sleigh at Christmas and those are her favorite places during those two holidays. She also likes to crawl under the covers on beds around the house. We can always tell when she's been there because she leaves a Sophie-sized outline!

Ron just loves that my parents have adopted him since he doesn't get much attention from his other family.

I have some great pictures of them in a lot of their favorite places:)


Lucy Monroe said...

I've had pets all my life despite beina allergic to most of them and have loved them to bits. We had a cat named "Stupid" (Yes, sorry, that was really her name...blame my little sister) who liked to attack people from great heights. She'd climb anywhere she could get into and jump on you as you walked by. Scared the living daylights out of you. Believe me. She also peed on my things when I went away to college. She was very good at letting others know how she felt.

When I was small we had a cat that used the commode to go to the bathroom, but she didn't know how to flush. She was Siamese and thought she was human.

My daughter had a hamster named Nibbles. For obvious reasons. Like one night my son left his shirt beside the hamster cage (Nibbles was spending the night in his room, her cage beside his hamster's so they could "keep each other company") and when he woke up the hamster had eaten half of his new green shirt. Now I say eaten because there was no evidence of the shirt in the hamster bedding, but it was gone. I would not have believed it if I hadn't seen it. Nibbles also liked to escape and play hide and seek. Really. If we didn't find her soon enough, she would scratch to make noise so we would come looking. Her favorite spot was behind the bookcases in the living room. Tom would move the bookcase (no easy task) and she'd be waiting, her little hamster paws in the air begging to be picked up. He'd put his hand down and she'd walk right onto it.

We've had gold fish (of the ten cent feeder variety) that lived for YEARS and grew as big as Koi and liked to be petted. Yes...they liked it. Sigh...we have weird pets.

We currently have a psycho cat, a nutty bird and two very normal birds and one regular gold fish. Also another hamster, this one likes to sit in my daughter's pocket...but then so does the nutty bird.


Judy F said...

I love hearing pet stories. Growing up we always had pets. Dogs, cats, birds, turtles etc. This past year has been rough on us losing several pets. I was over my parents yesterday and kept looking for Lucky who passed recently.

My Sammy has really come out of his shell since Dusty has passed. He never used to like to sit on my lap while I was on the computer now he begs to. his favorite toys are the rings off milk cartons. He will even bring them to you to toss for him to get...

snowflake said...

We never really kept pets except for fish. The most remarkable thing and not in a good way was seeing one guppy fish eat the other guppy fish's tail .

I'm a Lhasa Apso.

Stacy~ said...

We always had dogs growing up. My parents claimed to be allergic to cats so we only had one for a short time. My favorite dog was Rosco - he was a 1/2 collie, 1/2 husky - big, with long hair - he was gorgeous. We also had 2 of his brothers - Lucas & Trooper, though Trooper was part collie/part lab. We got them when I was around 8 or 9 years old.

They didn't do anything more than love us, and we loved them. Trooper recently passed away from old age - our uncle had him. Lucas died young - too many run-ins with porcupines and one day he just went into the woods and never came back. My Rosco was killed by a bear - thought he could take him on. That happened when I was 14, and now, 20 years later, it still hurts. But I do love pets, especially dogs, and will one day have another.

I'm more of a Cocker Spaniel.

DianneCastell said...

I think I'd like to have more land so I could have more pets.
Going on vacation when you have pets is tough. Lori Foster's getting an RV so she can take her dogs with her. :-)
I saw a thing like a stroller that had a net thing on it so you can take your cat for a walk. Cute.
I love those purses that you can put your little dog in. :-)
Having your pet with you is very comforting. If someone gives you grief your pet always loves you.

Anonymous said...

My son, I mean dog, is a 13 year old charcoal grey toy poodle. He hasn't done anything remarkable, but I can say that he is one little weirdo. A dog that chases and kills mice, rubs his body against the furniture (and my legs) and licks not only the obvious parts that male dogs can lick but his ENTIRE body as well, can't be all that normal.

So my dog thinks he's a cat, and I had a parakeet that thought he was my phone. He heard the ringer so often he learned to mimic it. Then he started to psych me out and have me think the phone was ringing when it was actually him, which I believe totally amused him.

Goodness I love my pets. Tweety has since passed on and I miss his ringing. My dog, I fear won't be too far behind, being sick for the past three weeks and not looking like he'll get better any time soon. I find myself thinking about all the crazy things he's done in his life, and all the weird things I wish he had the energy to do now. Now that I think more on it, he is a remarkable dog. I'm not saying that because he's my dog and I'm biased. I'm saying it because he just simply is. That weirdo.