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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Good Morning!

Okay, how many just looked at their watch or a clock to see if it was still morning? I know I'm running behind today. I had to hurry and get my page quota for the day so I could do something really important like drag my husband shopping. Okay, maybe it's not THAT important---I just want to get out of the house and go shopping.

I often wonder if other husbands or boyfriends go shopping with their significant others. Karl does really good unless we go to the mall. Then his eyes glaze over and he looks like he's off in his own little world. Are there Mall phermones to put men into a Zombie like state so they don't care how much their companion spends?

So tell me---inquiring minds want to know---does your spouse/boyfriend (or both if this be the case)go shopping with you?
Karen Kelley


jamie said...

I usually run my errand shopping alone during the week, but sometimes will take my hubby along. He's a good shopper. He even ventured out with me the day after Thanksgiving last year. He does great when we head out of town shopping to a larger city. He never looks or acts bored & he's always willing to run our bags to the car or distract the kids so I can look. We've got a great system going, at least it works for us.

Jodi said...

During the week, I do the shopping alone. If I go on the weekends, then hubby goes along and he doesn't mind. Heck, sometimes he does the shopping by himself so I can stay home and relax. In order to go to a mall, we ahve to go out of town, so hubby always goes. He usually likes to just get what we went for and not look around though.

Nicole said...

Yup. We grocery shop together each week, usually on Sundays. And sometimes to malls, etc. I do have to make sure to bring snacks if it's too long or he gets cranky (or worse case scenario, feels faint).

I like shopping with him.

Anonymous said...

My husband is not fond of shopping in general, but is usually willing to accompany me. He will look at the items that interest him in the store. Often he is done before I am. Then he opens up his Economist or Newsweek and parks himself at the end of an aisle so that I can locate him easily for anything. He does however, love book, music and movie dvd shops. Afterwards, we might reward ourselves with a coffee and a coveted snack.


Cryna said...

I usually did the shopping that needed to be done, during the weekend alone or with my Mom. My late husband hated to shop and when he did accompany me it was interesting because if I said we were going to a particular store, then we went to that store - got what we were after - and back out to the car, because I had not said we were looking at other stores and as far as he was concerned there was no need to look at stores especially if we had what we were after. Best plan was to leave him at home, sometimes with the kids and go by myself............LOL

Laurie said...

My hubby often does the grocery shopping, but I prepare the list. He's not much fun at the mall though - he thinks shopping consists of going to the store you want, getting what you want, and leaving. Our (quick) trips to the mall are usually followed by dinner though, which is always nice. One exception to the in and out rule however, is when we are on vacation; then we are encouraged to shop to our heart's content!

Michelle B said...

I don't have a significant other, but I figured I'd offer my 2 cents because I am so not a shopper! If and when I go, I tend to get in and out as quickly as possible. I think I was traumatized while shopping with my sister growing up. She shops forEVER. I know now to avoid shopping with her at all costs. I used to be tempted when she claimed to only be going for a short trip, but after one time when "short" turned into over 8 hours, I learned my lesson.

She once took a good male friend of hers shopping. He found the best way to cope was to take a nap every time she went in to a dressing room lol!

My only shopping exception is bookstores. I can spend hours in a bookstore:)


Barb V, said...

Since my hubby retired, he goes *everywhere* with me. I usually don't mind, but it has cut down on the amount of girl stuff I buy -- like make-up or Bath & Body items. I have found that he is a big help with groceries, and some of the bulk stuff from Sam's. I'd rather have him shopping with me than not.

snowflake said...

No boyfriend or hubby currently but I prefer to shop alone as I like to take my time. My teenage brother has never liked to go shopping with us even when he was a kid. LOL

Maura said...

I think my husband and I were gender switched for the shopping gene. I want to go in, get what I want, and leave. He wants to browse around.

But he does a lot of shopping on his own, including taking on Costco with our four year old.

We take turns with grocery shopping, whoever has time goes.

Karen Kelley said...

I loved reading all the comments. Karl likes most shopping but he wasn't always like this. He used to be in the store and out with whatever he needed. I've taught his the fine art of window shopping :)

We looked at RV's yesterday knowing we couldn't afford one but we put it on our wish list. Hobby Lobby is having a fantastic sale until Saturday. I found a cool rooster and a white church birdhouse. Best Buy got him a new printer, Wal-Mart laminate paper and poster boards, then out to eat. It was a fun day.

Lisa Freeman said...

My DH sells RV's for a living, too bad you aren't in our area, he could fix you right up.

I usually do all our shopping since I only work 2 days a week. And it sure is easier to shop without the kids along. Occasionally after church on Sundays we all will go to Sam's or maybe the mall if the kids need new shoes or something like that. Eddie doesn't mind Best Buy, Sam's, or any store that sells electronics.

He will stop and get milk or bread on his way home from work if we need it. It's usually cheaper for him to go than me as I always pick up other stuff.

Meredith said...

Tommy is usually always with me. We enjoy doing that stuff together, okay well we enjoy doing most stuff together. Yeah we don't do that independent shopping stuff, we are always together, which makes Christmas Shopping fun and exciting. We will venture off in our own ways, but it's the going together that matters.

Amy S. said...

Right now, I am currently single. When I go shopping, I usually find what I need and leave.